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Negative Interest Rates Are ILLEGAL - Jeff Nielson

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Publié le 08 septembre 2016
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Rubrique : Editorial du Jour

We used to live in societies which observed the Rule of Law. Among the many great ironies and perversities of our social/legal devolution is this. Many of our fundamental principles of law (and justice) were such an integral part of our lives that they were taken for granted, and thus rarely discussed in explicit terms. Now, in the Corrupt West, many of these same principles of law/justice have been forgotten – seemingly erased by our lawless governments.

One of these elementary principles of law is the commercial doctrine of “consideration”. The premise and legal principle is a simple one. In order for any commercial transaction to be recognized as being legitimate (and thus legal), both parties to any transaction/contract have to derive some material benefit. In law; this material benefit is known by the name “consideration”. There must be consideration, on both sides of any/every commercial transaction.

At this point; many readers will already grasp that so-called “negative interest rates” violate the legal doctrine of consideration, and thus fail the test as a basis for any legal/legitimate commercial transactions. However, this merely scratches the surface when it comes to the degree to which our criminalized interest rates violate the Rule of Law. To fully appreciate the lawlessness of what our puppet governments are inflicting upon us (for the benefit of our Banker Overlords ), we need to delve further back into this litany of criminality.

The starting point in our descent into fraud and illegality with respect to our interest rate regimen is the so-called “0% interest rate”. There is no such thing as a “0% interest rate” or 0% loan. By definition; an interest rate is a positive number . It is the price we pay in exchange for the use of capital.

As has been explained previously ; what our corrupt governments call a “0% interest rate”, our Justice System (the real one) calls a “sham transaction”. We know this, in our two-tier societies, because if Ordinary People attempt to engage in the sham transaction of a “0% loan”, their transactions will be immediately subjected to legal scrutiny (generally by the Tax Man) and deemed to be null-and-void, as sham transactions.

Some readers will claim that this is not true. They will assert that “0% loans” and 0% financing are now common, legitimate aspects of our world of commerce, with automobile sales being a commonly cited example. Why can car-dealers offer “0% financing”, and not have these transactions nullified as sham transactions?

It is because these transactions do observe the legal doctrine of consideration. It is simply that these transactions have been disguised to create the illusion that the purchaser is getting “something for nothing” (i.e. free financing). Nothing could be further from the truth. The supposed “free financing” is merely an incentive to purchase, provided in lieu of other sales incentives.

If the same purchaser sought to purchase the same vehicle, but without the perk of “0% financing”, then instead of that incentive they would be given a choice of other freebies, to entice them to commit to such a major purchase. Alternately (and even more cynically) auto dealers simply – and secretly – raise their sticker-price on the car, so that there is no “free financing”.

The purchaser pays precisely the same amount for the vehicle by the time that the payments have been completed. All that has changed are the optics of the payments. Instead of paying “interest” over the months/years of car-payments, the purchaser is simply making larger payments of “principle”: the purchase price of the car. There is “no free lunch” in legitimate commercial transactions, nor in societies which observe the Rule of Law.

A so-called “0% interest rate” is a prima facie fraud. It is free money. The Federal Reserve, corrupt operator of the world’s “reserve currency” has been financing the U.S. monetary system, and the U.S. economy itself, through fraudulent currency. Of course the “0% interest rate” is just one of many Fed frauds. This is why this fraud-factory never allows any legitimate audit of its books.

Free money is fraudulent money, and thus illegal money. It is nothing more than a variation of counterfeiting , especially when combined with the institutionalized (but legal) fraud of “fractional-reserve banking” . The combination of so-called 0% lending and fractional-reserve banking renders a monetary system fraudulent and illegal, all by itself. It renders the currency of that monetary system worthless.

So-called “negative interest rates” are much, much worse. Borrowers stealing from lenders. Banks stealing from their depositors. Just as there is no such thing as a 0% interest rate, there could never be a legitimate concept known as a “negative interest rate”. This term is simply another banker-euphemism for more banker fraud/crime.

The enormous economic carnage which is caused by our regimen of such criminalized interest rates was the subject of the prequel to this piece. It was/is important to demonstrate this harm, from a legal standpoint. Why has the insanity/fraud/criminality of negative interest rates been inflicted upon us? Because (supposedly) we “need” this fraud for the sake of our economies, and thus our own best interests.

In legal parlance; such attempts at justification are called “public policy” arguments. Yes, the conduct in question is technically illegal, but because the conduct “serves the Greater Good”, we bend the rules and allow the conduct.

With the open criminality of negative interest rates, there is no Greater Good, merely greater and greater evils which flow from this monetary fraud, as (primarily) the Big Banks steal from anyone/everyone hapless enough to have some of their capital within the clutches of these financial pirates. A “negative interest rate” fails the test of legality, in several respects. There is no public policy argument of any kind which could mitigate in favor of this fraud, to even the tiniest degree.

It is particularly important to explicitly acknowledge the open criminality of negative interest rates, because as informed readers are well aware, the banking Crime Syndicate is just getting started. While “negative” rates become more and more common, and more-deeply negative (i.e. illegal), the banking Crime Syndicate is pushing an even more-heinous criminal agenda on our puppet governments.

Informed readers know this latest campaign of financial crime by the name “the War on Cash”. The “war” is being fought (by the bankers) in order to create a paradigm of ultimate financial fraud/evil: the Cash-Less Society . What is a cash-less society? It is a financial/economic system where all residents are compelled by law to keep all of their (fully) liquid wealth inside a bank – generally a Big Bank.

And once our wealth is inside the Big Bank? We no longer receive a microscopic (positive) rate of interest on our deposits. We no longer provide the bank with the use of our capital for free (which is already illegal, by lack of consideration). We’re now forced to keep our wealth inside the Big Bank, and then the Big Bank systematically steals that wealth, in ever-growing increments, via the crime of a negative interest rate. And what they don’t steal via negative rates of interest, they will steal via “the bail-in” – an even more-lawless confiscation of financial assets.

Crimes piled atop crimes. Lies piled atop lies, to supposedly justify all this systemic criminality.

However, readers of these commentaries already have their own Answer to the ever-thickening web of criminality and financial fascism being wrapped around us like a choke-chain: precious metals. We will escape the criminality of “negative interest rates” and escape the criminality of “cash-less societies” by funneling our wealth into gold and silver. Honest Money. Stores of value; protection from this organized crime.

Yes. The same banking Crime Syndicate which has already imposed the systemic criminality of negative interest rates, and is about to impose the systemic criminality of cash-less societies, will allow prudent people to escape their financial clutches , completely, while everyone else has their wealth forcibly taken from them in this lawless/rapacious manner. Here are two words for any/all people comforted by such a Dangerous Delusion: “bullion confiscation” .

We must stop the criminality of negative interest rates today, not after the dwindling remnants of our wealth have been pillaged by the banking Crime Syndicate, with the enthusiastic assistance of our puppet governments. Governments which refuse to outlaw the naked criminality of the so-called “negative interest rate” should not merely be (meekly) voted out of office. They must be impeached .

The central banks which are callously and deliberately facilitating this systemic financial/monetary crime demand more than mere punishment. They must be abolished .

These corrupt, spineless governments and the Institutions of Financial Crime which rule above them (and us) are doing more than merely betraying us, as they serve their real Masters. They are malevolently conspiring to destroy us financially, completely and utterly.

The “War on Cash” and all of these other systemic financial crimes are a war against all decent people, waged by the psychopathic oligarchs who lurk in the shadows. We did not declare this war. We do not want this war. But if we don’t start to fight this war, it will soon be over – and we all will have lost.

All that is necessary for the triumph of Evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing.

- Edmund Burke, Irish philosopher, 1729 - 1797

Jeff Nielson is co-founder and managing partner of Bullion Bulls Canada; a website which provides precious metals commentary, economic analysis, and mining information to readers and investors. Jeff originally came to the precious metals sector as an investor around the middle of last decade, but with a background in economics and law, he soon decided this was where he wanted to make the focus of his career. His website is www.bullionbullscanada.com.

The views and opinions expressed in this material are those of the author as of the publication date, are subject to change and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprott Money Ltd. Sprott Money does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reliability of the information or any results from its use.


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i dont think it can be resolved with words and pens. they slaughter their own when its prudent for them. they black-mail. they threaten. with those tactics and others they have been winning. ask the suppressed and starving masses around the world if the pen is mightier than the ak47? if that were true the abolitionists would have prevented the american civil war. nine million jews would not have died. history moves in large matters by large shocks. who is going to get shocked this time? the dis-assembled, ignorant powerless or those with much power and hundreds of years of experience? we must take to the streets. we must withhold our labor.
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Couldn't disagree more - the entire premise is flawed - 'interest' itself is 'getting something for nothing'. The lender has worked, and saved and does not believe the world owes him a living, yet makes a hypocrite of himself, by demanding exactly that, from a stranger, in 'interest'. During my short time working for the Government, the income from this practice was taxed under the heading of 'Unearned Income' - or, something for nothing - somebody else had worked to pay it, not the lender.
Secondly, the fatal problem with the 'interest' theory, is that, although the principal is conjured into existence by the banks, the interest is not, and the whole system eventually results in a deflationary spiral followed by a depression.
This was the case even when the British Empire was on the Gold Standard - as witnessed by John Strachey in his book: 'The Coming Struggle for Power' where he states that (in 1932) 'that if the entire world were made of Gold, there would still not be enough coin to pay down the debt'. I paraphrase here, as I no longer have the book, but, I feel, that the world is in the same position today, financially, and, sadly, may proceed on a yet more violent course than it did in the 30's to 'solve' the crisis we find ourselves in.
sir you have no idea from where paper money derives its worth. in a legit economy you get interest on your bank holdings because you are leaseing out your gold and silver to others who need capital and are willing to pay you to use your gold and silver because they think the rate you lend it to them is low enough that they also can make a profit. the bank takes a cut for acting as your agent.
That type of 'capital investment' to realise money is generally known as 'dividend' raised through the purchase of shares - as you rightly state, this is known as profit - and is earnt. It is incorrect to call it interest, which is un-earned income, as I showed above.
During the 19th and early 20th centuries share issues were made to facilitate new ventures - not bank loans.
The other phenomenon you speak of is one known as managed money, and to be called this it is necessary for it to be derived from commodity money: in the 30's in GB the commodity was Gold.
thats not what im talking about. im describing basic economics of money. if i have some gold at my house and you want to borrow some of it to use as a down-payment on a car i might lend you some amount to do that, at interest. i am betting that you will repay me. if you dont,i lose. so the gold i lend to you has the inherent value of my labor and or possibly the risk i took to acquire it. ps. money to be Money is all, as you state "commodity money". fiat money like a menance slimes upon the rememberd commodity moneys value until it is revealed that all one has is paper and zink. delusion over.
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That type of 'capital investment' to realise money is generally known as 'dividend' raised through the purchase of shares - as you rightly state, this is known as profit - and is earnt. It is incorrect to call it interest, which is un-earned income, as  Lire la suite
kevthorne - 08/09/2016 à 17:55 GMT
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