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Part 2, Politics and the Rule of Law

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Publié le 28 décembre 2017
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In this section we will look at “politics and the rule of law” (or the lack of). If you remember, WikiLeaks dumped all sorts of information from the second half of 2016 on. Much of the information was gleaned from John Podesta’s personal e-mail account …and none of it has ever been claimed to be fake e-mails so we can assume they are true. In fact, the reaction to the information (e-mail) dump was to point fingers at “who stole” them and the “illegality” of obtaining them. Never mind “what” the e-mails exposed!
2017 turned out to be the “aftermath” of the many initial shocks from 2016. We have been revealed in 2017 many instances where what first appeared in 2016, was far more severe, rampant, and went way further down the rabbit hole (and up the chain of command) than we could have ever imagined. 2017 served us platter after platter of dirt, each one piled higher and the stench worsened markedly as the year progressed. For instance;

This one has to sting any supporter of Bernie Sanders. Come to think of it, it has to really sting ANY “American”!
Donna Brazile: I found ‘proof’ the DNC rigged the …

She must know of others because “one” does not create a pattern …what would make her so fearful?

This one must be scary for many, we are finding out “who” created it and “how” it was used. Bottom line is one party created and used this to spy on the other party. Isn’t this what Watergate was all about? Spying? He can play dumb but this one will end up in Obama’s lap …!

Here is the “who” ..

We already knew this …https://aim4truth.org/2017/02/19/george-soros-economic-carpetbagger-and-scalawag/ but did we know this? https://aim4truth.org/2017/12/17/doj-inspector-general-michael-horowitz-was-handpicked-by-soros-co/ Will his funding for violence and election fraud be investigated?

We were told it was Russian collusion that tanked Hillary? Yet It now looks like Mueller is opening doors with some very unexpected “uglies” behind them?
“She even bragged about it on her Facebook page…”


We got some unexpected 2017 truth’s here. I wonder if investigations will ever open as to the whereabouts of various personnel on that fateful day?

Zero surprise here but just for the record …

Uranium One http://ibankcoin.com/zeropointnow/2017/11/05/new-foia-documents-reveal-fbi-scramble-to-preserve-cfius-records-in-uranium-one-scandal/#sthash.Bfrea8dW.eGbXs9Ku.dpbs

We know he exists, will we hear from him soon? …And what’s up with the FBI having him sign an NDA? TOO MUCH TRUTH?
Even the Chicago Tribune?

Now, it looks like there actually may be some coming action? The latest number I have heard is over 10,000 sealed indictments …what will the average Joe think if these are opened and served?
https://thedailycoin.org/2017/11/16/total-1183-sealed-government-indictments-wednesday-morning/ …and counting!

Moving along, let’s not forget Benghazi …https://cairnsnews.org/2016/10/23/wikileaks-hillary-clintons-emails-the-world-needs-to-read/

This was a railroad job from day one …and speaking of “one”, it ties to the Uranium One land grab…
Upholding “who’s” Constitution?
https://redoubtnews.com/2017/12/shea-exposes-blm-atrocities/ and this … www.oregonlive.com/oregon-standoff/2017/12/blm_investigator_alleges_misco.html and this https://redoubtnews.com/2017/12/whistleblower-kill-book/ …a “kill book”?

They were even disrespected north of the border …and with good reason!

More Deep State …www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-11/ex-spy-chief-admits-role-deep-state-intelligence-war-trump

I will be shocked if Obama himself is not formally tied in to all of this before it’s over!

And it turns out we had no Inspector General during Hillary’s reign as Head of State http://investmentwatchblog.com/speaking-of-inspector-generals-can-you-guess-how-long-the-clinton-state-department-went-without-an-ig/ …how convenient?

If they did no wrong, they need not fear? https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/nov/19/lois-lerner-holly-paz-want-testimony-sealed-perman/

It has worked so far in Europe, right?

Wait until this goes nationwide! “Dirty” registration rolls ..is there any other kind?

Ah, and the FBI!

Let’s finish this section with the FBI. Story after story has come out with true dirt to their reputation. Comey, McCabe and even Mueller himself …all G-men. They have proven themselves to believe they are “above the law” or even “the law” itself. In case you have not made the connection yet, EVERY banana republic has three things in common. They all have too much external debt, they all have failing currencies via over issuance and the ALL lose the rule of law via political takeover! We are three for three the way I see it. Please stay tuned for the final two installments.

Standing watch,
Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collabration

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So, now they’ve deleted Goldgrl’s comment for not complying with their “policy.” I guess the policy is anything not agreeing with alt-right propaganda. And I can expect this comment to be deleted, too. So much for that 1st Amendment right.
Evaluer :   1  2Note :   -1
Andy Hoffman, Your extreme right wing bias of the Brietbart kind, is a huge turnoff. sorry I bought metal from you guys. :sad:
Evaluer :   2  4Note :   -2
What bias? Do you have an example?
Evaluer :   2  2Note :   0
They don't agree with Andy so that's enough to justify his bias. You have to lower your intelligence to think like them. Its hard but you can do it if you try just try to remember before grade school before you learned how to use critical thinking skills.
Evaluer :   2  2Note :   0
When Andy stated: “I will be shocked if Obama himself is not formally tied in to all of this before it’s over!” That’s enough proof of a biased perspective for any rational reader. Of course, the weak-minded will say I lack in “critical thinking”, the new catch phase of the far right.
Evaluer :   1  3Note :   -2
You'll have to clarify for me if you're serious or not (sometimes sarcasm doesn't go well in text). As the former president, Obama would be in a pretty good position to be responsible for major criminal acts committed by the government under his reign.

Considering the broad array of criminal allegations, it'd be pretty amazing if the guy at the top didn't know about anything at all.
Evaluer :   2  2Note :   0
I was commenting to Doom, but it was nice to see I triggered another one of the mental alt left.
Evaluer :   1  2Note :   -1
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I was commenting to Doom, but it was nice to see I triggered another one of the mental alt left. Lire la suite
prljr - 05/01/2018 à 22:24 GMT
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