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Update On $80 Million in Seized Gold Coins: Judge Rules They “Belong to the U.S. Government”

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Publié le 11 septembre 2012
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Given that tens of millions of Americans cheered in blissful agreement when a Democratic National Convention promotional video claimed that the only thing we all belong to is the government, it would make perfect sense that everything else belongs to the government as well.

Case in point:

In July of 2011 a jeweler’s heirs found ten double eagle $20 gold coins in a family safe that dated back to the Roosevelt administration. They then sent the coins to be authenticated and appraised by the Philadelphia Mint.

The coins come from a batch that were struck but melted down after President Franklin D. Roosevelt took the country off the gold standard in 1933.

Two were preserved for the Smithsonian Institute. But a handful more mysteriously got out.

Because the coins had never been released into circulation and were struck after Roosevelt’s gold confiscation executive order #6102 in April of 1933, the Treasury Department assumed they had originally been stolen from the mint.

Without any evidence or consideration given to statute of limitations, the government seized the coins – valued at $80 million.

The family sued in federal court and a judge has finally handed down a ruling.

A judge ruled that 10 rare gold coins worth $80 million belonged to the U.S. government, not a family that had sued the U.S. Treasury, saying it had illegally seized them.

Last week, Judge Legrome Davis of the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania, affirmed that decision, saying “the coins in question were not lawfully removed from the United States Mint.”

Barry Berke, an attorney for the Langbords, told ABCNews.com, “This is a case that raises many novel legal questions, including the limits on the government’s power to confiscate property. The Langbord family will be filing an appeal and looks forward to addressing these important issues before the 3rd Circuit.”

Source: Yahoo News

So, the gold, which was originally stolen by the Federal government because hoarding had been forbidden by Presidential decree mysteriously disappeared from US Treasury vaults in 1933, to be found 78 years later, only to be re-stolen by the same government again.

What’s more is that the judge claims the family who found the coins in their father’s safe were actually the ones who committed the crime by seizing said coins nearly decades before any of them were ever born.

The lesson here is that the government, its representatives and the myrmidons who blindly support it believe they own you, everything you’ve worked for, everything your parents and grandparents worked for, and everything your children can expect to work for in the future.

If they want it, they will take it.



Source : www.shtfplan.com
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Sorry, SirJames...but the judge was right. No evidence is needed to prove that the coins were appropriated illegally if they were never officially released into the public. It is considered self-evident. I would be much more sympathetic if it was sunken Spanish doubloon treasure, but in this case the coins were obviously held illegally.

But what does bother me is that even though this is a year of high emotional divisiveness due to the presidential election that someone would actually have the gall to blame a political candidate for the decision, regardless of which party! Just how low have our moral inclinations gone -- have we no common sense or the capability of unbiased rational thought?!

As a nation, if we are sensible about recovering, we have got to stop the biased bickering and begin cooperating politically or it will take us much, much longer to correct the decades-long systemic problems that have driven us downward.
Evaluer :   4  3Note :   1
This is possible because of one of Obama's new EOs - I even tried convincing even GATA that there was a difference between the latest and earlier ones - one of the first being that people are rightly so concerned about - indefinite detainment on suspicion and the rest of it. But he has done several late Friday night EOs - and one that GATA felt was simply a roll up of previous ones was much more - but I felt, if they missed it, why bother.

It amounts to imposition of martial law in peace time. It allows (and I'm working from memory) confiscation and modification of any business for government purposes (including farms - mines???); taking control of all modes of transportation and inviting leading citizens to Washington to help supervise. It also makes provision for not just a military draft, but for the involuntary formation of civilians work gangs. It allows any government agency to go to the head of the line and stop all other production when they need "supplies".

I understand DHS did this in its recent procurement of ammo. I could find nothing in the document (on the White House site) that limited government's power (and the power delegated far and wide among the various agencies) to preclude their seizing anything or anybody for any purpose deemed a matter of national security or required in domestic emergencies. They can take and modify anything they want - and the rationale is comprised of wording that can be interpreted in almost any way by any functionary. It also seemed like a move to ensure that DHS was top dog...as even disputes among other departments and agencies would be screened by DHS who would "report" to the White House.

It left me thinking that confiscation of anything, PM included was "on" again. And I wondered how the first public work crew would feel when required to clean up a toxic spill or contain a meltdown at a nuclear plant. I would be delighted to be advised that I misinterpreted the EO and the wording, but read it twice - it made my blood run cold. Then the fact that people had no interest or concern about it was a double shock to my system. I have warned some folks to check it out and consider their personal circumstances in light of what is now law.

It is not a simple re-working of older EOs - as GATA thought - why would they bother? But frankly, I grow wary of being the town crier and the blow-back that comes with it. I feel I have done my duty when I call attention to matters of concern such as this. If people don't want to know or act...well that's on them.
Evaluer :   6  4Note :   2
Sir James, a careful reading of EO 13603 leads me to believe that GATA got it right in that this is for the most part a rewording of previous EOs. There is nothing in it with regard bringing back the draft, aside from an instruction detailing who is to consult with whom on various aspects of doing so should it ever be deemed necessary to do so. And there was nothing at all about the formation of involuntary work gangs in the order.
As for your contention that it is this EO which led to the confiscation of the gold eagles in question, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do those coins have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with national security, but there have been laws on the books for more than a century dealing with stolen property: you cannot legally own stolen property even if you did not yourself steal the item(s) in question and even if you paid for them in good faith. It is why pawn shop owners are so careful about the things they buy.
Evaluer :   2  5Note :   -3
Gawd - how I wish you were right. Rewording of previous EOs sounds so innocent. I'm in Germany in the 30's right?
Gubment can steal if it wants to! Gold, interest on savings, home values, Social Security funds, and our dignity too!
Evaluer :   9  5Note :   4
In my opinion, it's the old ~ All the Eggs in One Basket ~ routine. One should Trust the Government perhaps 10%: Send only ONE coin to the Philadelphia Mint (a government agency) for authentication. Sending ALL the coins put ALL the Langbords eggs on the wall with Humpty-Dumpty.
Evaluer :   5  0Note :   5
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Gawd - how I wish you were right. Rewording of previous EOs sounds so innocent. I'm in Germany in the 30's right? Lire la suite
SirJames - 22/09/2012 à 15:07 GMT
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