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>The Dreadful Summer Wind  - James Howard Kunstler - 
James, it's as if you, Jim Willie, and some high-up at the State Department (running around closing all the Embassies) knows something completely unknown to the rest of us. Even the renowned Gerald Celente doesn't post the time (the month or even the year) of when all hell breaks loose. My garden is overwhelming me with its output, so I don't have many food concerns. Still, you make me feel uneasy.

I had to look up miso-glazed (sweet, salty brown sugar and soy sauce glaze) and cloacal fundament (the common chamber into which the intestinal and urogenital tracts discharge) ~ but other than that, I found you readable.

il y a 3473 jours
Début de l'article :The world is swiftly moving to the dangerous place where nations won’t be able to do business with each other because they don’t trust the institutions that control wealth, which includes central banks, commercial banks, and governments. It will happen when the purveyors of international commodities, oil especially, refuse to accept the letters of credit issued by untrustworthy intermediaries... Lire la suite
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