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>The Dreadful Summer Wind  - James Howard Kunstler - 
The problem with your argument Jim is where you deride the right of the very rich to pay its slaves $8 an hour whilst living in the belief that the very rich have a God given right to not pay their fair share of taxes. We have all heard the argument from this recalcitrant group that they create jobs. What you never head is that they prosper quite nicely out of abusing their workers. Anybody with double digit IQ can see the utter hypocrisy and the flaw in this argument.

So please spare the scorn. It is crass and rather sick. really.

il y a 3465 jours
Début de l'article :The world is swiftly moving to the dangerous place where nations won’t be able to do business with each other because they don’t trust the institutions that control wealth, which includes central banks, commercial banks, and governments. It will happen when the purveyors of international commodities, oil especially, refuse to accept the letters of credit issued by untrustworthy intermediaries... Lire la suite
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