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>The Dreadful Summer Wind  - James Howard Kunstler - 
It has been my opinion all along that Kunstler leans to the philosophy that man exists to serve the State or some greater good, name it what you will. And to achieve that end all sorts of social manipulation are justified, from Bloomberg's drink size edicts to Obama's mandatory participation in health care, to Kunstler's desire to eliminate the automobile and herd us onto mass transit.

You, by disagreeing with me, lean credence to my opinion. Certainly no one working for $8 an hour is a slave, being free to leave and seek a higher paying job elsewhere. To say a slave, a real slave, cannot so exit his 'oppressive' situation is to state the obvious - but apparently the obvious still needs to be stated. Granted the pay is low but then so is the skill level.

No one who believes in the free marketplace of trade -- be it for ideas, objects, or labor -- thinks life is a rose garden, but it is head and shoulders above a real slave society where such notions of trade are laughed at and abominations committed against individuals are the rule and not the exception.

il y a 3469 jours
Début de l'article :The world is swiftly moving to the dangerous place where nations won’t be able to do business with each other because they don’t trust the institutions that control wealth, which includes central banks, commercial banks, and governments. It will happen when the purveyors of international commodities, oil especially, refuse to accept the letters of credit issued by untrustworthy intermediaries... Lire la suite
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