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A laissé un commentaire sur l'article :
>Jive Talkin  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Why does this guy always end up sounding like Ted Kaczynski, only with more profanity?

Why does he post here? An Ebay metals trading site gig? -Completely irrelevant to trading gold and silver.

Stop insulting the New York Times, you may get a better job there, or keep working on your job at the Puffington Host, or the BurningNatalCleft.

Hey, unions killed the Twinkie store, Little Debbie can't be far behind.

And that fat guy in the trailer stuffing co-co cremes into his adipose face?
He's a union putz faking disability since the Stimulus cash ran out, the place is fetid since last the time Kunstler visited, ranted, and forgot to wipe his mouth with toilet paper afterwards.

Go make some good investments in metals, you'll find it's not as easy reciting Kacznski's manifesto or living off your parents.

il y a 4017 jours
Début de l'article :Well, he had to get up there and say something. In this particular winter of our discontent, the wispiest nostrums and baldest lies will do. America is not interested in reality. America is a nine-hundred pound man imprisoned in a fetid trailer bedroom begging for one more case of Little Debbie CocoaCremes before the front-end-loader bashes through the wall to haul him to intensive care... Lire la suite
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