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>The Reinvention of Alan Greenspan  - Michael J. Kosares - USAGold
Greenspan is a fraud.
HE is a very intelligent person who knows from the beginning how inflation works and what happen when currency is not backed by real value (gold). In the 60's, he testify before Congress about what happen to fiat currency. He said fiat currency will steal wealth to everybody. It's on youtube

This is the same Greenspan who lowered the interest rate and create the bubble of 2007-2008. He knew what he was doing. He was killing the currency and stealing wealth to everybody.

I have no respect for this guy. Hope he will be bury in a public cemetery so I can do a pilgrimage with my kids and shit on his grave. I swear.

(2 down rate for my comment ?!?! who loves Greenspan on this site ? lol Its a theft.)

il y a 3005 jours
Début de l'article :During the time Alan Greenspan and representative Ron Paul had their famous series of exchanges (some might have labeled them confrontations) during Congressional hearings from 1997 to 2005, the congressman made what turns out to have been a prescient observation. "My questions," he said, "are always on the same subject... Lire la suite
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