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>Pretend to the Bitter End  - James Howard Kunstler - 
James, you left out the Elephant in the Room: the coming Subversion-by-Computer-Fraud (again) being perpetrated in the coming elections. In the case of W's first election it wasn't as obvious as in W's second election. Obama's first time around may have been authentic; but his second term election (just like W in both his elections) went against all the polls. The election subversion has caught on in England as well, with their last election going overwhelmingly opposite to the polls.

I mention this because the Republican Field maintains it's HUGE number of contestants at a time when the polling numbers tell everyone the obvious choice of Republicans is Trump. I'm certain The Powers Behind the Throne ~ the people who control Voting Subversion-by-Computer-Fraud ~ are now quaking in their boots. Their tweaking of reality by 10% - 15% to throw an election went unnoticed by most ~ and unchallenged by all. Now, faced with having to throw an election by 50% to 70% has those Elite Powers up against the Wall of Obviousness. Do you have any predictions regarding this ??

il y a 2579 jours
Début de l'article :Forecast 2016 There’s really one supreme element of this story that you must keep in view at all times: a society (i.e. an economy + a polity = a political economy) based on debt that will never be paid back is certain to crack up. Its institutions will stop functioning. Its business activities will seize up. Its leaders will be demoralized. Its denizens will act up and act out. Its wealth will evaporate. Given where we are in human history — the moment of techno-industrial over-reach — this cr... Lire la suite
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