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>Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace - Nelson Hultberg - AFR.org
nelson you produce a rational argument within your parameters. maybe you are correct in your assertions. one nagging question though. what is your definition of a legitiment enemy of the united states in a world that almost guarantees that sooner than later we will be attacked? all of world history predicts that attack.

il y a 2486 jours
Début de l'article :What are the sources of the interminable wars throughout the world today? Why are militant Muslims terrorizing Europe and America? What has caused the turmoil in Ukraine? Is Vladimir Putin desirous of reigniting the Cold War? Does he represent a dangerous threat to the West as his predecessors in the Kremlin did? What role do our own politicians and intellectuals play in this increasing eagerness for war? The answers to the above questions will be determined greatly by one’s basic ideological be... Lire la suite
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