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>The Awful Lull  - James Howard Kunstler - 

If Trump fails to articulate problems and solutions as you suggest it's only because his path of discourse is seeded with landmines because of a handicapped, deluded and scared public that can't handle too much truth and the bad juju medicine that's required.

You see there's a globalist poisoning and handicapping agenda using vaccines, fluoride, GMOs and chemtrails that's designed to chemically dumb down, disable the ability to excel, perform independently and make the masses dependent on Big Government.

That means they're frightened and can't handle the truth that the establishment is controlled by a foreign parasite deceiving, exploiting and dominating us. The sheeple public wants so bad to believe the

government establishment is their savior protecting them from every threat in life from terrorists to germs - because we were born weak and vulnerable. Watch this wake up video on this handicapping agenda by the globalists.

Neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock


il y a 2477 jours
Début de l'article :Spring unfolds at last in all its loveliness and Hillary sits back in repose like the matriarch of toads with a clear path to her toadstool throne, having swallowed the mouse-king Sanders. (She forgets that there are millions more mice under the thatched grass, including new mouse-kings awaiting.) And Trump with his bullfrog smile now casts his baleful eye on the two remaining gnats circling his lily pad. Yes, this magical week when the world bur... Lire la suite
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