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>Nausea rising  - James Howard Kunstler - 
"Most of the deliberate comedy comes from . . . . " the Central Banks printing money out of thin air, the Elective Wars America has going on all over the globe, and banks getting Bailed Out with TAXPAYER money. We've been in Deliberate Comedy a long, long, long time James. Trump may not be "prez material" but he's "We ~ The People's" answer to the Government Insanity forced up our a**.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. I send him advice to buy up a few cement trucks and head to The Border. He could be rich, and the Mexicans are gonna pay him ! He's what I would call A Revolutionary; much like Trump ~ except Bernie is much, much weaker and often succumbs to a desire to please the Elites who exploit (use, take advantage of) Average Americans. If Bernie had gone Pro-Gun - and - said he'd apply EXISTING immigration laws; he could have made it.

il y a 2433 jours
Début de l'article :Considering that the 2016 election looks like a Dark Age puppet show - ” Pantalone and La Signora smacking each other with dildos - we forget this spectacle is serious. Rather large matters are at stake, such as the continuity of governance, the legitimacy of the two major political parties, the credibility of our financial arrangements, perhaps even the durability of the nation as a united polity... Lire la suite
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