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>Silver Demand Ready To Explode - Andy Hoffman - Miles Franklin
Same old, same old story from AH.
Silver is going to go to the moon.
Buy it while you still can.
So you can make a lot of dollars when it goes up... in dollars.
That may well happen,but it is more likely to get to $12.50 or even 8.50 first.
And then what? Go buy a stack of 15 kg bars or an equivalent amount in coins .
You are looking at a loss of about 20-25% on an instant resale.
So basically it is a bet.
Gold is much better at around 4%

il y a 2248 jours
Début de l'article :Generally speaking, I spend the entire day, seven days a week, compiling articles from countless websites – starting with my “keystone” Zero Hedge – in search of topics to discuss.  And nearly every day, the subject of the next morning’s article (or podcast) “hits me” the evening before. Today is the rare day when many topics are “vying” for lead status – not the least of which, is the fact that as I write, the ECB just announced an expansion of its suicidal QE program not just to September, as ... Lire la suite
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