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>A Ten Year Deal? - Theodore Butler - Butler Research
So why only 10 years? And once again, for the beyond-my-ability-to-count time, where did all that physical come from. And more than that, how is it that they could accumulate so much silver in the middle of the "silver shortage" you've proclaimed for all those years? How in the world could 670 MILLION ounces be taken out of the physical market without a physical shortage in the middle of a physical shortage? Inquiring minds (but obviously not yours or your subscribers') want to know. I know you won't answer...b/c you can't. But you're the expert on silver, right? Right. And you're just now starting to understand that the govt is involved in all this?!! But you're the expert that people pay good money to expound on the silver market? Wow.

il y a 1873 jours
Début de l'article :Here’s a thought that I fully acknowledge didn’t originate with me, but from a close associate, even though it incorporates many of my findings. If it does come to fruition, I will gladly reveal my associate’s identity to give him his proper due; but in case it doesn’t, I’ll spare him any embarrassment for an incorrect premise. As I think you’ll see, I can’t deny that my friend’s premise seems to tie up all the loose ends about the silver manipulation.In a few short months, we will hit the ten y... Lire la suite
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