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Présentations des Compagnies de Impact Silver Corp
03/05/2010letter Writer Sean Broderick Talks About Mexico Silver
Dans les médias de Impact Silver Corp
16/04/2009IMPACT Silver Corp…
Rapports annuels de Impact Silver Corp
2007 Annual Report
Financements de Impact Silver Corp
15/06/2011Announces Exercise of Accelerated Warrants Complete
04/05/2011Announces Amended Expiry Date of Accelerated Warrants
22/10/2007 Receives $5 Million From Exercise Of Warrants
Attributions d'options de Impact Silver Corp
30/05/2013Extends Stock Option Exercise Period
07/06/20101.200.000 stock options granted at $ 1.10
07/01/20092.250.000 options granted at $0.55
23/09/20082.200.000 Stock Options Granted at $0.80
29/02/200835,000 stock options granted to Shareholder Relations Consul...
24/10/2007Grant of 75,000 options to Additional Director And Granting ...
06/09/2007Grant of 1.080.000 Stock Options
06/02/2006Grants 35,000 options to Investor Relations Consultant
13/04/2005Warrants Exercised, Stock Options Granted and Investor Relat...
12/11/200450,000 options granted to Hiring of Investor Relations Firm
13/09/2004300,000 options granted to Investor Relations Consultant
14/05/2003announces Stock Option Plan
Nominations de Impact Silver Corp
11/08/2008Appointment of Additional Director
Rapports Financiers de Impact Silver Corp
02/04/2012Announces Record Revenues, Earnings and Production for the Y...
28/11/2011Announces Record Revenues and Net Earnings for the Nine Mont...
30/08/2011Announces Net Earnings and Record Revenues in Second Quarter...
31/05/2011Announces Record Revenues & Silver Production in First Quart...
13/04/2011Announces Record Net Earnings Up 196% In 2010
20/11/2009Announces Third Quarter Net Earning of $785,000 and Operatin...
20/11/2009Announces Date of Third Quarter Results Webcast
22/08/2008Announces Second Quarter Earnings
27/05/2008Announces Record First Quarter Earnings And Silver Productio...
Projets de Impact Silver Corp
14/03/2013(Capire)Announces Commissioning of the new Capire Production Centre...
21/01/2013A Banner Year for IMPACT Silver Corp.'s Exploration in 2012
11/07/2012(Zacualpan)Intersects 8.47g/t Gold and 1.12% Copper across 2.75m on the...
11/06/2012(Capire)Ranked in the 24th Annual PROFIT 200 Canada's Fastest-Growin...
23/04/2012(Oscar)Intersects 1,875 g/t Silver across 1.00 meters and 115 g/t ...
23/01/2012(Huatecosco)2011 Exploration Review and 2012 Outlook
11/01/2012(Capire)Announces Commencement of Construction at the Capire Open Pi...
27/10/2011(Oscar)Intersects Additional High Grade Silver: 1,007g/t Silver acr...
14/10/2011(Huatecosco)Drills 4.1m of 5.2g/t Gold at New Zone at Huatecosco Gold P...
13/09/2011(Zacualpan)Announces Concentrate Shipment Schedule Update
12/09/2011(Zacatecas (veta Grande))Revises Zacatecas Option to Defiance Silver Corp.
25/08/2011(Zacatecas (veta Grande))Options Zacatecas Assets to Defiance Silver Corp.
17/08/2011(Capire)Expands Capire Deposit, Mexico
13/07/2011(Zacualpan)Resumes Operations at Main Processing Plant
09/07/2011(Zacualpan)Announces Fatality At Guadalupe Mill Site
07/06/2011(Gonlondrinas)Receives Final Drill Results From GCC (Golondrinas, Cuchara,...
02/06/2011(Huatecosco)Intersects 6.96g/t Gold across 4.24m at Huatecosco Gold-Silv...
25/05/2011(Capire)Intersects 304g/t Silver And 4.51g/t Gold Across 5.0 Meters ...
13/04/2011(Zacualpan)Announces Record Net Earnings Up 196% In 2010
13/03/2011(Zacualpan)Announces Arrival Of Second Drill And Expanded Exploration P...
01/02/2011(Capire)Reports Updated Mineral Resources at Capire in Preparation f...
19/08/2010(Zacualpan)Samples 4,800 g/t Silver Over 1.25 Meters and Commences Dril...
10/08/2010(Zacualpan)Acquires Large New Concessions at Zacualpan
27/07/2010(Zacualpan)First Results From 5,000M Drill Program
25/05/2010(Capire)Intersects 2.99m Of 639 G/T Silver, 2.63 G/T Gold, 1.2% Lead...
23/03/2010(Zacatecas (veta Grande))Completes Purchase Of 200-TPD Mill At Zacatecas
17/03/2010(Mamatla Aurora)Intersects 1,139.7 g/t Silver over 1.38 Meters at Aurora 1
17/12/2009(Zacualpan)Intersects 466 G/T Silver Over 3.2 Meters At Santa Lucia
06/10/2009(Zacualpan)Reports Initial Drill Results From Santa Lucia Silver Veins
24/09/2009(Noche Buena) Positive Production Decision At Noche Buena
11/08/2009(Zacualpan)Compiles Over 1,200 Historical Mine Workings And Successfull...
21/07/2009(Noche Buena)Intersects More Wide Zones Of Silver At Noche Buena
09/06/2009(Zacualpan)Expands Silver Mineralization At Noche Buena
28/05/2009(Zacualpan)Announces Two New Silver Discoveries
25/02/2009(Capire)Intersects 1,016 G/T Silver Over 1.8 Meters At Capire
26/01/2009(Zacualpan)intersects 8.55 meters of 204 g/t silver in first drill hole...
20/01/2009(Mamatla Aurora)Intersects 1,164 g/t Silver over 1.5 meters at Aurora 1
05/12/2008Discovers High Grade Gold Zone; Drills 19.6 g/t Gold Across ...
12/08/2008(Zacualpan)Drills 11,463g/t (334 oz/ton) Silver Over 0.6M (2ft) At Chiv...
03/07/2008(San Sabino Zacatecas)Announces Sale Of San Sabino Concession In Zacatecas
18/06/2008(Zacualpan)s Production And Samples 657G/T Silver Over 2.85M At The Chi...
29/04/2008(Zacualpan)Announces New Discovery At The Royal Mines Of Zacualpan
24/04/2008(Zacualpan) Extends Strike Length Of Chivo Mine; Drills 12.3 Meters Of ...
29/01/2008(Zacualpan)Announces Acquisition Of Third Mill
19/09/2007(Zacualpan)Announces New Discovery At The Royal Mines Of Zacualpan
29/03/2007Discovers High-Grade Gold Veins On Mamatla
Communiqués de Presse de Impact Silver Corp
28/07/2016IMPACT Silver Announces Stock Option Grant
22/06/2016IMPACT Silver Announces the Retirement of Mr. Richard Younke...
17/06/2016IMPACT Silver Closes the Fourth and Final Tranche of the Pri...
10/06/2016IMPACT Silver Closes the Third Tranche of Private Placement
03/06/2016IMPACT Silver Closes Second Tranche of Private Placement
30/05/2016IMPACT Silver Announces First Quarter 2016 Financial and Pro...
27/05/2016IMPACT Silver Closes First Tranche of Private Placement
20/05/2016IMPACT Silver Announces Private Placement
05/05/2016IMPACT Silver drills more wide sections of high grade silver...
19/04/2016IMPACT Silver Closes $620,000 Private Placement
12/04/2016IMPACT Silver Closes $2,000,000 Private Placement
30/03/2016IMPACT Silver Announces Private Placement to Raise up to $2,...
07/10/2015IMPACT Silver Provides Update on New Capire Mineral Resource...
24/08/2015IMPACT Silver Announces Second Quarter 2015 Financial and Pr...
23/07/2015IMPACT Silver Provides Update on New Capire Mineral Resource...
22/06/2015IMPACT Silver Corp. Announces Retirement of Board Member
09/04/2015IMPACT Silver reports Results for the Year ended Decembers 3...
09/04/2015Reports Results for the Year Ended Decembers 31, 2014
31/03/2015IMPACT Silver reports additional wide & high grade drill int...
31/03/2015Reports Additional Wide & High Grade Drill Intercepts at San...
31/03/2015IMPACT Silver Reports Additional Wide & High Grade Drill Int...
22/01/2015IMPACT Silver Responds to BCSC Clarification Request and Tec...
22/01/2015IMPACT Silver Responds to BCSC Clarification Request and Tec...
25/11/2014IMPACT Silver Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial and Pro...
25/11/2014IMPACT Silver Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial and Pro...
26/08/2014IMPACT Silver Announces Second Quarter 2014 Financial and Pr...
27/05/2014IMPACT Silver Announces First Quarter 2014 Financial and Pro...
21/05/2014IMPACT Silver Corp. Intersects New High Grade Silver Vein at...
03/04/2014IMPACT Silver Reports Results for the Year Ended Decembers 3...
18/02/2014(Zacualpan)Drills More High Grade Gold and Silver at the San Juan Proje...
07/01/2014(Zacualpan)Encounters More High Grade Silver and Gold Adjacent to its N...
24/12/2013Resumes Ownership of the Veta Grande Silver Project in Zaca...
09/12/2013(Capire)Drills Aurora II Silver-Enriched VMS Zone in the Capire Dis...
25/11/2013Reports a 33% Increase in Average Silver Grade and a 16% Inc...
30/10/2013Correction: IMPACT Silver Discovers High-Grade Gold and Silv...
26/08/2013. Announces Financial and Production Results for the Second ...
14/08/2013article in The Northern Miner
19/07/2013Releases New Corporate Video
24/05/2013Announces First Quarter 2013 Financial and Production Result...
01/04/2013Announces Financial and Production Results for Fourth Quarte...
28/03/2013to Release 2012 Fourth Quarter and Year End Results
20/02/2013(Oscar)Commences Production at the Cuchara-Oscar Mine
28/01/2013Mirasol Prospect uncovers a cluster of new silver veins; int...
24/01/2013Stock Options Granted
15/01/2013Shareholder Update: Corporate Website Performance Issues
13/11/2012Announces Third Quarter 2012 Financial and Production Result...
22/08/2012Announces Second Quarter 2012 Financial and Production Resul...
01/09/2011Launches New Website and Presents New Mine Tour Video
03/08/2010Commences Drilling on the Chontalpan Project Area, Mexico
10/05/2010added to Silver ETF
20/01/20102009 Mine Development and Exploration Summary
17/11/2009Outlines Over 7 Million Ounces Silver And 94 Million Lbs Zin...
28/08/2009Q2 Results; Silver Production Up 80%, Operating Earnings Up ...
26/05/2009Announces Record Silver Production
06/12/2008Website Redesign Announcement
24/11/2008Announces Record Quarterly Silver Production
06/11/2008Begins Drilling New Silver and Gold-Copper Targets at Royal ...
03/11/2008at International Precious Metals and Commodities Show - Muni...
28/08/2008Acquires New Concessions Increasing Mineral Holdings By 45%
06/08/2008Drills 1,118 G/T Silver Across 1.4 Meters At The Chivo Mine
17/07/2008(video) Corporate Video Presentation
15/04/2008Reports $2.1 Million In Operating Earnings For 2007
14/02/2008Acquires Mamatla District Data
11/01/2008Silver Exploration Summary
05/12/2007Announces New Silver Discoveries At Mamatla
23/11/2007Announces Operating Earnings of $358,000
04/10/2007Announces Zacatecas Sampling Results
26/09/2007Announces New Silver Discoveries at the Royal Mines of Zacua...
21/09/2007Commences Construction Of Third Mine And Increases Productio...
13/07/2007Announces Chivo Drill Results
13/06/2007Announces Drill Results From Yale JV Properties In Zacatecas
31/05/2007Announces Continuing Improvement In Operations
20/04/2007Reports $2.4 Million in Operating Earnings for 2006
12/04/2007Acquisitions In Zacatecas
19/04/1999Energold and IMPACT consolidate properties
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