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Barrick Gold Corp.

Publié le 29 octobre 2015

Edited Transcript of ABX.TO earnings conference call or presentation 29-Oct-15 1:30pm GMT

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Edited Transcript of ABX.TO earnings conference call or presentation 29-Oct-15 1:30pm GMT

Toronto Oct 29, 2015 (Thomson StreetEvents) -- Edited Transcript of Barrick Gold Corp earnings conference call or presentation Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 1:30:00pm GMT

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Corporate Participants


* Susan Muir

Barrick Gold Corporation - VP of Investor Communications

* Kelvin Dushnisky

Barrick Gold Corporation - President

* Shaun Usmar

Barrick Gold Corporation - CFO

* Richard Williams

Barrick Gold Corporation - COO

* Andy Cole

Barrick Gold Corporation - General Manager of Goldstrike

* Matt Gili

Barrick Gold Corporation - General Manager of Cortez

* Basie Maree

Barrick Gold Corporation - CTO

* Kevin Thomson

Barrick Gold Corporation - Senior EVP of Strategic Matters

* Rob Krcmarov

Barrick Gold Corporation - SVP of Global Exploration


Conference Call Participants


* Andrew Quail

Goldman Sachs - Analyst

* Greg Barnes

TD Securities - Analyst

* Stephen Walker

RBC Capital Markets - Analyst

* Anita Soni

Credit Suisse - Analyst

* David Haughton

CIBC World Markets - Analyst

* Andrew Kaip

BMO Capital Markets - Analyst

* Chris Terry

Deutsche Bank - Analyst

* Patrick Chidley

HSBC - Analyst




Operator [1]


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Barrick Gold Q3 results conference call.

(Operator Instructions)

As a reminder, this conference is being recorded on October 29, 2015. I'll now turn the call over to Ms. Susan Muir, Vice President Investor Communications. Please, go ahead.


Susan Muir, Barrick Gold Corporation - VP of Investor Communications [2]


Thank you, operator, and good morning, everyone. Before we begin I would like to point out we will be making forward-looking statements during the course of this presentation.

This slide includes a summary of the significant risks and factors that could affect future outcomes for Barrick. For a complete discussion of these risks and factors please refer to our most recent AIAF filing. With that I would like to turn it over to our President, Kelvin Dushnisky.


Kelvin Dushnisky, Barrick Gold Corporation - President [3]


Thank you, Susan, and good morning to everyone on the call. Thank you for joining us. I'm here today with our Chief Operating Officer, Richard Williams; our Chief Financial Officer, Shaun Usmar; and our Chief Technical Officer, Basie Maree.

This is the first earnings call for Richard and Basie in their new positions. However, both of them have been playing critical roles at the Company for some time.

Richard has been driving many of the important organizational changes we've made over the last year, some of which he will elaborate on today. Basie is our senior technical leader and plays a key role in advising and supporting our operational teams.

And as part of our decentralized model, you've also heard us speak about how we are advancing the role of our mine general managers and our country executive directors to that of true business owners. I'm pleased to introduce you to two of them who are here with us today: Andy Cole, General Manager of Goldstrike, and Matt Gili, General Manager of Cortez.

Barrick has always had a reputation for strong technical and operating talent, and so today we wanted you to have the opportunity to hear from two of our best. Before I go on, I would like to welcome Angela Parr to Barrick.

She is our new Vice President of Investor Relations and will work closely with Susan Muir, who was recently appointed Vice President of Investor Communications. Angela has a strong background in IR at a number of UK and Canadian-based mining companies, and we're excited to have her on board.

We know she'll make a great contribution to the Company. I'm pleased to report that we had a very strong third quarter, and we continued to deliver on our key commitments for the year.

But before we get into the financial and operating details, I would like to talk for a moment about how we're driving value for our owners. We have one simple overriding objective, to create shareholder value by growing free cash flow per share.

And we've really started to deliver, with two consecutive quarters of positive free cash flow. We are a low-cost producer and we're not done yet. You can expect us to build on the cost and productivity improvements we've achieved this year.

Our capital allocation decisions are governed by strict discipline and clear requirements for all investments, including a 15% hurdle rate, and we will not waver on this. We are running the Company with financial prudence.

This means living within our means and making smart financial decisions, while preserving the entrepreneurial spirit that has always defined Barrick. Our technical expertise is second to none, and you can see that in the use of groundbreaking technologies that unlock value for our shareholders.

We're also talking about being obsessed with talent. Attracting top talent to Barrick and developing our people is absolutely central to our success. Our partnership culture means that we are owners in the business, with an emphasis on trust and transparency.

Over the past year, we've reshaped and focused our portfolio. We now have a smaller, higher quality portfolio, underpinned by assets that drive free cash flow in our core regions in the Americas; assets with significant optionality for delivering growth in the coming years.

And finally, our balance sheet is much stronger today than was a year ago. Our ultimate objective is to get Barrick back into a position of true financial strength, and we're making steady progress. It's also been very important for us to be clear about our priorities and to do exactly what we said we would do.

We set aggressive targets and we are seeing strong execution across the business as we work to achieve them. I'm not going to go through every point on the slide, but it shows how we're delivering on our commitments.

From free cash flow growth and cost reductions to a stronger balance sheet and a more optimize portfolio, we are advancing on our key priorities. With that, I'll ask Shaun to walk you through our strong three-quarter results.


Shaun Usmar, Barrick Gold Corporation - CFO [4]


Thank you, Kelvin, and good morning, everyone. We reported adjusted net earnings of $131 million, or $0.11 per share in the quarter.

The net loss of $264 million largely reflects the impacts of $476 million goodwill impairment which we took at Zaldivar, and lower realized gold and copper prices as well as $20 million more in depreciation compared to a year ago. The key point I would like to highlight here with our financial results is that despite the higher depreciation and lower realized price of $1,125 per ounce, this was $160 below our realized price a year ago and $65 lower than $1,190 per ounce in Q2.

We generated significantly higher adjusted earnings and free cash flow compared to both those prior periods. This underscores the benefits of Management action, cost reductions, and productivity improvements.

And it really tells the story of how we're positioning Barrick to become increasingly cash flow generative even at these lower prices. Without these improvements, our pretax adjusted earnings would have been about $390 million lower than a year ago, and about $175 million lower than the second quarter based on the low gold and copper prices.

Adjusted EBITDA of $942 million reflects the same factors impacting the net loss, partially offset by an increase in gold sales despite the divestiture of Cowal and Porgera in Q3. Free cash flow of $866 million included the $610 million in proceeds from the sale of Pueblo Viejo steam, which we received at the end of the quarter.

However, excluding this amount, free cash flow improved dramatically from $26 million in Q2 to $256 million this quarter, or nearly nine fold. Operationally we produced 1.7 million ounces, in line with our plan, and a better-than-expected all-in sustaining cost of $771 an ounce, driven mainly by lower cash costs of $570 per ounce versus $589 just a year ago, and lower mine site sustaining CapEx of $342 million compared to $410 million a year ago.

Copper production was 140 million pounds at C1 cash costs of $1.53 per pound, reflecting improved operating performance at Lumwana and the affect of the weaker Zambian kwacha. In addition to cost reductions and productivity improvements, we benefited from lower ore prices and favorable currency movements compared to 2014.

This was reflected in our initial guidance for the year, and we continue to see a positive impact flowing through our costs. Our direct mining costs in Q3 were about $30 an ounce lower than in the same quarter last year before the effect of our currency and fuel hedge positions.

They also reflect about $15 per ounce of overhead costs which were not previously included in cash costs, so which are now allocated to the sites. So on an apples-to-apples basis, excluding the effect of the change in our G&A reporting, direct mining costs would have been about $65 an ounce, or $10 lower.

These lower direct mining costs reflect the benefit of lower currency and ore rates as well as productivity and cost improvements. However, we do have some legacy hedges at higher rates, and factoring these in, the net decrease year over year is about $45 an ounce, or 8%.

We have no Canadian dollar hedges after this year and only 20% hedged on the Australia dollar next year with nothing in place beyond. Our ore hedges will decline significantly starting in 2017 and drop further in 2018.

Turning to our balance sheet, we've made strong progress against our target to reduce debt by $3 billion in 2015, and we expect to meet it. Subsequent to quarter end, we used $1.1 billion of our $3.3 billion cash position to repurchase some of 2016 notes and to complete the tender for some medium-term debt.

And as of today, we repaid a total of about $1.9 billion this year. Building on these repayments, we intend to use the $1 billion in proceeds from the sale of 50% of Zaldivar and free cash flow towards debt reduction.

We continue to expect the result of our transaction to close in the fourth quarter. We reduced total debt by 15% so far this year to just over $11 billion on completion of the debt tender yesterday. And this has considerably strengthened our liquidity position.

We now have less than $250 million in maturities due before 2018 and about $5.5 billion for the 2018 to 2023 period, and only $100 million between 2024 and 2032. About $5 billion of our total debt is very long dated, maturing after 2032.

Overall, the asset sales incurred a positive and along with our stronger cash flow are driving improvements in our total debt-to-EBITDA ratio. Over time our objective is to reduce it to a level which would be consistent with a strong investment-grade rating, 2 to 2.5 times.

After repaying $3 billion total debt will have been reduced by 23% to just over $10 billion as you saw in the previous slide. We expect annual pretax interest expense to be reduced by about $140 million.

Our $4 billion credit facility remains fully undrawn, and our consolidated tangible net worth has improved to $6 billion from $5.7 billion last quarter. I would like to provide the progress updates on the $2 billion in cash flow improvements we are committing to achieve by the end of 2016.

This is relative to our original internal plans for 2015 and 2016, and it excludes the dividend reductions. These improvements are coming from productivity gains and reductions in operating expense, capital spending, corporate costs, and working capital.

We have now booked $1.8 billion, or 90% of this target into our plans for the benefit of our revamped and more robust life of mine plans: $400 million in 2015 and $1.4 billion in 2016. Our focus in 2016 will be on continuing to drive productivity and sustainable cash flow improvements while striking a balance with identifying value accretive investments and growth options for the Company.

We've added the working capital component for next year, as we have given our GMs specific targets to reduce supply inventory and increase turn rates. And they are already starting to deliver against those targets.

This work is strengthening the resilience of our business in a lower gold price environment and positioning us to deliver significantly stronger margin when gold prices recover. Here is the proof of our actions this year, and the picture is pretty compelling.

Despite the more than $500 drop in the gold price from three years ago including the $100 decline just in the last year, we've turned the corner on free cash flow. To breakeven in 2012 we would've required a gold price of more than $1,800 per ounce, more than $1,500 in 2013, and nearly $1,300 per ounce for 2014.

But we're now generating free cash flow at $1,100 per ounce and are focused on improving our breakeven price further. At the same time, our all-in sustaining cost has come down by 16% over this period.

I'd like to acknowledge the truly exceptional efforts from our operating, finance, technical support, and our license to operate teams to make these numbers a reality, and to return Barrick to a more flexible position that supports our key objective of growing free cash flow per share. Turning now to our 2015 guidance, we tightened our production guidance to 6.1 million to 6.3 million ounces to reflect lower expected production from Acacia.

Although we had a brief shutdown at the moment at Porgera due to low water levels, operations are resumed and this will not impact our guidance. We reduced our all-in sustaining cost guidance to $830 to $870 per ounce from $840 to $880 and brought down the top end of our cash cost range to $625 from $640 per ounce.

Our copper production guidance is unchanged at 480 million to 520 million pounds, and C1 costs have been reduced to $1.60 to $1.85 per pound to reflect currency benefits and improved costs at Lumwana. As part of our improved all-in sustaining cost guidance, we have narrowed our minesite sustaining and overall capital expenditure guidance for the year, and now expect total CapEx of about $1.7 billion versus our original guidance of $1.9 billion to $2.2 billion.

We expect about 30% higher depreciation in the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter primarily related to a drawdown in inventory stockpiles at Cortez, Lagunas Norte, and Goldstrike, and high expected sales volumes at Pueblo Viejo. This was anticipated and will bring the full-year total in line with our original guidance range of $240 to $260 per ounce. To cover our operating results, I will turn it over to Richard, our Chief Operating Officer.


Richard Williams, Barrick Gold Corporation - COO [5]


Thanks, Shaun. Good morning, everybody. Before we go to operating results, I'm just going to take a minute to tell you about how we are now operating as a company and how we're developing our operations. The decentralized model that you've heard about is key to our improved performance this year, but not just as a cost-cutting tool.

It's a key part of transforming the long way -- the long-term way in which we're operating. What you see on the left on the slide in front of you is the old hierarchical command and control model, with operations run by regional business units reporting to a central chief operational officer.

In this model, this old model, operational decisions, included business plans, happened in offices away from the mines. Information and ideas were contained within functional or operation stove pipes, and there was limited sharing of ideas between those mine sites and those operational leaders.

Adaptability was sacrificed for order, and the ability to deal with volatility and change was highly restricted. One of the major drawbacks of this model is that bad news took to long to arrive at the head office, by which time things had become worse or become difficult to fix.

Another is that responsibility for creating solutions rested with only a few people at the top of the organization as opposed to using the whole network of talent of the Company. So in our new model we removed the regional corporate layers of command, pushed decision-making and technical expertise down to the site leaders where it is as close to the source of the problem as possible.

The role of the head office is reduced to focusing on setting strategy and allocating capital, human and financial, in ways that maximize returns. But this typical of decentralization, or what others call the devolved model everywhere, is only half the story for we've done more than that.

We've done two other critical things to improve our adaptability and our effectiveness. Firstly, we've improved the ways that the operations are led.

I don't mean just by upgrading talent, which is obviously what we're looking at, but building operational leadership teams at each of the sites comprised of the mine general managers, two of whom you are going to hear of from here, executive or in other companies is called country directors, and finance leaders all working together to ensure that decisions are made to take due account of licensed to operate mining and finance straight commercial needs. They operate as independent business leaders, with the authority that comes with that and the responsibility too.

Secondly and critically, we've replace the old hierarchy with a technology-enabled network thereby creating one team across the Company. Information, such as progress against plan, problem description, and so on plus ideas are shared by and with every leadership team in the Company via the weekly business plan review.

A video conference that links everyone in the Company and all those leadership teams together into a single interconnected mind, improving idea flow across the Company in ways that far outmatch the old system. In terms of access to debts we now know more by accessing the whole team.

500 brains if you like are better than 10. And speed, we solve problems and innovate faster; no bureaucracy.

In this model, and just as a slight reference to myself, I'm the neighbor of that system, policing and developing the critical processes and the behaviors that ensure information and resources are placed with those that need the most in the right time frame, ensuring that we avoid the silos or the bureaucracy that kills efficiency and adaptability, and just as importantly, ensures that we have the right talent to meet our standards of transparency, collaboration, and determination.

Supporting this process and me with it are two critical advisory teams, and they both report to me. One led by Basie as the Chief Technical Officer, described well by Kelvin earlier, and the other not here, Peter Sinclair, is the Chief Sustainability Officer on the license operate side.

Both provide critical decision-making support to the Executives with capital allocation and talent decisions, and to the operations with their problem-solving and planning issues at their level. All of these teams, including the finance teams clearly with Shaun and all of those involved there, operational, advisory, and executive, work together to maximize the commercial returns from the Company's portfolio of assets in a changing and highly volatile market.

Mining, license to operate, finance, operations, head office, and advisors all operating as one team with one purpose, growing free cash flow. Well that's the model, let's turn to operations.

We expect our core mines in the Americas to contribute 60% to 65% of our 2015 production and 75% of the overall mine site free cash flow from our portfolio. The average 2015 all-in sustaining costs have been reduced from $700 to $725 per ounce, down from $725 to $775 at the start of the year based on all that that Shaun has just described.

It's my great pleasure to hand over now to one of our business leaders up from the ground Andy Cole, the General Manager of our Goldstrike mine to give you an update on his operation and the ramp up of the TCM process.


Andy Cole, Barrick Gold Corporation - General Manager of Goldstrike [6]


Thanks, Richard. Our third-quarter production was in line with plan at better AISC on lower cash cost and sustaining capital. As a result we've lowered our 2015 cash cost and all-in sustaining costs guidance.

Fourth-quarter production is expected to be similar to the third quarter at slightly higher costs. I am pleased to report that our new TCM circuit reached commercial production in the third quarter.

We expect the complete ramp up in the first half of 2016. The TCM circuit provides incredible processing flexibility for our Nevada operations.

For example, we've had great coordination with Cortez and Goldstrike in optimizing ore routings from a value perspective. Now for Barrick rather than just Goldstrike we are seeing the benefits to cash flow by processing more Cortex ore through the roaster.

There may be opportunities to expand this in the future to other operations such as Turquoise Ridge. The project came in at a capital cost of $610 million compared to our latest guidance of $620 million. And we are now reporting on a cost of sales basis.

Throughput has averaged over 9,000 tons per day since July, approximately 75% of the designed capacity of 12,000 tons per day, and throughput is trending upward. Our recovery rates have been a bit more challenging, and this is where our focus is right now.

Recoveries are more variable than anticipated, primarily due to higher carbon from some ore types which may be better suited for roasting. We are working to better characterize our ore sources. As well we are modifying the resin to improve overall recovery rates.

We expect recoveries to average around the high 60%s depending upon grade. This is not unusual with the introduction of a new technology, and will not affect our 2015 guidance.

I'm extremely proud of the team for this achievement in light of the fact it's a brand-new, Barrick-developed technology and it's the only commercial use of this innovative cyanide-free processing technique in the world. I will turn it over to my colleague Matt Gili to talk about Cortez.


Matt Gili, Barrick Gold Corporation - General Manager of Cortez [7]


Thanks, Andy. Cortez had strong production in the third quarter largely due to better than expected ore tonnages from the open pit operations. Our all-in sustaining costs of $501 per ounce also reflected improved underground productivity following the implementation of short integral controls, an initiative identified as part of our value realization review.

2015 production guidance has been improved to 900,000 to 950,000 ounces at lower all-in sustaining costs of $675 to $725 per ounce. We passed a very significant milestone this month when we poured our 20 millionth ounce, and this is half of what Goldstrike has produced, but we are a younger mine with a lot of potential ahead of us.

The pre-feasibility study for the Cortez Hills Deep South underground expansion is on track for completion by year end. Here we are looking at the potential to develop approximately 2 million ounces in largely oxide resources below the 3,800 foot level.

This is pending receipt of the required permits. This zone averages a higher gold grade than the sulfite reserves above, and there are deeper targets along the trend that have not yet been drilled.

We will access these resources by twin declines, which have just received permitting approval. Development on these declines is expected to start in the first quarter of 2016.

In addition, there is very good exploration potential for the future within our 382 square mile land package. So overall, Cortez remains a very prospective district for us. And with that, I will turn it back over to Richard.


Richard Williams, Barrick Gold Corporation - COO [8]


Thanks, Matt. Obviously we can't have everybody here today and I'm speaking on behalf of Ettiene Smuts and his team down at PV. Okay the PV third quarter production was slightly below plan as their mine processed a larger portion of combination ore.

All-in sustaining costs were impacted by lower silver recoveries associated with autoclave maintenance and lime boil limitations. The advisory teams and the teams on the ground are adding two lime ore tanks which will be operational in November.

And this is expected to improve recoveries at the targeted 80% level that around 60% current. We continue therefore to forecast attributable production of 625,000 to 675,000 ounces at an all-in sustaining cost of $540 to $590 per ounce in 2015.

Production is expected to be higher and costs lower in the fourth quarter on higher grades, improved recoveries, and better autoclave availability. We highlighted last quarter the potential to convert a significant portion of the 6 million ounces of those resources to reserves by removing tailing storage constraints, and we intend to commission a pre-feasibility study in the second half of 2016 to confirm this.

Now on to Lagunas Norte and Jim Whittaker's operation down there, which produced 108,000 ounces at all-in sustaining costs of $581 per ounce in the third quarter, which was in line with expectations. Production in 2015 is now anticipated to be 550,000 to 590,000 ounces at a lower all-in sustaining cost of $550 to $600 per ounce, with stronger production expected in the fourth quarter driven by improved performance at the Phase 5 leach pad.

The lower production guidance reflects lower recoveries with some leach pad irrigation issues which are in the process of being resolved by Jim and his team. Fourth-quarter all-in sustaining costs are expected to be higher than the third quarter on the expected sale of higher cost inventory as well as increased sustaining capital for Phase 6 leach pad construction.

A pre-feasibility study on a plan to extend the mine life by up to 12 years by mining nearly 2 million ounces of sulfide ore below the existing open pit is on schedule for completion in 2015. And now on to Veladero.

Veladero production in the quarter was below plan due to lower grades and adverse weather, which impacted leach operations. All-in sustaining costs were higher than planned on lower ounces sold, timing of sustaining capital, and lower silver credits.

Production guidance for 2015 is unchanged, and all-in sustaining cost guidance has been narrowed to $950 to $1,000 an ounce, and cash cost guidance has been lowered to $550 to $600 per ounce from $580 to $630. Fourth-quarter production is expected to be higher than Q3 at lower all-in sustaining costs.

The Veladero leadership team has optimized pit design this year to focus on higher grade material, which is expected to more than double the annual cash flow over the next four years while retaining the option to expand the pit in the future. Just a short update on the recent and unfortunate environmental instance which led to a discharge of processing solution to the environment following a valve failure and a diversion gate that was open at that time.

Third party water monitoring, included that by the United Nations, has confirmed there are no risks to downstream communities. Restriction on leaching activities were lifted following the implementation of additional monitoring and corrective actions, and there is no impact to our guidance. With that, it will be a pleasure to hand it over Basie to talk about the optionality within our portfolio.


Basie Maree, Barrick Gold Corporation - CTO [9]


Thanks, Richard, and good morning to all. At the end of 2014 we had 93 million ounces of proven and probable gold reserves. These are high quality reserves.

At 1.37 grams per ton, our reserve grade is more than 50% higher than the senior peer average, and the grade of our operating mines is even higher at 2 grams per ton, which is more than double the industry average. We have the strong potential in our portfolio to convert the 94 million ounces of measured and indicated gold resources into reserves at the various sites, projects, and early stage opportunities you see listed here, and to add new reserves and resources into the pipeline.

A feasibility study at Turquoise Ridge and pre-feasibility studies at Cortez Deep South, Goldrush, and Lagunas Norte Sulfides are all on track for completion by the end of this year. To give you a bit more context for the opportunity of our assets, we have maintained a mine life of 10 to 20 years for more than 20 years through a strong track record of adding reserves to our existing operations, and by discovering and bringing new projects into production.

We have an unparalleled track record in exploration, having found 150 million ounces of gold in the last 25 years at the very low average finding cost of $25 per ounce, which is roughly half the industry average. The total attributable value of the 10 major discoveries made over this period is about $107 billion according to the SNL Financial, and this excludes the recent Goldrush and Alturas discoveries.

What also distinguishes Barrick is the value add not just from new organic discoveries, but of additional ounces we found post acquisition. Mine life and production at the majority of our operations has far surpassed initial estimates, one notable example being Goldstrike.

The original mine plan expected production to end in the year 2000, and currently extends well into the next decade. Our exploration budget is two-thirds weighted to [minings] and opportunities around our existing operations, and we continue to identify excellent potential for resource conversion at many of the operations.

[Turning in] feasibility study to convert resources to reserves over the next five years at Cortez, Goldstrike, Lagunas Norte, PV, and Turquoise Ridge is progressing well. In addition, we expect to convert part of the 16 million ounces of resources at our Goldrush project in Nevada once we have fermented and developed the underground exploration dig lines, establish additional underground access, and complete infill drilling.

Drilling to more fully define the limits of mineralization at the Alturas project in Chile, is expected to resume shortly following a harsh South American winter. A good illustration of the optionality in our portfolio is the new drilling program at Hemlo.

In the first quarter of this year we completed the acquisition of some ground adjacent to Hemlo from a subsidiary of Newmont, which included an area of geological potential adjacent to our existing underground workings. We are currently conducting underground diamond drilling in this area to evaluate its potential.

Drilling has encountered several high-grade intercepts, which demonstrate the ongoing potential of prolific mineral districts, such as the Hemlo camp, even as they become more mature. Turning to our Pascua-Lama Project.

A temporary suspension plan has been approved by the mining authority in Chile. This will enable us to fully complete the transition to care and maintenance and should allow us to significantly reduce cost at the project in 2016 from $170 million to $190 million estimated spend this year.

The team at Pascua-Lama will be focused on developing an optimized plan for 2016, and we'll assess this plan when it is complete. But we've been clear that the project must ultimately meet our minimum 15% ROIC hurdle rate before we consider restarting it. I will now turn it back over to Kelvin with his concluding remarks.


Kelvin Dushnisky, Barrick Gold Corporation - President [10]


Thanks, Basie. So to finish off where we started, we've made great strides this year to reshape Barrick into a leaner, more nimble company. We've grown free cash flow for two consecutive quarters, our balance sheet is stronger and steadily improving, we're already in a very competitive cost position, and we intend to drive down costs even further through improved productivity and efficiency.

We will maintain strict capital discipline. Regardless of whether the gold price is $1,100 or much higher, all investments must meet our minimum investment hurdle of 15%. We have a fantastic low-cost asset-base that includes high quality reserves and resources, with significant optionality for growth at our existing operations and at our projects, which include some of the largest undeveloped gold deposits in the world.

And you can count on us to stay sharply focused on delivering results as we finish the year and move into 2016. That concludes our presentation, we'd now be happy to take any questions. Thank you.


Questions and Answers


Operator [1]


(Operator Instructions)

Andrew Quail, Goldman Sachs.


Andrew Quail, Goldman Sachs - Analyst [2]


Congratulations on a very strong quarter; very encouraging. Just a couple of questions. On the flagged asset sales that you guys have mentioned, can you give us a brief update on where we are in that process?

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29/06/2012Names Ammar Al-Joundi Executive Vice President and Chief Fin...
06/06/2012CFO Jamie Sokalsky Appointed Barrick CEO; John L. Thornton A...
23/12/2008 Appoints Aaron Regent as CEO
Rapports Financiers de Barrick Gold Corp.
26/04/2016Announces Dividend
26/04/2016Reports First Quarter 2016 Results
17/02/2016Reports 2015 Full Year and Fourth Quarter Results | Growing ...
28/10/2015Reports Third Quarter 2015 Results | Growing Free Cash Flow
06/10/2015Third Quarter 2015 Results Release on October 28
05/08/2015Reports Second Quarter 2015 Results
24/06/2015Second Quarter 2015 Results Release on August 5
28/04/2015Reports First Quarter 2015 Results
31/10/2013Reports Third Quarter 2013 Results
24/04/2013Reports First Quarter 2013 Results
14/02/2013Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2012 Results
01/11/2012Announces Third Quarter 2012 Results
16/02/2012Reports Q4 2011 Financial and Operating Results
28/07/2011Reports Q2 2011 Financial and Operating Results
27/04/2011Reports Q1 2011 Financial and Operating Results
17/02/20112010 Mine statistics
17/02/2011Q4 2010 Financial and Operating Results
28/04/2010Reports Q1 2010 Financial and Operating Results
Projets de Barrick Gold Corp.
31/03/2017(Veladero)Reports Restrictions at Veladero Mine Heap Leach Facility
27/10/2015Wave of Australian gold mine M&As receding-Evolution
19/10/2015El Nino halts Papua New Guinea gold mine-Barrick
24/09/2015Argentine judge lifts order against Barrick Gold's Veladero ...
22/09/2015Newmont not interested in Barrick's U.S. assets, eyes Austra...
21/09/2015Barrick says strong interest in U.S. gold asset sale
05/08/2015Barrick Gold agrees gold, silver "streaming" deal on Dominic...
23/06/2015Evolution share placement withdrawal clears way for Zijin ba...
26/05/2015Zijin strikes deals with western miners
16/04/2015CANADA STOCKS-TSX slides as resources, bank stocks lead sell...
05/04/2015Barrick chairman aims to put shine back in gold miner
05/04/2015Barrick open to sell-offs and joint ventures in debt drive
03/04/2015Barrick settles cases tied to atrocities at Porgera mine
27/03/2015Barrick to keep operating Zambia copper mine, pending royalt...
27/03/2015Barrick's Zaldivar Chile copper mine closed due to rains-spo...
16/01/2015Former Barrick Gold chief the new owner of Iamgold’s Niobec ...
07/10/2014Chile's top court halts Goldcorp's El Morro mine
04/02/2014(Marigold)Announces Agreement to Divest its Minority Interest in Marig...
31/01/2014African Barrick Gold Exploration (Kenya) Ltd. Reports Result...
29/01/2014African Barrick Gold Exploration (Kenya) Ltd. Reports Result...
29/01/2014African Barrick Gold Exploration (Kenya) Ltd. Reports Result...
22/12/2013(Plutonic)Announces Agreement to Divest Plutonic Mine in Australia
25/07/2013African Barrick Gold Exploration (Kenya) Ltd Reports the Com...
29/06/2013Provides Updates on Pascua-Lama Project
15/01/2013(Pueblo Viejo)Pueblo Viejo Achieves Commercial Production
16/08/2012(Pueblo Viejo)Pueblo Viejo Achieves First Gold Production
16/03/2011(Cortez Hills)Receives Record of Decision on Cortez Hills
Communiqués de Presse de Barrick Gold Corp.
28/07/2016Five Stocks in Investors’ Spotlight Following Financial Resu...
11/07/2016These 5 Stocks Are Kicking Off The Week With A Bang
27/04/2016Remarks by Executive Chairman John L. Thornton at Annual Mee...
29/01/2016Barrick Gold Stands among the Best Gold Miners in January
28/01/2016Michael Brown Announced as President of Barrick U.S.A.
22/01/2016Barrick Gold Releases Preliminary Q4 Production Results
21/01/2016Barrick Achieves 2015 Production Guidance
21/01/2016Fourth Quarter 2015 Results Release on February 17
21/01/2016Barrick Gold Corporation Fourth Quarter 2015 Results Release...
20/01/2016Gold $ 1,095.97 +8.37 +0.77% Volume: January 20, 2016
19/01/2016Today’s Top Gold Miner Is Barrick; Which Will It Be Tomorrow...
19/01/2016Gold $ 1,091.95 +2.58 +0.24% Volume: January 19, 2016
18/01/2016Gold $ 1,089.75 +0.96 +0.09% Volume: January 18, 2016
11/01/2016Gold $ 1,100.72 -3.70 -0.34% Volume: January 11, 2016
08/01/2016Barrick Gold (ABX) Looks Good: Stock Moves 10.2% Higher
08/01/2016Gold $ 1,097.22 -11.74 -1.06% Volume: January 8, 2016
07/01/2016Gold $ 1,098.27 +4.63 +0.42% Volume: January 7, 2016
06/01/2016Why Are These Five Stocks Rallying on Wednesday?
06/01/2016Gold $ 1,083.39 +5.77 +0.54% Volume: January 6, 2016
05/01/2016Gold $ 1,078.35 +3.77 +0.35% Volume: January 5, 2016
04/01/2016Why Are These Stocks Trading Higher Today?
04/01/2016Gold $ 1,072.88 +11.45 +1.08% Volume: January 4, 2016
29/12/2015Barrick Mourns Loss of Employee at Cortez Mine
28/12/2015Why You Should Look Out for Gold Miners’ Commodity Exposure
22/12/2015Barrick Announces Appointment of 17 New Partners
18/12/2015Why Are These Five Stocks Registering Gains Today?
18/12/2015Barrick Gold Closes Spring Valley, Ruby Hill Stake Sale
17/12/2015Waterton Global Completes Purchase of Spring Valley and Ruby...
17/12/2015Barrick Completes Sale of Non-Core Assets in Nevada to Water...
17/12/2015How the Gold Price Is Influencing Pure Gold Miners
17/12/2015What Is Going On With These Four Falling Stocks?
16/12/2015Five Gold Mining Stocks to Own Now
15/12/2015Barrick Announces Pricing for Debt Tender Offer
15/12/2015Barrick Announces Early Tender Date Results of Debt Tender O...
13/12/2015Top 5 Cheap Miners Poised to Explode
05/12/2015Is Leucadia National Corp. (LUK) A Good Stock To Buy?
04/12/2015Why Are These Five Stocks in Green on Friday?
03/12/2015Barrick Announces Credit Facility Extension and Amendment
03/12/2015Barrick Concludes Divestment of 50% Interest in Zaldivar
02/12/2015Barrick Announces Appointment of J. Robert S. Prichard to Bo...
01/12/2015Barrick Announces Debt Tender Offer
01/12/2015Barrick Completes Sale of 50 Percent of Zaldívar Mine, Forma...
01/12/2015Barrick Completes Sale of 50 Percent of Zaldivar Mine, Forma...
01/12/2015Is Sabre Corp (SABR) Going to Burn These Hedge Funds?
30/11/2015How Are Mining Companies Handling the Precious Metals Rout?
30/11/2015Barrick and NOVAGOLD Report Filing of Draft Environmental Im...
03/11/2015How Did Barrick’s South American Operations Perform in 3Q15?
03/11/2015Barrick: What Will Drive Increased Recoveries for Pueblo Vie...
02/11/2015Five Top Stock Ideas For Q4 From Tipp Hill Capital
30/10/2015Are Mining Companies Recovering from the Price Rout?
30/10/2015What Helped Barrick Gold Beat Production Estimates in 3Q15?
30/10/2015Must-Read Notes on Barrick Gold’s 3Q15 Earnings and Conferen...
29/10/2015Edited Transcript of ABX.TO earnings conference call or pres...
29/10/2015Barrick to push harder for productivity gains in 2016
29/10/2015Barrick Gold expects agreements on asset sales before year-e...
29/10/2015Barrick Gold (ABX) Beats on Q3 Earnings, Misses Revenues
28/10/2015Barrick Gold reports 3Q loss
22/10/2015Premier Gold Mines May Have a Perfect Storm of Gold Prospect...
14/10/2015Barrick Announces Pricing for Debt Tender Offer
14/10/2015Barrick Announces Early Tender Date Results of Debt Tender O...
12/10/2015Miners Are Making Deals as Precious Metals Plunge
09/10/2015Comp: A Look at Gold Miners’ 2Q15 Production Profile
06/10/2015Comp: Can Gold Miners Generate Significant Free Cash Flow?
06/10/2015Comp: Analyzing the Financial Leverage for Gold Miners
06/10/2015Barrick Gold Corporation Third Quarter 2015 Results Release,...
06/10/2015Will Falling Gold Prices Lead to More Carnage for Miners?
05/10/2015Comp: What Do Analysts Think About the Gold Miners?
05/10/2015Comp: Which Gold Miner Looks Undervalued at the Current Leve...
01/10/2015Water not contaminated after cyanide spill at Barrick's Vela...
30/09/2015Barrick Closes Gold & Silver Streaming Deal with Royal Gold
30/09/2015Comp: Is Barrick Gold’s High Debt a Cause for Concern?
29/09/2015Barrick Announces Debt Tender Offer
29/09/2015Barrick Closes Innovative Gold and Silver Streaming Transact...
28/09/2015Processing Restrictions at Barrick's Veladero Mine Lifted
25/09/2015Comp: A Look at Gold Miners’ 2Q15 Production Profile
25/09/2015Comp: Do Gold Miners with an Exposure to Copper Face Downsid...
23/09/2015Who's The Buyer For This $700 Million Package Of Gold Mines?
22/09/2015Argentina suspends some Barrick operations after spill
21/09/2015PRESS DIGEST- Canada - Sept 21
18/09/2015Barrick to shut Utah office, dissolve copper unit, to cut co...
18/09/2015Mining job cuts haunt African leaders ahead of elections
18/09/2015PRESS DIGEST- Canada- Sept 18
11/09/2015Barrick Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index
11/09/2015Barrick Announces Filing of Updated Technical Report for its...
08/09/2015Barrick Gold Is a Value Investment
31/08/2015PRESS DIGEST- Canada-Aug 31
31/08/2015Barrick Completes Formation of Strategic Joint Venture at Po...
28/08/2015Will Barrick Gold See Any Upside Going Forward?
28/08/2015Barrick Gold Builds Free Cash Flow in 2Q15
28/08/2015How Barrick Gold Plans to Cope with Lower Gold Prices
27/08/2015Barrick Shares Hit 52-Week Low on Lower Gold Prices
25/08/2015Barrick Gold Nears Debt Reduction Target for 2015—What’s Nex...
24/08/2015Barrick Gold in 2Q15: The Benefits of Asset Monetization
19/08/2015American Eagle and Target are big market movers
19/08/2015Barrick Gold Studies How to Add Upside to Reserves
19/08/2015Investors Are Excited about Barrick Gold’s 2Q15 Results, but...
18/08/2015Barrick Shuffles Management; Implements Dividend Reinvestmen...
18/08/2015Barrick to Gain from Cost Actions Amid Weak Gold Pricing
17/08/2015Barrick Announces Implementation of Dividend Reinvestment Pl...
17/08/2015Barrick scraps co-president structure in management shuffle
17/08/2015Barrick makes management changes, moves away from co-preside...
17/08/2015Barrick Announces Refinements to Management Structure
14/08/2015Deutsche Bank Upgrades 2 Top Gold Stocks to Buy
11/08/2015Barrick Gold Grapples with Falling Gold Prices and Higher De...
11/08/2015How Goldcorp is Managing in a Volatile Gold Price Market
10/08/2015A Micro-Cap Gold Company That Could Provide Major Return
10/08/2015Do Falling Gold Prices Mean More Mergers Are in the Cards?
09/08/2015'Backing Away From The Cliff' At Barrick Gold: Time To Buy?
07/08/2015Barrick (ABX) Q2 Earnings in Line, Revenues Beat Estimates -...
07/08/2015What Awaits Gold Mining ETFs Post Mixed-to-Better Earnings -...
07/08/2015'Backing Away From The Cliff' At Barrick Gold: Time To Buy?
07/08/2015Edited Transcript of ABX.TO earnings conference call or pres...
05/08/2015Nearing debt target, Barrick Gold cuts dividend, eyes asset ...
05/08/2015Barrick Gold reports 2Q loss
05/08/2015Barrick Reports Second Quarter 2015 Results
05/08/2015Barrick Announces Streaming Agreement With Royal Gold
04/08/2015John Hussman Buys, Sells Most Valuable Stakes in Second Quar...
04/08/2015What to Expect From Barrick Gold Earnings
04/08/2015What to Watch in the Day Ahead - Wednesday, Aug. 5
04/08/2015Key Canada Events: Week of Aug. 3-7
02/08/2015The 7 Most Important Earnings in the Week Ahead
01/08/2015John Hussman Shakes Up Portfolio in Second Quarter
30/07/2015Barrick Announces Sale of 50 Percent of Zaldívar Mine, Forma...
23/07/2015Barrick Completes Divestiture of Cowal Mine
20/07/2015Barrick 2014 Responsibility Report Now Available
18/06/2015As president, Bush would face entanglements from board roles
09/06/2015Is Newmont Mine Acquisition Better Than a Merger With Barric...
28/05/2015Billionaires Seeing Gold in Their Top Mining Stocks
26/05/2015Goldcorp Inc. (USA) (GG), Rio Tinto plc (ADR) (RIO) Among Bi...
26/05/2015Hedge Funds Pulling Back From The Mining Industry ~ See Thei...
08/05/2015Barrick Gold (ABX), Kinross Gold (KGC), Turquoise Hill (TRQ)...
01/05/2015Barrick Gold hires BlackRock fund manager to help with turnr...
30/04/2015Executive pay: The battle to align risks and rewards
27/04/2015Foreign Exchange and Fuel Tailwinds Could Help Newmont in 1Q...
27/04/2015Barrick Reports First Quarter 2015 Results
27/04/2015Most active New York Stock Exchange-traded stocks
27/04/2015Final Glance: Gold companies
27/04/2015Midday Glance: Gold companies
27/04/2015Early Glance: Gold companies
27/04/2015Key Canada Events: Week of April 27-May 1
22/04/2015Midday Glance: Gold companies
22/04/2015Early Glance: Gold companies
21/04/2015Final Glance: Gold companies
20/04/2015Zambia proposes friendlier mining tax regime after protests
17/04/2015Two top Canada pension funds to oppose CIBC's executive pay ...
17/04/2015Barrick Gold's board faces backlash over executive pay at AG...
16/04/2015Final Glance: Gold companies
16/04/2015Midday Glance: Gold companies
14/04/2015Early Glance: Gold companies
13/04/2015CANADA STOCKS-TSX win streak halted at 7; resource and indus...
10/04/2015Final Glance: Gold companies
10/04/2015Midday Glance: Gold companies
10/04/2015Early Glance: Gold companies
09/04/2015Proxy firm advises Barrick shareholders to reject pay plan
03/04/2015Statement from Barrick Gold Corporation and EarthRights Inte...
02/04/2015Final Glance: Gold companies
02/04/2015Midday Glance: Gold companies
02/04/2015Early Glance: Gold companies
01/04/2015CANADA STOCKS-TSX steady as a resource gains offset by banks
31/03/20155 Top Gold Stocks in 2015 Q1
30/03/2015CANADA STOCKS-TSX futures indicate lower start to the week
27/03/2015Barrick's 2014 Annual Report and Other Documents Now Availab...
27/03/2015Final Glance: Gold companies
27/03/2015Midday Glance: Gold companies
27/03/2015Barrick to continue Lumwana operations pending royalty chang...
26/03/2015Unprecedented sage grouse protection deal signed in Nevada
26/03/2015Feds, conservancy, Barrick Gold ink Nevada sage grouse deal
26/03/2015Early Glance: Gold companies
25/03/2015TSX Venture Exchange Daily Bulletins
25/03/2015Barrick Gold Corporation First Quarter 2015 Results Release,...
25/03/2015CANADA STOCKS-TSX rises with resource stocks as commodity pr...
19/02/2015Barrick Gold reveals asset sale and debt reduction plan
19/02/2015Canada Stocks to Watch: Barrick, Goldcorp, SNC-Lavalin and m...
19/02/2015Barrick Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Results
18/02/2015Barrick Announces Dividend
18/02/2015Gold $ 1,206.95 -2.63 -0.22% Volume: February 18, 2015
17/02/2015Gold $ 1,223.25 -7.73 -0.63% Volume: February 17, 2015
16/02/2015Gold $ 1,234.52 +4.92 +0.4% Volume: February 16, 2015
26/12/2014Yamana Gold and Ocwen are big market movers
24/02/2014(Ren)BMO Capital Markets Global Metals & Mining Conference
23/01/2014(Ren)CIBC Institutional Investor Conference
23/01/2014Announces Agreement to Divest Kanowna in Australia
10/12/2013Uranium | Rick Rule | Barrick Gold
04/12/2013Founder and Chairman Peter Munk to Retire at 2014 AGM, John ...
03/12/2013Announces Final Results and Settlement of Debt Tender Offer
03/12/2013(Ren)Scotiabank Mining Conference 2013
19/11/2013Announces Pricing for Debt Tender Offer and Amendment to Max...
18/11/2013Announces Early Tender Date Results of Debt Tender Offer
31/10/2013Announces Debt Tender Offer
30/10/2013Announces Dividend
01/10/2013Completes Divestiture of Three Australian Mines
26/09/2013Chilean Supreme Court Issues Ruling on Pascua-Lama
24/09/2013Denver Gold Forum
19/09/2013(Ren)Third Quarter 2013 Results Release, Conference Call and Webc...
12/09/2013(Ren)Bank of America Merrill Lynch Canada Mining Conference
22/08/2013Reaches Agreement to Divest Three Australian Mines
23/07/2013Announces Agreement to Divest Barrick Energy Inc. as Part of...
15/07/2013Chilean Court Issues Ruling on Pascua-Lama
15/07/2013Chilean Court Issues Ruling on Pascua-Lama
15/07/2013Chilean Court Issues Ruling on Pascua-Lama
05/06/2013(Ren)Credit Suisse Canadian Precious Metals Conference
24/05/2013to Assess Implications of SMA Resolution
09/05/2013(Pueblo Viejo)Announces Agreement in Principle on Amendments to Pueblo Vie...
02/05/2013Completes Sale of $3 Billion of Debt Securities
29/04/2013Announces Pricing of $3 Billion Offering of Debt Securities
24/04/2013Announces Dividend
10/04/2013to Suspend Construction on Chilean Side of Pascua-Lama
10/04/2013Pascua-Lama preliminary injunction in Chile; major construct...
21/03/2013(Ren)First Quarter 2013 Results Release, Conference Call and Webc...
25/02/2013(Ren)BMO Capital Markets Global Metals & Mining Conference
13/02/2013Announces Dividend
23/01/2013(Ren)CIBC Institutional Investor Conference
08/01/2013Statement in Relation to African Barrick Gold plc
08/11/2012(Ren)RBC Capital Markets Gold Conference
02/10/2012Responds to Mini-Tender Offer by TRC Capital
01/10/2012(Ren)Third Quarter 2012 Results Release, Conference Call and Webc...
25/09/2012Kelvin Dushnisky Appointed Senior Executive Vice President
11/09/2012Denver Gold Forum
06/09/2012(Ren)Bank of America Merrill Lynch Canada Mining Conference
16/08/2012Statement in Relation to African Barrick Gold plc
27/06/2012Ontario Superior Court Rules in El Morro Case
25/06/2012(Ren)Second Quarter 2012 Results Release, Conference Call and Web...
15/05/2012(Ren)Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2012 Global Metals, Mining & S...
26/04/2012Announces Sale of its Shareholding in Highland Gold Mining
03/04/2012Completes Sale of $2.0 Billion of Debt Securities
30/03/2012Announces Pricing of $2.0 Billion Offering of Debt Securitie...
01/03/2012(Ren)BMO Capital Markets Global Metals & Mining Conference
20/01/2012(Ren)CIBC Whistler Institutional Investor Conference
10/01/2012(Ren)Fourth Quarter 2011 Results Release, Conference Call and Web...
29/11/2011(Ren)/ Scotia Capital Mining Conference
22/07/2011Completes Compulsory Acquisition of Equinox Shares
22/06/2011(Ren)Second Quarter 2011 Results Release, Conference Call and Web...
15/06/2011offer for Equinox expires: proceeding with compulsory acquis...
07/06/2011offer for Equinox - Additional shares acquired
02/06/2011Offer for Equinox Successful - Offer Extended
31/05/2011receives Zambian clearance for Equinox acquisition: all regu...
29/05/2011reviews Zambian clearance for Equinox acquisition
18/05/2011receives Investment Canada clearance for Equinox acquisition
10/05/2011receives Australian foreign investment clearance for Equinox...
16/02/2011announces dividend of US$ 0,12 per share
29/07/201020% Dividend Increase
31/12/2007Reserve and resource summary
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d Share Capital and Voting Rights for Lundin Mining
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