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Michael Ballanger
What the Markets Have in Common with the Film 'Casablanca'
As I watched Wednesday's CPI (inflation) number reported by the Commerce Department, I was immediately reminded of that classic scene from legendary WWII flick "Casablanca," where Claude Rains, playing police Captain Renault, shuts down Humphrey Bogart's casino/nightclub with the immortal words, "I shocked—SHOCKED—to find out that gambling is going on in here!" The croupier hands him a wad of bills—"Your winnings, sir"—to which he says, "Oh thank you very much. Now everyone out of here!" Well,
Saturday, February 17, 2018
The Gold Report
Gold on the Move
Since bottoming on December 11, 2017, at $1,242, gold has tacked on nearly $100 to its price. Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, cofounders of Seabridge Gold, discuss what they see going on. Clearly, one reason for the move in gold is the weakness in the U.S. dollar. The black line tracks the U.S. dollar index over the past two months while the gold line tracks the gold price. The dollar hit its recent high exactly when gold reached its low and the two have div
Monday, January 22, 2018
The Gold Report
Getting Bullish on Gold
Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, cofounders of Seabridge Gold, discuss gold's recent moves and potential signs of a bull market. Gold is up nine of the last 12 Januaries with an average gain of over 4%, and the trend has continued in 2018 with gold reaching an intraday high of $1,327 so far this year. From December 19 of last year, gold rose 10 trading days in a row. Is this another rally destined to disappoint investors or the resumption of the gold bull mar
Monday, January 8, 2018
The Gold Report
The Big Picture for Gold
Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, cofounders of Seabridge Gold, explain the "Potent Director Fallacy," and describe what this belief system means for gold and other markets. This is a very frustrating period for gold investors. Global financial and geopolitical risks appear to be very high but gold has not responded. Gold and gold stocks are range-trading and have been since early March of this year. Gold is in a roughly $150 range (about 15%) while the HUI,
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Michael Ballanger
Bullion Bank Short-Covering Will Become Year-End Profit-Taking
As I sat in my den last evening looking out over lovely Lake Scugog and her plethora of weeds clogging shorelines, intake lines and Yamaha outboards, I was contemplating the likelihood of a rally into year-end and whether or not it might include ANYTHING that I own because, quite frankly, nothing in my world has worked very effectively since the first half of 2017. With the exception of the Pilbara play in West Australia, the junior gold and silver exploration issues have been sadly underperform
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Michael Ballanger
Rebirth in Nevada for Gold Explorer
Stakeholder Gold Corp. (SRC:TSX.V) was born in July 2011 after a spinout from Quebec-based Hinterland Metals. It was done so to highlight the company's White Gold District landholdings featuring the well-situated Ballarat Property located proximitous to Goldcorp's recently-acquired Coffee property. However, within the next year, the vicious 2011–2016 bear market in mining stocks arrived and the company remained inactive until late 2013 when a management change ushered in current CEO Chris Berlet
Sunday, October 29, 2017
Chris Powell - GATA
Global warming uncovers biggest Canadian gold deposit
Miners could not even see Canada's biggest gold deposit until a glacier receded and uncovered what lay beneath, according to one mining executive with operations in northern British Columbia. Rudi Fronk, CEO of gold explorer Seabridge Gold, told Kitco News that the company acquired the KSM project back in June 2000 from Placer Dome, which had spent approximately $25 million at KSM, focusing on the Kerr and Suphurets deposits that were visible from the surface. But one area the previous owner ign
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Michael Ballanger
Silver: The Red-Headed, Freckle-Faced Stepchild
In grade school, I had a classmate named Craig McVeigh who was easily one of the most maligned kids in the school because as a big lad standing a full hand width taller than anyone and weighing thirty pounds more than anyone, he was never allowed to play in any sports that involved physical contact. Craig was fair, with bright, curly red hair with freckles adorning most of his exposed skin. Most of all, this lumbering giant of a boy was decidedly unlucky. He couldn't catch a break with a butterf
Friday, September 8, 2017
Mark O'Byrne -
Gold A Good Store Of Value – Protect From $217 Trillion Global Debt Bubble
– ‘Mother of all debt bubbles’ keeps gold in focus – Global debt alert: At all time high of astronomical $217 T – India imports “phenomenal” 525 tons in first half of 2017 – Record investment demand – ETPs record $245B in H1, 17 – Investors, savers should diversify into “safe haven” gold – Gold good ‘store of value’ in coming economic contraction by Frank Holmes, U.S. Global Investors Gold’s medium- to long-term investment case, I believe, looks even brighter. Many unsettling risks loom on the
Thursday, July 27, 2017
The Gold Report
Iskut Could Be as Important to Seabridge as KSM
Seabridge's Iskut project has the potential to be another success story like its flagship, 100%-owned KSM project. When Seabridge Gold Inc. (SEA:TSX; SA:NYSE.MKT) closed the sale of its Castle-Blackrock claim block interest in Nevada to Columbus Gold in February, Seabridge Chairman and CEO Rudi Fronk noted that "the sale is part of a continuing program of divesting non-core assets in order to focus resources on core holdings, including
Thursday, March 23, 2017
The Gold Report
Inflation, the Dollar and Gold
Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, co-founders of Seabridge Gold, discuss anticipated interest rate action by the Fed and its possible effect on gold. In the last few days, Fed heads have made it very clear that they want to hike the Fed Funds Rate at the March FOMC meeting, which concludes on the 15th, despite recent downgrades to the Fed's own first quarter GDP estimates. We continue to believe that the Fed is not economic data dependent but rather market dep
Saturday, March 4, 2017
The Gold Report
The Fantasy Continues
Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, co-founders of Seabridge Gold, assess President Donald Trump's speech to a joint session of Congress and find it wanting. Well, that was fun. Trump made his first address to Congress last night and said nothing of substance. But because he didn't go off script and say something crazy, the stock market is happy and green, proving once again that the extraordinary performance of financial markets since November 8 is due to Trump
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
The Gold Report
Seabridge Gold Ups the Ante with Nevada Acquisition Deal and Updated Resource at Deep Kerr
Seabridge Gold's recent announcement of an increased resource estimate at its KSM project caught the attention of one analyst, and follows another announcement that the company intends to purchase a project that potentially intersects three of Nevada's well-known gold trends. In a Feb. 16 announcement, Seabridge Gold Inc. (SEA:TSX; SA:NYSE.MKT) reported "an updated independent mineral resource estimate for the Deep Kerr Deposit at its 1
Thursday, February 23, 2017
The Gold Report
Long Liquidation Looks Bullish for Gold
Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, cofounders of Seabridge Gold, examine the gold COMEX data and find it supports a bottom in the gold correction. Last week we thought that we had seen the bottom in the gold correction. More evidence of that came Monday with the release of Friday trading data from COMEX. Last week, as the gold price began to fall towards its 50 day moving average where corrections usually end or breakdowns can begin, COMEX Speculators blew an e
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
The Gold Report
Troubling Contradictions in Trumponomics
Markets are expecting a Trump economic miracle with real GDP growth estimates of 4% per year and more. The cheerleaders cite tax cuts, infrastructure spending and deregulation unleashing a wave of new economic activity. But that's not where growth comes from, argues Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, cofounders of Seabridge Gold, as they discuss some basic contradictions in Trumponomics. Economic growth is not a mystery. As Dr. John Hussman reminds us, economic
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Chris Powell - GATA
Why invest in the monetary metals and their miners if they won't defend themselves
* * * 10:25p ET Tuesday, December 20, 2016 The more it exposes and documents manipulation of the monetary metals markets by governments, central banks, and their agents in the financial industry, the more GATA is resented by those in the monetary metals industry who are merely touters of mining shares. That's because GATA tells people what they are up against when they invest in the monetary metals -- indeed, when they aspire to free and transparent markets and to liberty itself. So while ther
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
The Gold Report
This Is What a Mania Looks Like
The Trump election has ignited a market mania, but in economic terms, nothing real has changed and the relief probably won't last long, posit Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, cofounders of Seabridge Gold. The Trump election has ignited a market mania, to everyone's surprise. Our sense is that it reflects an enormous relief that the Obama years of deadlock and do-nothing have finally ended. It's how you would feel if, after eight years, someone finally stopped
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
The Gold Report
Another Banking Crisis Begins
Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, co-founders of Seabridge Gold, discuss Deutsche Bank's latest movements and what a bailout could look like. When financial systems begin to fail, the banks are always at the center. When your assets are mostly tied up in long-term, relatively illiquid transactions while your funding is mostly of the overnight variety, from depositors, money market funds and other banks, trouble is never far away. Banks are the perfect stress i
Sunday, October 2, 2016
The Gold Report
Seabridge Is Turning Cash into Gold
Seabridge Gold hosts one of the world's largest gold resources, offering shareholders exceptional leverage to a rising gold price. Chairman and CEO Rudi Fronk explains his company's value-enhancing strategy of obtaining resources at low cost and spinning them into gold. The Gold Report: Would you tell us about Seabridge Gold Inc.'s (SEA:TSX; SA:NYSE.MKT) strategy? Rudi Fronk: Our strategy is essentially to turn cash into gold. When we founded the comp
Saturday, August 6, 2016
24hGold - Publicnow
GOLD Seabridge Gold's Design of KSM Project's Tailing Management Facility Confirmed as Best Available Technology by Leading Engineering Firm
Three Different Expert Reviews Reach the Same Conclusion on Best Design Solution Toronto (Canada) -- Seabridge Gold announced today the results of its Best Available Tailing Technology (BAT) review for its KSM Project located in British Columbia. The review was completed by Klohn Crippen Berger, a world-leading engineering design firm. The BAT study confirms that the existing tailing management facility design, consisting of centerline dams constructed with double cycloned sand and a till co
Tuesday, August 2, 2016