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Technical Analysis
In the last 24 hours
10/12/2015UpdateFlorian Grummes - The Silver GoldSpot
10/11/2015Markets Need Rest & Metals Showing Breakout Failure PotentialWarren Bevan - Precious Metals Stock Review
More than 24 hours ago
10/7/2015Gold Reaches Bearish Pattern's Upper Boundary Againactionforex
10/7/2015Looks Like Commodities Completed 3-Year Cycle Lowinvesting
10/7/2015Precious Metals Looking At Diverging Fundamentalsfxempire
10/7/2015SAXO BANK : Gold's rally looks to fadetradingfloor
10/7/2015Precious Metals Fundamental Analysis – October 7, 2015 – Forecastfxempire
10/7/2015Gold Traders Still Undecided about Directionactionforex
10/7/2015Gold Leaps as IMF Lowers Growthdailyfx
10/7/2015Gold Consolidates Above 50% Fibo At 1,134actionforex
10/7/2015Gold Prices October 7, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
10/6/2015Gold Bottoms Where it Should Havedailyfx
10/6/2015Key Chart Shows Silver Price at Critical Crossroadsmarketoracle
10/6/2015INFLATION: Silver Leads, Gold Followsinvesting
10/6/2015SILVER and the Bond Market Collapsesilverseek
10/6/2015CITYINDEX: Gold traders still undecided about directioncityindex
10/6/2015Gold Remains Bullish Above 1120.00investing
10/6/2015CHARTS : A Reality Check of the Gold and Silver Marketcommoditytrademantra
10/6/2015Gold And Silver Cross 50 SMA after Big Day, HUI Shows Accumulationinvesting
10/6/2015Gold Price Change in Characterco
10/6/2015TECHNICAL : Gold Price: Catching Resistance off of the 2015 Trend-Linedailyfx
10/6/2015Gold's Bear Market: No Longer Typicalinvesting
10/6/2015TECHNICAL : Gold at Week High on Rate Delay Bets; Oil, Copper Steady amid USD Gainsdailyfx
10/6/2015Financial Repression - Governments Boost their Coffers and Hold DownChris Vermeulen - GoldandOilGuy
10/5/2015Gold Technicals October 5, 2015investing
10/5/2015Precious Metals: a Critical Week Aheadgoldseek
10/5/2015Gold tests the channel’s resistanceeconomies
10/5/2015GDX Stock Price Set To Breakoutcenterlinetrades
10/5/2015Gold's Triangle Since August - XAUUSD Must Hold Above 1128tradingview
10/5/2015Gold Spot Intraday: Continuation Of The Reboundforexyard
10/5/2015GOLD - Recovers, Threatens Further Upsideoilngold
10/5/2015Technical Analysis for Precious Metalsoilngold
10/5/2015Technical Analysis of GOLD for October 05, 2015blogspot
10/3/2015Gold Sell-Off Approaches Familiar Territory- FOMC to Pave the Waydailyfx
10/2/2015Gold Price Outlook is Favorable According to Elliott Wave Theorydailyfx
10/2/2015Knockout Punch for Gold BugsJordan Roy Byrne - The Daily Gold
10/2/2015Gold Weak to Jobs Datadailyfx
10/2/2015Gold Prices October 2, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
10/2/2015Does Gold’s Price Have Support at $1100?marketrealist
10/2/2015Gold Price Outlook Suggests Further Declines Likelydailyfx
10/2/2015Gold Closes Below 1,115 And Shifts Attention To 1,100actionforex
10/2/2015CHARTS : Gold Cycle Running Out of Steammarketoracle
10/2/2015Why Stocks Could Remain Volatile Until Late In Q4Chris Ciovacco - Ciovacco Capital Management
10/1/2015Gold, October 01,2015investing
10/1/2015Gold Resumes Drop For Fourth Straight Sessionactionforex
10/1/2015Risk Rally on China PMI Heralds Golden Week; Gold Down on US Jobs Gaindailyfx
10/1/2015Gold Still Bearish Long Terminvesting
10/1/2015Gold And Silver About To Make A HUGE Breakout?goldsilverworlds
9/30/2015Gold Extends Losses But Fails To Confirm Support At 1,125actionforex