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Gold & Silver Prices in
Technical Analysis
In the last 4 hours
10:00 AMGold Remains Flatdailyforex
8:35 AMGold Prices Made 26, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
7:50 AMGold, Crude Oil Waiting for Breakout from Tight Congestion Rangesdailyfx
In the last 24 hours
7:45 AMGold – Continues to Consolidate Above $1205marketpulse
3:05 AMMiners Were RightWarren Bevan - Precious Metals Stock Review
5/25/2015Gold Miners Fail At 200-Day Moving Averageinvesting
5/25/2015Gold: Sensing Its Selling Has Stoppedinvesting
5/25/2015Gold Impulse Moves: Truth Is Stranger Than Fictioninvesting
5/25/2015Silver forecast for the week of May 25, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
5/25/2015Is The Silver Trade Getting Crowded?marketoracle
5/25/2015Silver Ripe For Reversalinvesting
5/25/2015XAU/USD Is Refused By 200-Day SMAactionforex
5/25/2015Has Gold Topped Outinsidefutures
5/23/2015Gold Miners Fail at 200-day Moving AverageJordan Roy Byrne - The Daily Gold
5/22/2015XAU/USD Is Unchanged Below Weekly PPactionforex
5/22/2015Silver Forecast May 22, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
5/22/2015Will The Dollar Rally Force Gold Below Support?investing
5/22/2015Gold Prices May 22, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
5/22/2015Gold And Crude Oil Consolidate After Suffering Deep Lossesinvesting
5/22/2015XAU/USD Hovers Below Supply At 1,210actionforex
5/22/2015For Gold, a Break Above $1225 Is a Matter of When, Not Ifthestreet
5/21/2015Transportation Average - A Big Concern For Stock Bulls?Chris Ciovacco - Ciovacco Capital Management
5/21/2015New World Currency Backed By Gold or Silver?Chris Vermeulen - GoldandOilGuy
5/21/2015Will The Dollar Rally Force Gold Below Support?investing
5/21/2015Have Gold Prices Bottomed? These Factors Say Yesprofitconfidential
More than 24 hours ago
5/21/2015Gold Finds Support but Lacks Momentumdailyforex
5/21/2015Gold Prices May 21, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
5/21/2015Silver And Gold: Finally Got Our Breakout – Time To Turn Down Now?investing
5/21/2015Gold Respecting Fib Linesactionforex
5/21/2015Long Term Trend Bearishinvesting
5/21/2015Gold and Crude Oil Consolidate After Suffering Deep Lossesdailyfx
5/20/20152015 And Historical Bear Market TriggersChris Ciovacco - Ciovacco Capital Management
5/20/2015Gold Forecast: Downtrend To Continueinvesting
5/20/2015Gold’s Two Fundamental Drivers and the Odds of a Breakoutgoldsilverworlds
5/20/2015Gold Prices Face Renewed Selling Pressuredailyfx
5/20/2015Gold Returns to $1205 Ahead of Fed Minutesdailyforex
5/20/2015Gold Prices Forecast May 20, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
5/20/2015Gold: Downside Should Resume As USD Expected To Rallyinvesting
5/20/2015Silver Forecast May 20, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
5/20/2015Silver Price Targets For Current Corrective Wave Higherseeitmarket
5/20/2015XAU/USD Traded Flat On Mondayactionforex
5/20/2015Successful Trades: Silver & EUR/USDdailyforex
5/20/2015Gold Needs to Hold 1191 to Look Higherdailyfx
5/20/2015Gold Now looks Likely to Break Lowernasdaq
5/20/2015Breakouts Or Fakeouts?Chris Ciovacco - Ciovacco Capital Management
5/19/2015Gold Price Trend Forecastmarketoracle
5/19/2015Silver Continues to Show Bullish Pressuredailyforex
5/19/2015SAXO BANK : Gold broken uptradingfloor
5/19/2015Gold Prices May 19, 2015, Technical Analysisfxempire
5/19/2015Gold Flies Higher As Resistance Turns To Supportinvesting