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Gold & Silver Prices in
Manipulation, Missing and Fractional Gold
In the last 24 hours
5/20/2015Correspondence: How do the market riggers rationalize what they do?Chris Powell - GATA
More than 24 hours ago
5/14/2015Gold is a market 'like all others'? What nonsense!Chris Powell - GATA
5/8/2015Gold and Silver Management of Perception - The Upside of ManipulationJeffrey Lewis
5/8/2015If you don’t know who the sucker is at the London Auction, you’re the suckerBron Suchecki - Perth Mint
5/7/2015Two traders sued by CFTC for 'spoofing' on gold and silver futuresChris Powell - GATA
5/6/2015Even Brown Brothers Harriman admits rigging of gold market by central banksChris Powell - GATA
5/5/2015Turk tells KWN when it's easy and when it's hard to suppress goldChris Powell - GATA
5/3/2015LBMA adviser, former Barclays exec will help central banks rig the gold marketChris Powell - GATA
5/1/2015JP Morgan Cornering Silver Bullion Market?Mark O'Byrne -
5/1/2015Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Unfortunately Predictable AbsurdityJesse - Le Cafe Américain
4/30/2015Post FOMC Metals Rig: Right On ScheduleJesse - Le Cafe Américain
4/23/2015Book tells of Germany's foreign-vaulted gold and the campaign to bring it homeChris Powell - GATA
4/23/2015BIS president in 1981: We've got to start rigging the gold marketChris Powell - GATA
4/12/2015Somebody besides GATA calls attention to the Bank for International SettlementsChris Powell - GATA
4/10/2015James McShirley: 11 rules for gold price suppressionChris Powell - GATA
4/7/2015Gold market manipulation cited in discussion of Sun editor's 'The Floating Kilogram'Chris Powell - GATA
4/6/2015GATA chairman interviewed by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research DynamicsChris Powell - GATA
3/29/2015Experts Admit Conspiracy Theorists Right About Rigged Stock Market: “The Dirty Secret Is Out”Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
3/29/2015Gold market manipulation is 'too inflammatory' to be debated at Hong Kong conferenceChris Powell - GATA
3/27/2015Former BIS official who admitted gold price suppression comes out for free marketsChris Powell - GATA
3/23/2015On CNBC Asia, GATA secretary discusses gold market rigging and its consequencesChris Powell - GATA
3/20/2015Ronan Manly: London gold trading data disappears as new fix mechanism beginsChris Powell - GATA
3/13/2015On the Silver HighwayJeffrey Lewis
3/12/2015Ed Steer: Gold manipulation -- the 'London bias' -- 1970-2014Chris Powell - GATA
3/9/2015Back in 1968 a British Commie also understood gold price suppression's imperial purposeChris Powell - GATA
3/1/20151968 magazine article shows how control of gold is main mechanism of imperial powerChris Powell - GATA
2/27/2015U.S. government is authorized to rig all markets in secret, GATA secretary tells KWNChris Powell - GATA
2/24/2015When the Contract Has No ClothesJeffrey Lewis
2/12/2015Doug Casey's omniscience vs. the many records of gold price suppressionChris Powell - GATA