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Manipulation, Missing and Fractional Gold
More than 24 hours ago
8/23/2015Is Mish Shedlock really curious about gold market manipulation?Chris Powell - GATA
8/21/2015Reader Question: Is Gold Manipulated?Mish - Global Economic Analysis
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7/24/2015Will financial journalism's bear hunt lead to a dingy basement or to the BIS?Chris Powell - GATA
7/24/2015GATA secretary interviewed on growing obviousness of central bank attacks on goldChris Powell - GATA
7/8/2015A bullion banker sings in Berkeley SquareChris Powell - GATA
6/28/2015Brien Lundin: Proof of gold market manipulationChris Powell - GATA
6/5/2015Massive Manipulation: “Real Producers and Consumers Don’t Appear to be Represented”Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
6/4/2015First Majestic Silver CEO complains to CFTC about market manipulationChris Powell - GATA
6/2/2015Koos Jansen: U.S. government lost 7 Fort Knox gold audit reportsChris Powell - GATA