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Latest comments
Karandash - 8/18/2014 at 8:53 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (3)
  Neighborhood Bully - America Recklessly Throws its Weight Around  (13)
 - Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Capital
But I gladly take their silver out. Proud owner of the silver eagles since day 1. My biggest pride is the complete set of America the Beautifull 5OZ P set. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Many more years for the program to finish. That gives me hope.  
Doom - 9/2/2014 at 3:40 AM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (27)
  Moral Dilemma: Should a Libertarian Who Does Not Need Food Stamps, but Qualifies for Them, Take Them  (3)
 - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
Certainly, that's part of it. But there are plenty of liberals that have at least some assets, that nevertheless have no morality to question. On the other hand, it seems like libertarians are forever questioning what is the morally right thing to do. 
samking73 - 9/1/2014 at 10:37 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (78)
  Silver and the Unmentionables  (7)
 - Jeffrey Lewis - 
I'm not an expert and probably don't even have a very firm grasp on what goes on in the market. I've done some reading to try to get a basic understanding but the problem lies with who wrote the article you're reading. One says this, another articles says the opposite. It's kind of like trying to find the truth about politics and politicians. It's just this last time the prices went up quickly and i  
Doom - 8/7/2014 at 1:30 AM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (27)
  Elizabeth Warren on Banks and Student Loans
 - Tim Iacono - Iacono Research
My blog actually covers the immense fraud of higher education/student loans in pretty heavy detail. Google "Professor Doom" and "Black Secret of Higher Education" to find one of the more relevant posts. 
OneTinSoldier66 - 8/6/2014 at 8:26 PM GMT
View his profilecheck his comments (11)
  All Hell  (21)
 - James Howard Kunstler - 
"that YOU are one of those people who desires the elimination of Your Legal Border. Be careful what you wish for ! !" It's probably because I am more than just sympathetic to anarcho-capitalists. In other words, I believe I am one. However, I believe Ron Paul gave the best/most correct answer a person could give when he was asked if he was actually an anarcho-capitalist. He said, "I believe that's the ultima  
  1  0  Rating :  1 
sam site - 8/12/2014 at 3:56 PM GMT
View his profilecheck his comments (29)
  The Second Greatest Story Ever Told  (8)
 - Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
You say, " bills would be offset against one another and only the difference in face values would be paid in gold coins on the last day of the fair." This sounds similar to nations prior to 1971 using gold to settle up trade imbalances periodically. I wonder how this system can work between consumers and vendors? How this could replace Paypal and modern check writing and fund transfers. I agree that gol  
OneTinSoldier66 - 8/11/2014 at 9:58 PM GMT
View his profilecheck his comments (11)
  Interest Rates at their Lowest: Another Reason to Buy Gold  (3)
 - Philippe Herlin - GoldBroker
"The author is French so the counter-party reference issue might have been a translation artifact." Oh, I see. Thank you for explaining that. 
dennyc - 8/8/2014 at 6:08 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (89)
  Michael Parenti - Land of Idols: Lies, Wars, and Empire  (10)
 - Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
Parenti is a distinguished man of letters who rarely is asked his opinions these days because of the obvious reason that he speaks truths that the 1% of the 1% do not wish anyone to know about. Thanks. DJC 
Karandash - 8/18/2014 at 8:36 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (3)
  Variable-Rate World, Part 4: Japan's Home Buyers Up In ARMS  (3)
 - John Rubino - Dollar Collapse
"The people" .. ... .... 
George F. - 8/20/2014 at 5:30 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (6)
  The Keynesian Counterfactual is Japan  (6)
 - Michael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
Keynesian policies do benefit the powers-that-be in the near term, otherwise they'd be ditched. For the middle term there's the promise of bailouts. No one is concerned about the long term. Even if they were they'd blame it on the influence of free market commentators who somehow are intimidating the central bankers and government policy makers. Great article. 
William Tan - 8/5/2014 at 9:18 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (29)
  The West's Reckless Rush Towards War with Russia  (6)
 - Chris Martenson - 
That's what the real world is coming to conclusion. No one believes the double talk and hypocrisy. What is crooked cannot be made straight. Perhaps reality will set in when what they wish for happens not in a far country but in their own backyard. Credibility is now all lost in fantasy and mindless rhetoric. 
  2  0  Rating :  2 
S W. - 8/6/2014 at 8:57 AM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (406)
  Why Won't Obama Just Leave Ukraine Alone?  (18)
 - Ron Paul - 
So I see that 3 people giving down arrows are in favour of a President who doubles their debt to the rest of the world in 6yrs and is somehow not a lame duck. Meanwhile nobody is listening to anything he says because it is all spin,lies and nonsense anyway. He has basically bankrupted your country, sold you all a pup on Obamacare, slaughtered 100,000 people in Libya, and all for what? 50,000,000 people on fo  
  0  1  Rating :  -1 
OneTinSoldier66 - 8/7/2014 at 8:58 PM GMT
View his profilecheck his comments (11)
  The Single Most Important Strategy Most Investors Ignore  (5)
 - Jeff Clark - Casey Research
overtheedge, I just want to say, awesome post! I strongly agree with your opinion here, and really liked the quote from Dune at the end!! Trying to store and hold onto stuff not in my immediate vicinity is not an option for me. I'm simply too poor to even consider attempting such a thing, even if I thought it were a good idea. If it's in my hand then I can attempt to defend it. But I don't have the money  
Doom - 8/28/2014 at 3:32 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (27)
  Trapped in Venezuela: Looking to Get Out? Good Luck!
 - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
Yeah, "It can't happen here" is a terrible, terrible, assumption to make. I'll grant it's unlikely to happen tomorrow, but it's certain it'll happen at some point. It may be six months (or less), or sixty years (or more)...but past that I can't narrow it down much. My own feeling is it'll happen in my lifetime, but there's a decent chance I'll get lucky and die first. 
Josu O. - 8/29/2014 at 9:29 AM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (13)
  A World Without Fractional Reserve Banks and Central Planning  (8)
 - John Rubino - Dollar Collapse
Every change starts with people dreaming about it and spreading the new ideas. There exists an organisation in Europe that is getting stronger every day, with the purpose of changing the banking model. More and more people, both ordinary people from the street but also informed people from finance and academia, are aware of the problem. Check 
  1  0  Rating :  1 
sam site - 9/2/2014 at 5:15 PM GMT
View his profilecheck his comments (29)
  Chill Winds  (17)
 - James Howard Kunstler - 
It doesn't make sense that Gazans would fire unguided crude rockets for little effect and incurring a hail of bombs. I suspect Isreal is secretly firing those rockets as a pretext to getting the natural gas under Gaza and genociding the Gazans. Some day we will know the truth. Israel is known for these kinds of false flag attacks as their leadership is allied with our notorious Jesuit rulers and their Zio  
Woody - 8/25/2014 at 6:10 PM GMT
View his profilecheck his comments (58)
  Why Global Bond Yields Are Tumbling  (3)
 - Michael Pento - Delta Global Advisors
Well said! Especially " maintain the illusion of prosperity and solvency." Too many investors are on some kind of high. 
overtheedge - 8/26/2014 at 7:26 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (465)
  Will the US succeed in breaking Russia to maintain dollar hegemony?...  (17)
 - Clive Maund - 
It is easy to forget Occam's Razor in regards to Ukraine. For the same reasons that the North attacked the South during the US Civil War, so does Ukraine attack its own people in the East. It is all about money in the form of resources needed to service debt. If a chunk of any nation goes away, so goes away a chunk of a very important and needed tax base. International debt can't be serviced. Ukraine WI  
  2  0  Rating :  2 
overtheedge - 8/27/2014 at 6:38 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (465)
  The "Escape Velocity" Myth
 - Steve Saville - Speculative Investor
"However, unbeknownst to the monetary manipulators, many of the activities (speculations, investments and businesses) that have sprung-up in response to years of easy money will not be economically viable in a world where the money supply grows more slowly and interest rates are closer to a level that provides a real return to savers. " Unbeknownst? Surely you jest. I contend that they know and accept the  
  1  0  Rating :  1 
glasstiger - 8/26/2014 at 8:36 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (34)
  A Tale of Two Markets: One for Wealthy Insiders, And Another For the Rest of Us  (3)
 - Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
Jesse, the media puts out a picture of hope, and so 'it must be true'. Joe the Plummer thinks folks like you are certifiable, as he still trusts the Feds, Congress and the House to take care of everything. We live in very strange times.  
  1  0  Rating :  1 
glasstiger - 8/28/2014 at 10:37 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (34)
  NAV Premiums of Certain Precious Metal Trusts and Funds - Currency Wars  (4)
 - Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
Jesse you're spot on. At a minimum the Ukraine could end up as a federation by years end. FUKUS dare not escalate the SE Ukraine action as that might accelerate the flight to the safety of PMs and probably the demise of the banks Ponzi program. 
overtheedge - 8/29/2014 at 4:20 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (465)
  Massive 60% Stock Market Correction Coming: “Period Of Extreme Turmoil”  (4)
 - Mac Slavo - ShtfPlan
You need only answer one question to yourself. Has the US government ever fired on its own citizenry with intent to wound or kill? If something happens once, it is absolute proof that it can and will probably happen again. 
  1  0  Rating :  1 
sam site - 8/28/2014 at 6:30 PM GMT
View his profilecheck his comments (29)
  I Blame The Central Banks  (5)
 - Chris Martenson - 
You're right the Fed made the fatal decisions and were even responsible for bribing and threatening potiticans so they would not interfere. Note that congress could have disolved the Fed overnight according to the 1913 Fed Act. Where I feel really let down is the chemical dumbing down of the public by poisons placed in our food, water and medicine so the Fed would get no trouble from the comotose public.  
overtheedge - 9/2/2014 at 8:26 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (465)
  The “New” Cold War and the Power of Gold  (8)
 - Dan Popescu - GoldBroker
"In this transitional period to a new world order where uncertainty and risks dominate, gold is money in extremis and the preferred central banks’ reserve. It cannot be confiscated under any form or shape if, and this is a big if, it is stored at home. United States has a long tradition of confiscation or freezing of foreign assets when it considers it in its “national interest”." The official US gold value  
FraidyMan - 9/2/2014 at 11:59 AM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (1)
  Busybody Nation  (22)
 - James Howard Kunstler - 
Minding your own business is not in the character of a nation schooled in the practice of hegemony, but the recent failures of American intervention around the world show unclear thinking and the loss of complete control of the cultures you try to inject with American values and Big Macs. How did this happen? Its because you are going broke. You can't afford Marshall plans when the rest of the world will no lo  
  1  0  Rating :  1 
glasstiger - 9/1/2014 at 8:18 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (34)
  TF Metals Report: Removing any doubt  (3)
 - Chris Powell - GATA
OMG. You're absolutely right. It's automated fraud. This truly is a new world.  
glasstiger - 9/1/2014 at 8:24 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (34)
  Here's why the gold and silver miners don't complain about price suppression  (4)
 - Chris Powell - GATA
The ridiculously low tax rate for the Nevada gold mines certainly backs up your argument. Back scratching all around huh?  
overtheedge - 8/31/2014 at 5:05 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (465)
  More Mindless Sanctions? Merkel a Liar or a Fool?
 - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
Not only is the EU and the USA engaging in economic idiocy over Ukraine, but they are supporting Poroshenko in his declaration of war against his own people. This is the equivalent of central governments authorizing and sanctioning the establishment of a master-slave relationship between central government and its citizenry(?). What rational reasoning individual will believe that peace will ever come to a  
William Tan - 8/5/2014 at 9:26 PM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (29)
  Russia Ponders Russian Airspace No-Fly Zone for EU Commercial and Passenger Jets
 - Mish - Global Economic Analysis
US has got nothing to lose. Probably laughing over how easy it is to manipulate the Europeans. 
Cameron Waugh - 8/6/2014 at 6:25 AM GMT
Profile not specifiedcheck his comments (56)
  In 2014, the average French worker will be working until July 28th to finance government spending
 - Cécile Philippe - 
"Incapable of reforming itself" This is obviously true to the extent that NO nation under the yoke of the EU is permitted any reform of a significant nature. The reform necessary is a return to sound money ( I'm preaching to the choir-i know). Any nation that actually moves to reform is either bombed or sanctioned or both by you know who. End the Fed ? Clearly, this is not working and will only end badly. 
  1  0  Rating :  1