Monument Mining Limited

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ISIN : CA61531Y1051
CA$ 0.120
10/11 11:49 -
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0.120 0.120 0.120 0.120 4,000
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Produces Gold
Explores for Copper - Gold - Silver
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Last updated on : 3/19/2010
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Financings of Monument Mining Limited
2/13/2013 Announces Closing of First Tranche of Brokered Private Place...
10/17/2012 Announces Private Placement
10/12/2011 Announces Private Placement of up to $70=2C000=2C000
8/12/2010 Closes $13.0 Million Financing
7/22/2008 Closes $38.1 M Private Placement and Convertible Note Financ...
Nominations of Monument Mining Limited
1/8/2014 Receives Notice of Nominations for Election of Directors
1/8/2014 Receives Notice of Nominations for Election of Directors
10/28/2013 Appoints Executive General Manager, Monument Malaysia Group
9/20/2012 Appoints Chief Operating Officer
6/29/2012 Appoints Gerald Ruth to Board
1/25/2012 Grants Share Purchase Options to its Directors
12/21/2011 Appoints Graham Dickson as Chairman of the Board
6/9/2010 Grants 1,600,000 options to CHF investor relation firm
6/9/2010 Engages CHF in Investor Relations and Updates $12 Million Fi...
6/30/2009 Appoints New Director
12/17/2008 Appoints New Directors and Names George Brazier Chairman of ...
8/25/2008 Appoints General Manager and Mine Manager
6/20/2008 Appoints AXINO AG to provide Investor Relation Services (Rev...
Financials of Monument Mining Limited
11/29/2013 Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2014 Results
5/30/2013 Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2013 Results
6/1/2012 =E2??s 2012 Third Quarter Results
3/1/2012 2012 Second Quarter Results
1/5/2012 =E2??s 2012 First Quarter Results
5/30/2011  2011 Third Quarter Results
5/9/2011  Third Quarter Production and Sales Results
3/1/2011  2011 Second Quarter Results
Project news of Monument Mining Limited
5/15/2013 Central Australian Phosphate and Monument Mining to Establi...
5/1/2013 s Its Interest In Central Australian Phosphate Limited
4/30/2013 (Selinsing)s Selinsing and Buffalo Reef Resources
3/19/2013 Abandons Earn=2DIn on Mersing Project
10/26/2012 Attending Singapore and German Resource Conferences
10/25/2012 (Selinsing)to Vigorously Defend Opportunistic Claim Filed Against Seli...
10/9/2012 (Mengapur)Signs Harmonization Agreement on Mengapur Project
3/26/2012 (Selinsing)Exposes Gold Thieves at Selinsing Gold Mine
2/21/2012 (Mengapur)Closes Acquisition of 70% of the Mengapur Polymetalic Projec...
2/2/2012 (Mengapur)Receives Final Acceptance from the TSX=2DV to Close the Meng...
12/3/2011 (Mengapur)Enters into Definitive Agreement for Acquisition of 70% of ...
9/15/2011 Grows Gold Project Pipeline
7/26/2011 (Selinsing)Releases Positive Drill Results from Selinsing Property in M...
7/22/2011 (Selinsing)to Expand Tailings Storage Facility at Selinsing Gold Mine i...
6/1/2011 (Mengapur)Agrees to Acquire a 70% interest in the Mengapur Polymetalic...
3/3/2011 (Selinsing)to Increase Gold Production
2/21/2010 (Selinsing)Starts Commissioning CIL Circuit While Gravity Circuit is in...
11/4/2009 (Selinsing)Pours First Gold From Gravity Circuit
9/1/2009 (Selinsing)Obtains Power Connection at the Selinsing Gold Project and
7/20/2009 (Selinsing)Commences Open-Pit Mining at the Selinsing Gold Project
2/11/2009 (Buffalo Reef)Confirms Amended Plan for Gold Production from Phase I Gravi...
2/2/2009 (Buffalo Reef)Releases Drill Results, Selinsing Developments and Director’...
3/7/2008 (Buffalo Reef)Releases Positive Drill Results?Phase II Program at Buffalo ...
3/4/2008 (Buffalo Reef)Positive Drill Results?Phase II Program at Buffalo Reef
2/7/2008 (Buffalo Reef)'s Phase I Drill Program Confirms Previous Drill Results on ...
Corporate news of Monument Mining Limited
7/11/2016 Monument Announces Significant Intercepts Assay Results at N...
6/13/2016 Monument Collects Judgment and Adds Peter Kestel Personally ...
5/31/2016 Monument Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2016 Results
5/9/2016 Monument Announces Not to Proceed with Matala
5/2/2016 Monument Withdraws Technical Disclosure regarding Matala Pro...
4/11/2016 Monument Announces Significant Intercepts Assay Results at B...
3/24/2016 Monument Comments on Unusual Trading Activity
3/23/2016 Monument files NI43-101Technical Report for Resource Estimat...
11/30/2015 Monument Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2016 Results
11/21/2015 Monument Mining Announces Results of Annual General Meeting ...
9/30/2015 Monument Commissions Intec Pilot Plant at Selinsing
9/30/2015 Monument's Fiscal 2015 Results
9/28/2015 Monument Progresses Mine Development at Burnakura Site
8/17/2015 Monument Murchison Gold Project Update
8/12/2015 Monument Files Amended Technical Report for Murchison Gold P...
7/31/2015 Monument Litigation Update
4/2/2015 Monument files NI43-101Technical Report for Resource Estimat...
4/2/2015 Monument files NI43-101 Technical Report for Resource Estima...
3/23/2015 Monument Mining Announces Results of Annual General Meeting ...
3/8/2015 Monument Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2015 Results
2/27/2015 Monument Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2015 Results
2/27/2015 Monument Delays Start-up of Iron and Copper Project at Menga...
2/18/2015 Monument Announces Mineral Resource on Alliance/New Alliance...
2/16/2015 Monument Files Claim Against Summer Empire Sdn. Bhd. and Kes...
2/13/2015 Monument Announces Adjournment of Shah Alam High Court Trial...
2/7/2015 Monument Issues Shares for Intec Transaction
2/6/2015 Monument Issues Shares for Intec Transaction
2/2/2015 Monument Secures Intec License to Exploit Sulphide Gold and ...
1/21/2015 Monument Update Selinsing Litigation
1/20/2015 Monument Update Selinsing Litigation
1/19/2015 Monument Announce RC Assay Results from Federal City Drillin...
12/23/2014 Monument Announces Termination of Proposed Transaction with ...
12/1/2014 Monument Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2015 Results - Gold Pr...
11/30/2014 Monument Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2015 Results
11/18/2014 Monument Receives Order to Extend Time for Holding Annual Ge...
11/18/2014 Monument Announces Second Round of RC Assay Results at Murch...
11/18/2014 Extension of Closing Date for Proposed Transaction, 189 KB
11/17/2014 Monument Extends Closing Date of Proposed Transaction with G...
11/12/2014 Monument Completes Tuckanarra Gold Project Acquisition in We...
11/8/2014 Monument to Extend Time for Holding Annual General Meeting
10/27/2014 Monument Extends Close Date of Tuckanurra Acquisition
10/20/2014 Monument Updates Selinsing Litigation
10/6/2014 Monument Updates Selinsing Litigation
9/30/2014 Monument's Fiscal 2014 Results
1/28/2014 Files Lawsuit Against GoldMet and George Molyviatis to enfor...
1/28/2014 Files Lawsuit Against GoldMet and George Molyviatis to enfor...
1/20/2014 Warns Shareholders to Be Wary of the Dissident Group Attempt...
5/23/2013 (Selinsing)Files Technical Report for Selinsing and Buffalo Reef
5/1/2013 Reports Third Quarter Gold Production of 13=2C255 Ounces
4/24/2013 Confirms Indicative Non=2DBinding Conditional Proposal to ac...
4/15/2013 (Buffalo Reef)Starts Mining and Processing Oxide Materials at Buffalo Reef
4/2/2013 Announces Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
3/13/2013 President and CEO to Speak at Hong Kong Conference
2/22/2013 Settles Legal Disagreement
2/21/2013 Welcomes Support from Major Shareholder
2/8/2013 Further Comments on GoldMet Disclosure
2/8/2013 Comments on GoldMet Disclosure=3A No Agreement Reached
1/17/2013 Provides Update to Shareholders
1/11/2013 Reports Record Second Quarter Gold Production of 15=2C902 Ou...
11/14/2012 Has Engaged Mackie Research Capital Corporation as Financial...
11/10/2012 to Extend Time for Holding Annual General Meeting
10/2/2012 =E2??s 2012 Annual Results=3A Gross Revenue of $61.7 M with ...
8/24/2012 (Mengapur)Confirms Historic Drilling Results at Mengapur Polymetalic P...
8/16/2012 (Selinsing)Completed Selinsing Gold Plant Expansion
8/7/2012 (Mengapur)Provides Updates on Mengapur Project and Private Placement
7/30/2012 =E2??s 2012 Fourth Quarter Production Result
7/24/2012 Received $12 Million through Exercise of Stock Purchase Warr...
6/19/2012 and PLSB Working Together Harmonizing Oxide Magnetite Iron O...
5/14/2012 =E2??s 2012 Third Quarter Production
5/9/2012 Announces Senior Management Appointments
4/25/2012 to Attend The INVEST 2012 Conference in Stuttgart
1/25/2012 =E2??s 2012 Second Quarter Production
1/4/2012 Announces Results of Annual and Special General Meeting of S...
12/20/2011 Reminds Shareholders to Vote
12/16/2011 (Mengapur)Discusses Mengapur Property Iron Ore Production Information
12/15/2011 Provides Details of Annual General and Special Meeting
12/13/2011 Annual General and Special Meeting Important Reminder
10/26/2011 =E2??s 2012 First Quarter Production
9/29/2011 =E2??s 2011 Annual Results
8/8/2011 =E2??s 2011 Fourth Quarter Production and Sales Results
1/15/2010 Fundamental Research Report Update #2
12/21/2009 to Raise $12.0 M in Convertible Debenture and Forward Gold S...
9/18/2009 to Issue Shares for Debt to Avocet Mining PLC
7/8/2009 Moves to New Office
5/13/2009 Releases Selinsing Gold Project Update
2/13/2009  Grants Stock Purchase Options to its Key Staff and Consulta...
12/24/2008 Amends Selinsing Gold Project Construction Plan
9/24/2008 Fundametal Initial Research Report
8/20/2008 Announces TSXV’s Acceptance of its Ball Mill Acquisition fro...
8/15/2008 Grants Stock Purchase Options to its Directors Officers unde...
8/8/2008 Commences Action for Injunction and Damages
7/28/2008 Closes Avocet Mill Transaction For Future Plant Upgrade
7/8/2008 Acquires Package of Additional Adjacent Land - Update
6/20/2008 Notice of Change of Business Address
5/26/2008 Acquires Second Mill for Future Production Plant Upgrade
5/13/2008 Monument Announces $38.0 M Capital Raising to Commence Plant...
1/21/2008 Acquires Package of Additional Adjacent Land
10/25/2007  Q1 Project Development Update
9/13/2007 Commences Exploration Program