Niblack Project
Country USA 
Province Alaska
Close to Prince of wales
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Explores for Copper - Gold - Lead - Silver - Zinc -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Niblack Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the Niblack Project
Niblack Mineral Development Inc.
Owner: 49%
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Location of the Niblack Project
Niblack project is located at the southern tip of the Alaskan panhandle on Prince of Wales Island approximately 43 kilometres southwest of Ketchikan, Alaska.
History of the Niblack Project
The Niblack deposit supported historic underground mining operations from 1905 to 1908, producing ~20,000 tons of ore grading 4.9% copper, 2.2 g/t gold and 30 g/t silver. The deposit has been the focus of extensive exploration activity over the past  more...
Geology of the Niblack Project
Higher grade gold-copper rich volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) prospect
Exploration and drilling
12/1/2011(Niblack Mineral)Supports As Heatherdale Explores Niblack Project Partnership...
8/31/2011(Niblack Mineral)Joint Venture Partner Completes Requirments To Secure 60% In...
3/16/2011(Niblack Mineral)Larger Niblack Mine Estimates Released
7/15/2010(Niblack Mineral)Expands Precious Metals-Enriched VMS Deposit
10/5/2009(Niblack Mineral)Niblack Joint Venture Commences Underground Drilling
8/17/2009(Niblack Mineral)Niblack Joint Venture Commences 2009 Exploration Program
8/12/2009(Niblack Mineral)US$5.35 Million Budget and 2009 Program for Niblack Joint Ve...
6/10/2009(Niblack Mineral)CBR Gold Reports Positive Metallurgical Results From Niblack...
11/12/2008(Niblack Mineral)Niblack Receives Commissioners Special Recognition Award for...
Discoveries and Drilling Results
11/15/2010(Niblack Mineral)Underground Drilling Continues To Expand And Upgrade Preciou...
3/18/2010(Niblack Mineral)Niblack Drilling Continues to Expand New Discovery of High-G...
1/18/2010(Niblack Mineral)Expansion of New Discovery Continues at Niblack
9/10/2008(Niblack Mining)Initial Resource Estimate for Lookout and Trio Zones at the ...
6/27/2008(Niblack Mining)Underground Drilling Resumes at Second Crosscut
2/10/2006(Niblack Mineral)High Grade Gold Extension Intersected at Tindals East
1/26/2006(Niblack Mineral)High-Grade Gold Results Confirm Dreadnought Potential
8/26/2005(Niblack Mineral)New Reconnaissance High Grade Gold Intersections at West Pla...
7/27/2005(Niblack Mineral)Deep Drilling at Three Bluffs Intersects Two High Grade Gold...
5/19/2005(Niblack Mineral)Drilling Intersects High-Grade at Raven Discovery
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