Tejamen Project
Country Mexico 
Surface 17 km² / 4,132 acres
Latitude / Longitude 24 N 48 / 105 W 08
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Develops Gold - Silver -
Explores for
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Tejamen Project
Status Risk : Feasibility
Country Risk : Light
Title(s) of the Tejamen Project
Oremex Resources Inc
Owner: 100%
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Location of the Tejamen Project
Tejamen consists of 22 exploration concessions covering 1,672 hectares. The property is located approximately 130 kilometres northwest of the city of Durango, Mexico and is easily accessed by paved highway from Durango to the municipality of Nuevo Ideal and then by good gravel road from Nuevo Ideal to the village of Tejamen.
History of the Tejamen Project
The Tejamen area was explored by Gambusinos (small or informal miners) from 1885 to 1900. In 1900, the Compania Minera La Eureka and, in 1906, the company El Duraznito were founded to work the La Eureka, Melchor Ocampo, Matilde, La Fama, Providencia more...
Geology of the Tejamen Project
The eastern Sierra Madre Occidental is made up of two volcanic sequences separated by a period of no igneous activity. An Upper Volcanic Complex (UVC) is composed of gently dipping rhyolitic ignimbrites and rhyodacite that range in age from 27 to 34 more...
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