Etango Project
Country Namibia 
Close to Swakopmund
Surface 500 km² / 123,550 acres
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Develops Uranium -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Etango Project
Status Risk : Feasibility
Country Risk : Moderate
Title(s) of the Etango Project
Bannerman Resources
Interest: 80%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Bannerman’s principal and most significant asset is its 80% interest in the Etango Project situated southwest of Rio Tinto’s Rössing uranium mine and to the east of Paladin Energy Ltd’s Langer-Heinrich mine.
Location of the Etango Project
Etango Project is located 35 KM east of Swakopmund, Namibia.
History of the Etango Project
Bannerman has now completed four resource estimates since commencing drilling activities at the Etango Project in late 2006.
Geology of the Etango Project
The dominant primary uranium mineral is uraninite (UO2) but minor betafite is also present. The primary uranium mineralisation occurs as disseminations within rock fractures, at crystal interfaces, and as inclusion within other minerals. Secondary uranium minerals such as autunite and uranophane occur as replacement of the primary minerals or as coatings along fractures.
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