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La Bodega Project
La Bodega
Country Colombia 
Surface 9 km² / 2,132 acres
Latitude / Longitude 7 N 22 / 72 W 53
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Explores for Copper - Gold - Silver -
Risk and valuation analysis of the La Bodega Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Country Risk : Important
Title(s) of the La Bodega Project
Ventana Gold Corporation
Owner: 100%
Company ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
The project area comprises the La Bodega, Coloro and El Cuatro properties. Ventana is earning up to a 100% interest in each property.
Location of the La Bodega Project
Ventana’s flagship La Bodega property is a 184.8 hectare holding in the historic California-Vetas gold mining district located in northeastern Colombia. It is located in the historic Califonia-Vetas mining district, about 400 kilometers north of the capital city of Bogota and 40 kilometers northeast of Bucaramanga.
History of the La Bodega Project
The La Bodega property is a 20-year exploitation concession that contains several small, locally operated gold mines including the La Bodega, the largest producing gold mine in the California – Angostura portion of the historic California-Vetas mining district located in the eastern cordillera of the Andes Mountain in northeastern Colombia.
Geology of the La Bodega Project
La Bodega property is located in the Santander massif of the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes in mountainous terrain at elevations between 2,600 and 3,250 meters above sea level. The oldest rocks in the massif consist of Precambrian gneisses and schists that likely belonged to the Guyana Shield.
Exploration and drilling
5/10/2010Announces Settlement of La Bodega Arbitration and Acquisitio...
4/27/2010Clarifies No Impact of Colombian Mining Legislation on La Bo...
1/8/2010Completes Mineral Rights Acquisitions of El Cuatro and Other...
5/13/2009Extends La Mascota to Depth and Discovers New Mineralized Zo...
4/23/2009Acquires La Cuatro Property - Extends Potential Strike Lengt...
3/18/2009Adds Another Drill for Deeper Drilling at La Bodega
1/20/2009Options Strategic Land Package Contiguous With La Bodega Pro...
Discoveries and Drilling Results
1/10/2011Continues to Extend Mineralization at La Bodega Project -54 ...
12/15/2010Discovers New Silver Zone and Potential Significant Extensio...
10/14/2010Report further results from new Aserradero target
10/6/2010Reports additional La Bodega project drill results
9/8/2010Reports Additional La Bodega Project Drill Results - Includi...
7/30/2010Additional La Bodega Drill Results - Hole 261 – 6.0 metres o...
5/20/2010Announces Drill Results from La Bodega Zone - 4.8 Metres of ...
3/1/2010Announces Additional La Mascota Drill Results
2/2/2010Announces Additional La Mascota Drill Results - 76 metres of...
1/14/2010Announces Additional La Mascota Drill Results
12/15/2009La Mascota Drill Results - 60 metres of 10.1 grams per tonne...
12/9/2009Provides La Mascota Metallurgy update
11/23/2009Announces Additional La Mascota Drill Results
10/29/2009Announces Additional La Mascota Drill Results - 20.9 metres ...
10/16/2009Drill Results - 34.0 metres of 7.4 grams per tonne gold - an...
10/6/2009Additional La Mascota Drill Results - 84 metres of 13.66 gra...
9/9/2009Additional La Mascota Drill Results-19.0 Metres of 27.05 Gra...
7/17/2009Additional La Mascota Drill Results - 52.2 Metres of 6.1 Gra...
3/26/2009Announces More La Bodega Drill Results - 57.4 metres at 8.66...
3/26/2009Announces More La Bodega Drill Results
3/16/2009Announces Further La Bodega Drill Results 48.00 Metres of 5....
3/13/2009Announces Additional La Bodega Drill Results - 48 metres at ...
2/5/2009Announces New La Bodega Drill Results
12/22/2008Announces Additional La Bodega Drill Results
Data last updated on : 11/10/2010
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