Country Canada 
Close to Atlin
Latitude / Longitude 59 N 41 / 133 W 22
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Risk and valuation analysis of the RUBY CREEK Project
Status Risk : Feasibility
Country Risk : Very Low
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Title(s) of the RUBY CREEK Project
Adanac Molybdenum Corporation
: 100%
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Goldnev Resources Inc.
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Location of the RUBY CREEK Project
The Ruby Creek Molybdenum Deposit is a low-grade bulk type of molybdenum deposit located, at the headwaters of Ruby Creek in the floor of an alpine cirque. It is at an elevation of 1,500 meters on the National Topographic 1:50 000 Map Sheet 104N/11 at coordinates 590,000 UTM East and 6,620,000UTM North in the UTM Zone 8.
History of the RUBY CREEK Project
Since 1898 prospecting and working of placer gold deposits have been the chief source of Atlin's economy. Although the Ruby Creek Molybdenum showing has been known for some time, no work was done on the deposit until the summer of 1968. The Prop more...
Geology of the RUBY CREEK Project
Ruby Creek is a porphyry molybdenum deposit hosted by multiple phases of felsic intrusives belonging to the Cretaceous aged Surprise Lake batholith at the junction of two large fault systems. Molybdenum occurs as molybdenite with only minor amounts of other sulphide minerals such as pyrite and chalcopyrite.
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