Rose (Lac Pivert) Project
Rose (Lac Pivert)
Country Canada 
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Explores for Lithium - Tantalum -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Rose (Lac Pivert) Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the Rose (Lac Pivert) Project
Critical Elements Corporation
Owner: 100%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Location of the Rose (Lac Pivert) Project
The Properties are contiguous and located 50 km south-southeast of, and along strike to the Cyr Lithium Discovery by Lithium One (TSX-V: LI) and 75 km due south of Goldcorp`s Eleonore Gold Deposit.
History of the Rose (Lac Pivert) Project
The Properties lies in the northeastern segment of the Superior Geological Province within the Eastmain Greenstone Belt (NTS Map-Sheet 33C/1). Boisvert (1989) describes a variety of lithologies in the region including biotite schists and gneisses, basalts, dacites, quartzites, conglomerates, gabbros, granites and pegmatites.
Geology of the Rose (Lac Pivert) Project
The Lac Pivert Property (MRNFQ Fiche de Gîte 33C 01-0005) consists of a pegmatite containing 20% spodumene (a lithium aluminum silicate), beryl (a beryllium aluminum silicate) and trace molybdenite (a molybdenum sulphide). Grab samples gave up to 1.1 more...
Exploration and drilling
11/29/2010Acquires a 100% Interest in the Pivert/Rose Property
10/21/2010Acquires a 100% Interest in the Pivert/Rose Property
6/1/2010Rose and Southeast Rose Showings Connected by Latest Drillin...
5/3/2010New Drilling Program Increases Surface Area of Mineralized Z...
3/16/2010Drilling Continues to Intercept the Mineralized Zone
3/8/2010Reports that the Drill and the Exploration Crew Have Started...
2/8/20101.50% Li2O, 2,755 g/t Rb, 290 ppm Ta2O5 and 155 g/t Be over ...
2/2/2010CORRECTION FROM SOURCE/First Gold Exploration: 3 558 g/t Rub...
2/1/2010Increases Its Land Holdings
Discoveries and Drilling Results
5/26/2011INTERSECTS 1.64% LI20 AND 226 PPM TA2O5 OVER 9.20 METRES NEA...
4/28/2011INTERSECTS UP TO 1.60% LI2O, 427 PPM TA2O5, 749 PPM BEO, 5,1...
3/20/2011Discovers a New Zone in Drilling on the Rose Deposit
2/9/2011Drilling Leads to New Tantalum Discovery on Pivert/Rose
1/18/2011Reports 0.44% Li2O, 196 ppm Ta2O5, 505 ppm BeO, 3,565 ppm Rb...
1/11/2011Continue to Expend Rose Deposit
11/9/2010Intersects by Drilling Mineralized Zone on New Showings and ...
11/3/2010Three New Spudomene Zones Discovered on the Lac Pivert/Rose ...
10/22/2010Intersects 2.15% Li2O, 1,594 g/t Rubidium, 150 ppm Ta2O5, 14...
9/15/2010Best Drill Results to Date, New Listing and Project Updates
8/31/2010Continues to Expand the Mineralized Zones
8/5/2010Intersects 1.24% Li2O, 2,206 g/t Rubidium, 148 ppm Ta2O5, 12...
7/22/2010Intersects 1.43% Li2O, 2,966 G/T Rubidium, 171 ppm Ta2O5, 14...
6/3/2010Intersects 1.24% Li2O, 3,532 g/t Rubidium, 208 ppm Ta2O5, 16...
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