Stormont Project
Country Australia 
Province Tasmania
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Explores for Bismuth - Gold -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Stormont Project
Status Risk : Green exploration
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the Stormont Project
Frontier Resources Limited
Owner: 100%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Geology of the Stormont Project
A consistently mineralised resource is modelled in the 150m long, NW part of the central syncline, referred to as the high grade zone. There is good scope to increase the resource with additional drilling in the SE of the central syncline, the untes more...
Exploration and drilling
10/4/2012Positive Conceptual Mining Study for Stormont Deposit
Discoveries and Drilling Results
4/27/2012Stormont Gold =E2?? Bismuth Resource Successfully Upgraded t...
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