Caylloma Project
Country Peru 
Close to Arequipa
Latitude / Longitude 15 S 13 / 71 W 49
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Produces Gold - Silver -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Caylloma Project
Status Risk : Production
Country Risk : Important
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Title(s) of the Caylloma Project
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.
Owner: 100%
Company ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Fortuna entered into a purchase agreement with the Hochschild Group in March 2005 to acquire a 100% interest in the mine, by making payments totaling $7.5M cash, plus 10.803% of the fully diluted capital of the Company. The agreement calls for a $3.0 more...
Location of the Caylloma Project
The mine is located about 275km (a 4 hour drive) north of Arequipa, in mountainous highlands at an elevation of roughly 4500m. Access is good, the mine is connected to the national power grid, water is locally available and community relations are excellent.
History of the Caylloma Project
The mine has been in operation for over 400 years and has produced at least 250M ounces of silver in that time. The Hochshild Group, a privately held Peruvian company, acquired the mine in 1983, and increased production from 300tpd to 700tpd. The mine was temporarily closed in 2003 due to low metal prices, but produced 2.6M ounces silver in its last year of production in 2002.
Geology of the Caylloma Project
The silver-base metal rich epithermal vein deposits of the Caylloma Mining District are hosted by Tertiary calc-alkaline andesitic pyroclastic tuffs and tuff breccias, flows and laharic deposits that unconformably overlie a folded marine sequence of  more...
Production history
COPPER (lbs)1,025,555
GOLD (oz)2,950
LEAD (lbs)16,600,00016,496,9268,313,631718,706
SILVER (oz)1,900,000861,173486,46558,843
ZINC (lbs)25,200,00023,276,42513,889,1221,347,024
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