Country Australia 
Province Northern territory
Close to Wunara
Latitude / Longitude 20 S 00 / 136 E 29
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Develops Phosphate -
Explores for
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Risk and valuation analysis of the WONARAH Project
Status Risk : Feasibility
Country Risk : Very Low
Title(s) of the WONARAH Project
MineMakers Limited
Owner: 100%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Location of the WONARAH Project
The project is located in the northern territories, close to the Wunara community.
History of the WONARAH Project
Discovered in 1967, the previous explorers defined very extensive rock phosphate mineralization.Rio completed an economic study in 2002 and found that development could not be justified at the phosphate price of the time.
Title / Ownership
2/28/2011Wonarah Phosphate Project Historic Mining Agreement Signed
Exploration and drilling
6/3/2013Market Update-Progress on Wonarah Project and with JDCPhosph...
3/15/2011Wonarah Phosphate Project Positive Dry Kiln Testwork Progres...
9/2/2010Invests to Secure Potential Cost Advantageous Phosphoric Aci...
5/4/2010Wonarah Phosphate Project-Major Milestone Attained
2/22/2010Wonarah Phosphate Development Mineral Lease Grant Attained
2/4/2010Wonarah Bulk Samples Leave Wonarah
12/21/2009First Phosphate Mined at Wonarah
12/16/2009Wonarah Progress Update: Permitting, Bulk Sampling and Marke...
7/8/2009Audio Broadcast - Market Update
7/1/2009Major Resource Increases Wonarah Rock Phosphate Project
6/11/2009Wonarah Rock Phosphate Project Development Progress Update
4/15/2009Quarterly Activities Report
3/11/2009Wonarah Permitting Application Lodged, More Extensive DSO Gr...
2/3/2009Wonarah Feasibility Progress Update
1/9/2009MOU Signed on Wonarah Railway Study
12/18/2008Wonarah Phosphate Project Resource Increase, Mine Planning a...
8/26/2008Wonarah Granted Major Project Status by NT Government
7/17/2008Audio Stream Wonarah Phosphate Project Update
6/18/2008(Audio) Audio Stream Wonarah Phosphate Project Update
6/17/2008Settlement of Purchase of Wonarah Clawback
6/16/2008(Audio) Audio Stream Wonarah Drilling Update
6/13/2008Wonarah Drilling Update
6/4/2008Audio Stream MAK Secures 100% Equity of Wonarah Phosphate Pr...
6/3/2008Secures 100% Equity and Control of Development of the Wonara...
5/13/2008Concerns About Trading Practices in Minemakers and Wonarah P...
4/14/2008Wonarah Drilling Update
3/14/2008Wonarah Drilling Approvals Secured Drilling to Begin on Sche...
2/18/2008Early Start to Metallurgical Testwork at Wonarah
1/9/2008Rock Phosphate Price Rockets to US$200/tonne - Feasibiity Pl...
Discoveries and Drilling Results
2/10/2010Resource Update Wonarah Rock Phosphate Project
10/9/2009Bulk Sampling Begins on Premium Grade Wonarah Phosphate Mine...
2/27/2009Outstanding Drill Results Continue at Wonarah
8/29/2008Wonarah resource drilling completed
7/16/2008Successful Arruwurra Drilling Results Open Development Alter...
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