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Lew Rockwell
What Libertarianism Is, and Isn’t 
The explosive growth in the number of converts to libertarianism since Ron Paul first ran for president is one of the most exciting developments of my life. But I’d like to issue a note of caution. There are several ways a young libertarian can distinguish himself. He can be an effective communicator of libertarian ideas as a writer or speaker. He can employ his unique talents — as an artist, animator, interviewer, or whatever — to convey the libertarian message in new and compelling ways. He ca
Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Benjamin Constant
On the Liberty of the Ancients Compared with that of the Moderns
He loved liberty as other men love power," was the judgment passed on Benjamin Constant by a 19th-century admirer. His great public concern, all throughout his adult life, was the attainment of a free society, especially for his adopted country, France; and if a (by no means uncritical) French commentator exag
Thursday, December 6, 2018
Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
In the Garden of Beasts: First the Slaughter of the Innocents
"The perpetrators were scholars, doctors, nurses, justice officials, the police and the health and workers’ administration.   The victims were poor, desperate, rebellious or in need of help. They came from psychiatric clinics and childrens' hospitals, from old age homes and welfare institutions, from military hospitals and internment camps. The number of victims is huge, the number of offenders who were sentenced, small." Commemorative Tablet at Tiergartenstraße 4, Berlin "The inability to i
Friday, January 26, 2018
Lew Rockwell
The Future of Libertarianism
Marxists were notorious for infighting over the most trivial differences. One group would secede from another, reverse the word order of the group it had seceded from, and declare itself the new and pure group. The first group, the new group would declare to the world, was part of the fascist conspiracy to suppress the coming workers’ triumph, even though the differences between the two groups were completely undetectable even to an expert. An informal debate taking place among libertarians thes
Monday, December 25, 2017
Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
Aktion T4 - War on the Weak, the Elderly, the Disabled, the Others
"Mass propaganda discovered that its audience was ready at all times to believe the worst, no matter how absurd, and did not particularly object to being deceived because it held every statement to be a lie anyhow. The totalitarian mass leaders based their propaganda on the correct psychological assumption that, under such conditions, one could make people believe the most fantastic statements one day, and trust that if the next day they were given irrefutable proof of their falsehood, they wou
Thursday, December 21, 2017
John Butler - Goldmoney
The Golden Revolution, Revisited: Chapter 5
This Insight is the sixth in the serial publication of the new, Revisited edition of my book, The Golden Revolution (John Wiley and Sons, 2012). (The first instalment can be found here.) The book is being published by Goldmoney and will also appear as a special series of Goldmoney Insights over the coming months. This instalment comprises the fifth chapter of Section I.View the Entire Research Piece as a PDF here.The "Reserve Currency Curse" amd the International Aspects of Cantillion Effects“Th
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Sprott Money
Currecide: The Globalists’ Planned Annihilation of Your Savings and Freedom - Dave Kranzler 
I wanted to share some of Stewart Dougherty's thoughts, which are raw, unedited and quite insightful: I totally agree with what you wrote me previously about gold going ballistic this year. It’s probably better set-up right now than at any other time in history, for a large number of reasons. I hope it can finally overwhelm, once and for all the schemers who work to keep it down. I continue to think that cash elimination is the biggest story out there. It is a fraud of epic proportions,
Friday, January 27, 2017
Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
A Knock At Midnight
"The dawn will come.   Disappointment, sorrow, and despair are born at midnight, but morning follows... Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.” Martin Luther King, A Knock at Midnight It is midnight within the social order. On the international horizon nations are engaged in a colossal and bitter contest for supremacy. Two world wars have been fought within a generation, and the clouds of another war are dangerously low. Man now has atomic and nuclear weapons that could within seconds com
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
John Butler - Goldmoney
The reserve currency curse
The reserve currency curseIntroductionIs reserve currency status a blessing or a curse? The answer might seem obvious, as reserve currencies have been shown to confer lower borrowing costs on their issuers. But what of the borrower who, enticed by low interest rates, borrows more than they can pay back? Naturally the result will be a default. However, for the issuer of a reserve currency that is unbacked by a marketable commodity, such as gold, in the event that they borrow too much, they can ju
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Nelson Hultberg -
The Warmongers
The Iraqi war was launched in 2003 by George W. Bush and the officials he gathered into his administration (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, et al). They believed it was necessary in order to defend our country against the terrorist threat that arose from the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. And, yes, they lied (or at the very least pushed unjustifiable intel) about WMD being developed by Saddam Hussein to justify the invasion. In the minds of many Ame
Sunday, February 21, 2016
Michael S. Rozeff - Lew Rockwell
Decline and Fall
The American Empire is deteriorating. It’s been going downhill for decades. The descent is likely to continue, alleviated irregularly by policies that retard the decline or even reverse it for a time. The general pattern set by declines of previous empires is occurring in this country. There have been at least 215 empires in the last 5,000 years. They have all declined and fallen, as will the American Empire. The IDEA that there is an American Empire is not widely recognized by the general publi
Thursday, October 22, 2015
Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
Central Planning and the Inevitable Abuse of Freedom ...
This is a reprise of a blog posting from August 2011 Most students of economics are aware of the tendency of 'perfect competition' to zero economic profit over time, unless there is a continual renewal and reinvention of the business, under the guidance of a wise, insightful, and responsive management. Even the best enterprise involves a risk of loss, the expense of well paid employees, and significantly hard work, all combined with a bit of luck. Little wonder that a minority of businessme
Friday, August 7, 2015
Lew Rockwell
Get Out Peacefully
F or a century and a half, the idea of secession has been systematically demonized among the American public. The government’s schools spin fairy tales about the “indivisible Union” and the wise statesmen who fought to preserve it. Decentralization is portrayed as unsophisticated and backward, while nationalism and centralization are made to seem progressive and inevitable. When a smaller political unit wishes to withdraw from a larger one, it
Sunday, March 15, 2015
Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
A Further Response on the Weakness in Modern Monetary Theory and Modern Economics
“A concept is a brick. It can be used to build a courthouse of reason. Or it can be thrown through the window.” Gilles Deleuze A reader 'Joyce' sent an email to me today, and rather than just provide a complete answer to her I thought I would take the opportunity to expand on this to further explain what I said about Modern Monetary Theory yesterday.   Joyce's observations are in italics, with my reactions to them just below."I am just learning about MMT myself but I see that you are conflatin
Saturday, January 3, 2015
Mark O'Byrne -
Bitcoin, Gold And Silver As Bail-ins and Capital Controls Loom
Today’s AM fix was USD 1,293.75, EUR 943.17 and GBP 769.72 per ounce. Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,303.75, EUR 953.73 and GBP 777.85 per ounce. Gold fell $10.50 or 0.8% yesterday to $1,295.60/oz. Silver slipped $0.29 or 1.47% to $19.48/oz. Gold consolidated  just below $1,300 an ounce today after mixed economic data. U.S. inflation ticked higher as seen in the  U.S. producer prices which recorded their largest increase in 1-1/2 years in April as food prices surged, in a potential sign inflation
Friday, May 16, 2014
Tom DiLorenzo - lewRockwell
Censoring the S" Word 
“It is a very significant fact that the adversaries of the trend toward more government control describe their opposition as a fight against Washington and against Berne, i.e., against centralization.  It is conceived as a contest of states’ rights versus the central power.” Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government, p. 268 “I saw in States’ rights the only availing check upon the absolutism of the sovereign will, and secession filled me with hope, not as the destruction but as the redemption of
Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Tom DiLorenzo - lewRockwell
Statists Gone Wild
“It is a very significant fact that the adversaries of the trend toward more government control describe their opposition as a fight against Washington and against Berne, i.e., against centralization.  It is conceived as a contest of states’ rights versus the central power.” Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government, p. 268 “I saw in States’ rights the only availing check upon the absolutism of the sovereign will, and secession filled me with hope, not as the destruction but as the redemption of
Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Jesse - Le Café Américain
Currency Wars: Salinas-Price On the Changing Tempo and Tenor of the Growth of International Reserves
"The only resource against political disorders that had been known till then was the concentration of power. Solon undertook to effect the same object by the distribution of power. He gave to the common people as much influence as he thought them able to employ, that the State might be exempt from arbitrary government. It is the essence of Democracy, he said, to obey no master but the law. Solon recognised the principle that political forms are not final or inviolable, and must adapt themselves
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Jesse - Le Café Américain
Weekend Viewing: I Am Fishhead
I have a high regard for Frank Ochberg, although he normally writes about other aspects of psychology especially Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and victimization.  Like others in business, I have had the occasional misfortune to encounter a few obvious narcissists, and probable psychopaths, during my thirty years long corporate business career.   I learned to avoid them at all costs, no matter how intriguing or attractive their activities and personalities may have been.  There was always a p
Saturday, July 27, 2013
Jesse - Le Café Américain
Corporate Media: Journalism In the Service of the Powerful Few
"But the biggest clue that Sorkin's take on Greenwald was no accident came in the rest of that same Squawk Box appearance: "I feel like, A, we've screwed this up, even letting him get to Russia. B, clearly the Chinese hate us to even let him out of the country. I would arrest him . . . and now I would almost arrest Glenn Greenwald, who's the journalist who seems to want to help him get to Ecuador.""...As a journalist, when you start speaking about political power in the first person plural, it'
Saturday, June 29, 2013