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Articles related to Money Supply
Alasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.
Fiat money and gold
It is time to revisit the Fiat Money Quantity (FMQ), which totals US dollar money deposited in the banking system, the commercial banks’ money on deposit at the Fed and physical cash.Besides alerting us to how the expansion of fiat money is progressing, an objective of this exercise is to give some guidance on the price relationship with gold. It is particularly appropriate at a time when banking analysts have turned generally bearish, believing that the rally in gold is now over.The idea behind
Friday, October 21, 2016
Philip Judge - Anglo Far East
A Century Unique In All History 
This last century is unique in all of history, as it tells the story of the first time in all of history, that gold has been completely and officially abandoned as the backing for money. We have said before that maintaining control of the financial systems is the largest single challenge facing the leaders of the world today. This is evidenced in the last two years by the record number of summits and emergency meetings of organizations such as IMF, World Bank, World trade Organization, and the G7. The Plunge Protection Team and Exchange Stabilization Fund have been working overtime, while we have witnessed the setting up and convening of special sub committees of central banks and governmental policy makers, all dedicated to ensuring stability of financial and capitol markets, at all costs.
Friday, October 21, 2016
Chris Powell - GATA
ECB urges EU to curb virtual money for fear of losing control
FRANKFURT, Germany -- The European Central Bank wants EU lawmakers to tighten proposed new rules on digital currencies such as bitcoin, fearing they might one day weaken its own control over money supply in the euro zone. The European Commission's draft rules, aimed at fighting terrorism, require currency exchange platforms to increase checks on the identities of people exchanging virtual currencies for real ones and report suspicious transactions. In a legal opinion published on Tuesday, the EC
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Przemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
How Could Helicopter Money Affect the Gold Market?
Since the NIRP has not yielded the expected results – it could have actually weakened the condition of the banking sector and its ability to expand lending – a hot debate about the use of another weapon in the central banks’ heroic struggle with the deflationary pressure started. We mean of course helicopter money, also called monetary finance or money-financed fiscal programs. Supporters argue that it is a necessary option to revive economic growth and generate inflation, while opponents consid
Friday, October 14, 2016
Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
Team Gold Needs To Get Over The Great Depression
I said once that the “gold standard guys are their own worst enemies.” It’s not really a good idea to continue along in this fashion, being your own worst enemy, like some archaic ritual – not if we want a functioning Stable Money arrangement in the future. This usually does not make me any friends. People don’t like to have their convictions undermined – especially people who like to play the role of the expert. So, let’s just say that it is my silly opinion. My silly opinion is that there wa
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Nathan Lewis - New World Economics
The Interwar Period, 1914-1944
All through this year, we've been exploring various things that have been said about the Interwar Period, which I call 1914-1944 although you could extend it perhaps to 1950. The Bretton Woods Agreement dates from 1944, but there was still a lot of turmoil afterwards, including hyperinflation in Germany, Japan and China (plus the victory of the communists in China) before all three countries established a new gold standard basis in 1949-1950. Even the Bretton Woods signatories had a lot of turmo
Thursday, October 6, 2016
Dan Popescu - GoldBroker
The Yuan, SDR and Gold
In recent months we saw a major offensive by China in support for the SDRs while, at the same time, we saw a slowdown, but not a stop, in gold buying for its international reserves. What can we make of it? Is this a change in China’s strategy in favour of fiat SDRs and away from hard gold? There were several IMF staff notes published in the last six months about the SDRs. China also announced its intention to diversify its international reserves from the US dollar to SDR and is supposed to have
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Sprott Money
Inflation is Economic Cancer - Jeff Nielson
Informed readers understand that the mainstream media is nothing more than an echo chamber for the propaganda of the banking crime syndicate which rules over us, previously dubbed the One Bank . The economic propaganda generated by these puppet masters is the most damaging and misleading area of mass-brainwashing to which we are exposed. This is because it is economic propaganda, in particular, which facilitates the systemic crimes of the One Bank. Out of this vast compendium of economic
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Florian Grummes - The Silver GoldSpot
The Midas Touch Consulting Report
1. Market Update Since early July already the gold market is caught in some form of an agonizing and confusing sideways consolidation. Every time it looks like it is about to break out to the upside it's coming back down. The series of lower highs is certainly not very convincing yet typical for a consolidation. At the same time the bears are not able to push prices back below $1,300 because around that level the bulls always come back into the market and destroy the bear's work with
Saturday, October 1, 2016
Alasdair Macleod - Finance and Eco.
The fiat money quantity (FMQ) 
Summary : This paper seeks to establish a measure of currency quantity that helps economists identify and estimate the risk that confidence in fiat currencies might be significantly eroded or even vanish altogether. It is this phenomenon that was referred to in the great European currency inflations of the 1920s as Katastrophenhausse, or a crack-up boom, when ordinary people lose all confidence in a fiat currency, disposing of it as rapidly as possible instead preferring ownership of goods.This is
Friday, September 30, 2016
Jason Hamlin - Gold Stock Bull
Is a Dollar Crash Imminent After the Senate Overrides Obama Veto on Saudi 9/11 Bill and September 30th D-Day Approaches?
President Obama is well on his way to having his first veto override of his entire presidency today, as the Senate voted today to override his veto of the 9/11 victims bill, Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). The House is also expected to override this week, and may do so as soon as this afternoon.Intense lobbying by both the Obama Administration and the Saudi government didn’t amount to much in the end, with strong public support leading to a 97-1 veto override vote today. The l
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Mark O'Byrne -
“Gold Will Likely Soar To A Record Within Five Years”
“Gold will likely soar to a record within five years as asset bubbles burst in everything from bonds to credit and equities, forcing investors to find a haven”, reported Bloomberg last week, quoting Old Mutual Global Investors’ Diego Parrilla.The metal is at the start of a multi-year bull run with a “few thousand dollars of upside” in a world of “monetary policy without limits” where central banks print lots of money and low or negative interest rates prevail, said Parrilla, who joined the firm
Monday, September 26, 2016
Keith Weiner - Monetary Metals
The Fed is Good for Gold, Report 25 September, 2016
It’s almost like magic. The Fed can say something, or in the case of this Wednesday it can say nothing, and gold and especially silver get a boost of rocket fuel. Actually, the Fed said both yes to rate hikes—in the future—and no to a rate hike now. This was good, if not for people, at least for gold. Well, if not for gold, at least the price of the metal. And especially silver. The price of silver had been up sharply on Monday, it inched up on Tuesday, and shot up another 60 cents on Wednesday,
Monday, September 26, 2016
Jason Hamlin - Gold Stock Bull
Trump Criticizes FED for Creating ‘Fake Economy’ and Calls for Audit
Most politicians limit their comments about the Federal Reserve to sheer praise. Know thy master. Donald Trump has followed in the footsteps of Ron Paul, with his sharp critique of the FED and harsh words for Janet Yellen in particular.Donald Trump has put his name firmly on this short list of politicians that dare to criticize the Federal Reserve. He told Yellen that she should be ashamed of herself for politically-motivated actions as FED Chief. In particular, Trump has accused the FED and Yel
Friday, September 23, 2016
Yen Rally Shows Investor Skepticism to BOJ’s Latest Easing Salvo
21-Sep (Bloomberg) — The yen rose against the dollar, reversing the slide that was the initial reaction to the Bank of Japan saying it would adopt a more flexible approach to expanding stimulus. The Japanese currency’s rebound to a more than three-week high suggests investors are both skeptical officials will achieve their long-term policy goal of boosting inflation and that they’re already shifting their focus to the Federal Reserve’s policy decision later today. The yen earlier dropped more th
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Julian D. W. Phillips - Gold Forecaster
Dangerous Times for stocks - U.S. is headed toward stagflation - We’re not in a stable equilibrium. It’s a good time for Gold and Silver!
Most global financial markets struggling to rise, central bank policies are placing interest rates at all time lows. These are not producing the results wanted [but are holding deflation at bay]. Important governments are emasculated by political stalemate, while the structure of the E.U. is facing what Junker calls an ‘existential problem’ [translated is under threat from an array of problems].Hence, the comments by Alan Greenspan, Paul Singer and several others demand our attention. In this ar
Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Steve Saville - Speculative Investor
  Is the Fed surreptitiously tightening?
The following chart shows that on a monthly closing basis, bank reserves held at the Fed peaked in August of 2014 at $2.79T and by August-2016 had shrunk to $2.35T. This amounts to a $440B decline in bank reserves over the space of two years. Furthermore, $320B of this $440B decline happened since last October. Does this mean that while the financial world vigorously debates whether the Fed will/should take a ‘baby step’ along the rate-hiking path next week, behind the scenes the Fed has been ti
Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Gary Tanashian - Biwii
A Little Perspective and Market Notes
The opening segment of this week's Notes From the Rabbit Hole was intended to be a quick blurb but went on to become a five page exercise. It is shared publicly not so much because it is hard core analysis (which the rest of the report took care of), but because after a week like last week I think being a little wordy can be for the better.I had a difficult week last week; a couple things had gone wrong and my schedule was just ridiculous. On Wednesday I was feeling
Monday, September 12, 2016
Andy Sutton
US Recession Jitters Stoke Fears of Impotent Fed and Fiscal Paralysis – UK Telegraph
Andy’s Notes: Once again, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard takes the cake and points out something that otherwise would have been left unsaid – that the FOMC must have room to drop rates in their idiotic Keynesian world. Absent that, they can just pump QE by the trillions and buy up everything in sight, which is probably the whole idea as we’ve pointed out in the past. An ominous paper by the US Federal Reserve has become the hottest document in high finance. It was intended to reassure us that the world
Friday, September 9, 2016
Darryl Robert Schoon - Survive the Crisis
  Hyperinflation Versus Deflationary Collapse 
If the thunder don't get you, then the lightning will.The Grateful Dead, The Wheel(lyrics)In the world of phenomena, everything has a beginning and an end; and today, the bankers' endgame is moving closer to its inevitable resolution and demise. The question is no longer if, it is when and how.The relationship between paper money and gold is causal in central banking's collapse. When paper money was backed by gold, it (1) gave the bankers' paper money its value and (2) con
Thursday, September 8, 2016