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Maps Result
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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
LAC DOREAPELLA RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec5,509,351,932 lbs
GABANINTHA VANADIUMYELLOW ROCK RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia2,056,577,804 lbs
MOUNT PEAKETNG LIMITEDOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory888,683,353 lbs
MOUNT PEAKEXSTRATAAdvanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory888,683,353 lbs
PARIS HILLSAMERICAN VANADIUM100Advanced discovery          USA     Idaho766,326,844 lbs
PIPESTONE LAKEGOSSAN RESOURCESJoint venture50Brown exploration          Canada     Manitoba760,506,620 lbs
GREEN GIANTENERGIZEROwner100Advanced discovery          Madagascar     752,988,854 lbs
MUSTAVAARAADRIANA RES.Interest70Advanced discovery          Finland     601,861,976 lbs
CARLIN VANADIUMScandiumOwner100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada291,186,545 lbs
Titan OntarioPROPHECY DEVELOPMENTOwner80Advanced discovery          Canada     ontario259,263,620 lbs
TITAN PROJECTRandsburg GoldOwner100Brown exploration          USA     Ontario259,263,615 lbs
MARACASLARGO RES.Interest90Advanced discovery          Brazil     207,156,919 lbs
MMS VICKENCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Sweden     179,645,281 lbs
IRON-TAPELLA RESOURCESOwner100Early discovery          Canada     Quebec102,559,046 lbs
PostvilleSILVER SPRUCE RES.Green exploration          Canada     80,841,308 lbs
PostvilleEXPEDITION MININGGreen exploration          Canada     80,841,308 lbs
BISONI MCKAYSTINA RESOURCESInterest100Advanced discovery          USA     Nevada47,580,000 lbs
CMB - NORTHSTAR DIVISIONJET METALOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     27,597,466 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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