LNG Ltd.

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ISIN : AU000000LNG0
AU$ 0.650
01/18 16:10 -0.050
Australia (LNG.AX)
Prev close Open Low High Volume
0.700 0.700 0.645 0.705 5,282,732
Year l/h YTD var. 52 week l/h 52 week var. 1 month var.
0.425 -  0.700 52.94% 0.370 -  0.960 -27.37% 56.63%
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Mkt Cap OustandingMkt Cap Fully Diluted
Develops Natural gas
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Corporate Presentations of LNG Ltd.
10/28/2011 Corporate Presentation
5/30/2011 Corporate Presentation
6/29/2010 Corporate Presentation
3/25/2008 Company Investor Presentation
In the News and Medias of LNG Ltd.
3/25/2008 Analyst Reports
Annual reports of LNG Ltd.
 Annual Report 2011
 Annual Report 2010
 Annual Report 2009
 Annual Report 2008
Nominations of LNG Ltd.
8/2/2013 Change to LNG Ltd's Board of Directors
10/20/2009 Appointment of Non-Executive Director
9/16/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Gladstone Fisherman's Landing LNG Project Appointment of BNP...
5/7/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Gladstone LNG Project Gains Further Momentum with Key Manage...
Project news of LNG Ltd.
4/9/2015 Shell’s $70 billion acquisition comes with several potential...
2/20/2014 Magnolia LNG Project Update
1/8/2014 Magnolia LNG Project Update
12/16/2013 Key 2013 milestone achieved at Queensland Curtis LNG project
12/13/2013 $10.85 Million Raised To Progress Magnolia LNG Project USA
12/9/2013 Equity Placement to Further Progress Magnolia LNG Project
11/29/2013 Magnolia LNG Submits Draft Resource Reports on Schedule
11/10/2013 Magnolia LNG Project Update
10/15/2013 Magnolia LNG Project Files for Additional Export Approvals
10/8/2013 Magnolia LNG Project Update - Progress On Track
9/11/2013 Magnolia LNG Project Update - On Track
8/14/2013 Enterprise Shareholders Approve Acquisition By LNG Energy Lt...
8/6/2013 Magnolia LNG Project Approval Process
7/31/2013 $10M Capital Raising to Progress Magnolia LNG Project, USA
7/26/2013 Stonepeak Strategic Alliance and Project Equity Magnolia LNG
5/15/2013 Gladstone Fisherman's Landing LNG Project Gas Supply Update
5/8/2013 Magnolia LNG Project Monthly Progress Report No.1
1/28/2013 Magnolia LNG Project Site Option to Lease Term Sheet Signed
1/20/2013 Magnolia LNG Project
9/13/2012 Gladstone Fishermans Landing LNG Project Gas Supply Progress
6/4/2012 Gladstone Fisherman's Landing LNG Project Update
12/12/2011 Gladstone Fisherman's Landing LNG Project Update
6/17/2011 Gladstone Fisherman's Landing LNG Project Gas Delivery Plan
2/11/2010 (Glasstone Lng Project)Sale of Gladstone LNG Project to Arrow Energy Limited
10/11/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Gladstone Fisherman's Landing LNG Project Start of earthmovi...
8/11/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Gladstone "Fisherman's Landing" LNG Project Material Progres...
7/31/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Arrow Increases Gross 2P Gas Reserves by 1,400 PJ
7/1/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Stage 1 Dredging and Disposal Plans Agreed for Fisherman's L...
4/16/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Completed for Gladstone...
2/23/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Arrow renews Gas Supply HOA with Gladstone LNG Project
2/23/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Golar signs HOA for Gladstone LNG project
2/23/2009 (Glasstone Lng Project)Gladstone LNG Project "Fisherman's Landing" Gas Sales and Su...
10/3/2008 (Glasstone Lng Project)Gladstone LNG Project Update
6/2/2008 (Glasstone Lng Project)Gladstone "Fisherman's Landing" LNG Project - Arrow/Shell Al...
4/1/2008 (Glasstone Lng Project)Gladstone Fisherman's Landing LNG Project
2/5/2008 (Glasstone Lng Project)Gladstone LNG Project - Fisherman's Landing
Corporate news of LNG Ltd.
1/18/2016 Investor Presentation
1/17/2016 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (ASX:LNG) Investor Presentation
1/12/2016 Liquefied Natural Gas share price is down 23% in 2016. Can i...
1/12/2016 Decmil Clinches Extension to QCLNG Wellsite Contract in Aust...
1/7/2016 4 ASX shares slammed on the market today
1/4/2016 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd shares soar 10%: Is it time to buy...
12/22/2015 Why these 4 ASX shares crashed today
12/21/2015 Appendix 3Y
12/21/2015 Appendix 3B
12/18/2015 Gas Natural Rioja to start work this month on installation o...
12/15/2015 Why the Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd share price collapsed toda...
12/14/2015 Why the Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd share price has been hamme...
12/10/2015 Appendix 3B
12/8/2015 Why the Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd share price plunged 16% to...
12/7/2015 Appendix 3X
12/6/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (ASX:LNG) Appointment of Third US-...
12/3/2015 Texas LNG Selects Honeywell Technology For New Liquefied Nat...
12/3/2015 [$$] Most Asian Shares Fall on Lower Oil, Fed Comments
12/3/2015 The Liquefied Natural Gas share price is down 52% this year,...
12/2/2015 The Biggest LNG Buyer Is Set to Get More Supplies Than It Ne...
11/30/2015 Spie: contrat avec une filiale de BG Group en Australie.
11/24/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas share price recovers: Is there more to...
11/23/2015 Why is the Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd share price plunging?
11/20/2015 4 stocks hammered on the ASX today
11/19/2015 Chief Development and Chief Technical Officers Appointment
11/19/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (ASX:LNG) Chief Development and Ch...
11/19/2015 Results of Annual General Meeting
11/19/2015 AGM Presentation
11/19/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (ASX:LNG) AGM Presentation
11/19/2015 ACCC clears Shell's $70b BG takeover
11/17/2015 BW Group Ltd -- Moody's: Postponement of BW Pacific IPO has ...
11/16/2015 Why Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd's share price surged today
11/15/2015 Magnolia LNG Executes EPC Contract with KBR SK JV
11/15/2015 Magnolia LNG Receives Final EIS From FERC
11/4/2015 Iron ore exports slash trade deficit
10/27/2015 Appendix 4C
10/26/2015 Australia: Gladstone LNG ships first liquefied natural gas c...
10/20/2015 Noble Bets on LNG With Egypt Supplies Amid Commodity Slump
10/20/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (ASX:LNG) Annual Report 2015 - Sha...
10/19/2015 Annual Report 2015 - Shareholders' Version
10/16/2015 15.09.2015 Contract for purchase of liquefied natural gas fo...
10/14/2015 Iran Could Trigger A Resource War On Several Fronts Other Th...
10/5/2015 Response to ASX Price Query
10/2/2015 4 stocks soaring on the ASX today
9/29/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (ASX:LNG) Annual Report 2015
9/23/2015 Why these 4 ASX stocks are getting slammed today
9/15/2015 Contract for purchase of liquefied natural gas for the purpo...
8/30/2015 Oman Said to Consider Importing LNG as Domestic Gas Use Surg...
8/28/2015 Appendix 4E
8/18/2015 Appointment of General Counsel and Joint Company Secretary
8/17/2015 National Energy Board Grants Export Licence to Bear Head LNG
8/16/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (ASX:LNG) National Energy Board Gr...
8/10/2015 Change in substantial holding
8/7/2015 Appendix 3Y
7/30/2015 Global Alliance With Chart Industries, Inc.
7/29/2015 Nigeria LNG to take delivery of four carrier ships this year...
7/29/2015 Appendix 4C
7/28/2015 50 years of LNG – August 2013: the world’s first transhipmen...
7/23/2015 Here’s why ocean shipping companies are switching to natural...
7/23/2015 Philadelphia (City of) PA -- Moody's upgrades Philadelphia G...
7/22/2015 Clark vows independent review of tragic child case as Libera...
7/21/2015 PRESS DIGEST- Canada - July 21
7/20/2015 Bear Head Receives DOE Approval of Exports to FTA Countries
7/19/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd's (ASX:LNG) Bear Head Receives DOE...
7/19/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd's (ASX:LNG) Magnolia LNG Receives ...
7/15/2015 Honeywell To Improve Operations For Liquefied Natural Gas Pi...
7/14/2015 Finance minister says B.C.'s law blueprint for largest priva...
7/13/2015 Natural gas as marine fuel: the first ferry running on LNG i...
7/1/2015 Quicksilver Receives Approval to Export Liquefied Natural Ga...
6/20/2015 Nigeria LNG exports reach $85 bn in 15 years
6/3/2015 50 years of LNG – 1980: commissioning of Europe’s largest li...
6/2/2015 Appendix 3Y
5/29/2015 50 years of LNG – 1980: commissioning of Europe’s largest li...
5/28/2015 Cleansing Notice
5/20/2015 LNGL Raises A$174m to Accelerate North American LNG Projects
5/20/2015 LNGL Raises A$174m to Accelerate North American LN
5/19/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (ASX:LNG) Bear Head LNG Receiv...
5/19/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (ASX:LNG) Raises A$174m to Acc...
5/18/2015 Request for Trading Halt
5/5/2015 Bomin Linde LNG fuels the first German vessel with liquefied...
5/4/2015 Investor Presentation
5/4/2015 Magnolia LNG Project EPCC Phase Status Update
4/30/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (ASX:LNG) MLNG - FERC Notice o...
4/30/2015 MLNG - FERC Notice of Schedule For Environ. Review
4/24/2015 Appendix 4C
4/23/2015 Magnolia LNG Project Tolling Agreement Update - Me
4/20/2015 50 years of LNG – 1962: the first experiments on transportin...
4/20/2015 ExxonMobil President Calls for Urgent Action on U.S. Liquefi...
4/8/2015 Shareholder Presentation
4/6/2015 DF will carry out the extension to a Liquefied Natural Gas t...
4/2/2015 Bear Head LNG Files Updated Registration with NSE
4/1/2015 Shareholder Presentations
4/1/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (ASX:LNG) Bear Head LNG Files ...
3/18/2015 Magnolia LNG Project Update From FERC
3/15/2015 Bear Head LNG Receives Permit to Construct
3/15/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (ASX:LNG) Bear Head LNG Receiv...
3/12/2015 Investor Presentation
3/9/2015 LNG import binge ends with no ships poised to enter Canada o...
3/6/2015 Qatargas to restart LNG production Train 4 in late March aft...
3/3/2015 LNG Ltd Plans Dual Listing in USA
3/2/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (ASX:LNG) Magnolia EPC Contrac...
3/2/2015 Magnolia EPC Contractor Joint Venture Finalized
2/28/2015 Lithuania signs non-binding deal for U.S. LNG
2/27/2015 Half Year Report and Appendix 4D
2/25/2015 US Patent Update for OSMR Technology
2/19/2015 GDF SUEZ wins an important liquefied natural gas supply cont...
2/18/2015 Pakistan in talks to import gas from Qatar: minister
2/15/2015 Bear Head LNG Takes a Major Step Forward in Canadian Process
1/28/2015 NY adopts regulations for liquefied natural gas facilities
1/15/2015 US Patents Update
1/13/2015 GP Strategies Completes Liquefied Natural Gas Trailer Loadin...
1/13/2015 Investor Presentation
1/12/2015 Gas tanker runs aground off Nigeria -traders
1/12/2015 Change in substantial holding
1/11/2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (ASX:LNG) Magnolia LNG Project...
12/30/2014 Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (ASX:LNG) Magnolia LNG Project...
12/29/2014 Appendix 3Y - Change in Director's Interest Notice x 4
12/23/2014 Change to ASX Reporting Requirements
12/19/2014 Outokumpu to invest in utilizing liquefied natural gas in Fi...
2/6/2014 Pivotal LNG and WesPac Midstream LLC Selected to Serve TOTE'...
2/5/2014 Magnolia LNG Opens Lake Charles Office
2/4/2014 Magnolia LNG Signs EPC MOU with SKEC Group
1/29/2014 Magnolia LNG signs Definitive Pipeline Capacity Agreement
1/16/2014 Pivotal LNG to supply liquefied natural gas to UPS facility ...
11/26/2013 Tolling Term Sheet Signed with LNG Holdings Corp for 1.7mtpa
8/20/2013 Energy Ltd. Completes Acquisition of Enterprise Energy Resou...
7/19/2013 Magnolia LNG - Significant Community and Government Support
7/17/2013 2 MTPA Tolling Term Sheet Signed with Gunvor - Magnolia LNG
6/25/2013 Energy Ltd. to Acquire All of the Shares of Enterprise in Fr...
3/22/2013 Magnolia LNG Pre Filing Request Approved
3/13/2013 Magnolia LNG Pre Files for Approvals
3/7/2013 Exclusive Site Lease Option Agreement Signed Magnolia LNG
12/18/2012 Position Secured in the Dynamic USA LNG Market
8/23/2012 Market Briefing - LNG Ltd MD on strategic gas supply
12/2/2011 Martin Place Securities Report 1 December 2011
11/25/2011 Change of Share Register
11/24/2011 Results of AGM
11/3/2011 Market Briefing - LNG Ltd MD on strategy and outlook
10/21/2011 Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
10/20/2011 Quarterly Report September 2011
10/7/2011 Form 604 Notice of change of interests of substantial holder
10/6/2011 Form 603 - Notice of initial substantial holder
9/21/2011 Queensland Gas Pipeline Interim Feed Agreement
9/5/2011 Gas Pipeline Licence Granted
8/1/2011 Appendix 3X
8/1/2011 Quarterly Report June 2011
7/20/2011 Carbon Tax Impact
7/14/2011 OSMR Technology Patents Update
7/13/2011 HQCEC Share Placement Completed and Appendix 3B
7/11/2011 HQCEC Receives Foreign Exchange Approval For Share Placement
6/30/2011 Change in Directors Interest, Appendix 3Y and Form 605
6/14/2011 HQCEC Share Placement Unconditional
6/8/2011 HQCEC Transaction Approved by Shareholders
5/26/2011 HQCEC Share Placement Conditions Precedent
5/13/2011 on Shares Issued Pursuant to Employee Share Opt. Plan
5/13/2011 Appendix 3B - Exercise of Options
5/13/2011 Issue of Shares - Section 708A(5)(e) Notice
5/13/2011 Agreement for Lease Term Extended Fisherman's Landing LNG
5/6/2011 Notice of General Meeting and Proxy Form
5/4/2011 Share Placement Agreement & Process Deed Signed with HQCEC
5/2/2011 Quarterly Report March 2011
4/12/2011 Letter of Claim Issued to Mitsubishi Corporation
12/24/2010 Securities Trading Policy
12/5/2010 Notice of General Meeting
11/22/2010 Results of AGM
11/22/2010 Chairman's Address to Shareholders
11/22/2010 AGM Presentation
10/19/2010 Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
10/8/2010 2004 & 2005 Employee Share Option Plans
9/27/2010 Agreement with Metgasco Limited
9/21/2010 Termination of Discussions with Bow Energy Limited
8/10/2010 Strategic Alliance Agreement Signed with Oil Basins Limited
7/30/2010 Quarterly Report June 2010
1/29/2010 Quarterly Report December 2009
12/18/2009 Resignation of Non-Executive Director
12/18/2009 Site Works Gathering Momentum
11/9/2009 Share Purchase Plan Raises $17,907,000
10/30/2009 Quarterly Report September 2009
10/15/2009 Successful Placement Raises $29.4M
10/13/2009 Presentation to stockbrokers and investors
9/18/2009 Toyota Tsusho Selected as LNG End Buyer for Gladstone LNG Fi...
8/4/2009 Acceptance of Membrane LNG Storage Tank Technology for Fishe...
7/31/2009 Form 604 - Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Hold...
7/22/2009 Appendix 3B - Exercise of Options
7/15/2009 Appendix 3B - Issue of Shares
5/22/2009 Appendix 3B - Exercise of Options and Issue of Shares
5/22/2009 Appendix 3Y - Change of Director's Interest Notice
5/22/2009 Form 604 - Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Hold...
5/22/2009 Notice of General Meeting
5/22/2009 Appendix 3B - Issue of Options
4/6/2009 Presentation to stockbrokers and investors
3/19/2009 Appendix 3B - Issue of Options
3/13/2009 Half Year Report 2008
3/6/2009 General Meeting of Members Results
3/5/2009 Offer for Shares in Gas Link Global Limited
3/3/2009 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on Schedule for Gladsto...
2/24/2009 Presentation to Gladstone Resources Industry update
2/17/2009 Offer for Shares in Gas Link Global Limited
2/9/2009 Appendix 3B - Exercise of Options
2/9/2009 Appendix 3B - Issue of Options
2/4/2009 Notice of General Meeting
1/29/2009 Quarterly Report December 2008
1/29/2009 Appendix 3B - Exercise of Options
11/26/2008 Annual General Meeting Presentation
11/26/2008 2008 AGM Resolutions
10/24/2008 Notice of Annual General Meeting
8/5/2008 Appendix 3B - Exercise of Options
8/1/2008 Gladstone LNG Project - Arrow Energy Gas Reserve Increase
6/10/2008 Sales of PPU Shares by Gas Link Global
6/5/2008 Appendix 3B - Exercise of Options
5/7/2008 Change of Directors Interest
3/30/2008  Cooperation Agreement Signed With Arrow Energy Limited
3/25/2008 to Spin-Off Gas Link Global Limited
3/11/2008 Appendix 3B - Issue of Options
3/10/2008 General Meeting of Members -Results
2/5/2008 Notice of Shareholder Meeting
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