Buffalo Reef Project
Buffalo Reef
Country Malaysia 
Province Mukim of hulu jelai, district of kuala lipis
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Buffalo Reef Project
Status Risk : Advanced discovery
Country Risk : Moderate
Title(s) of the Buffalo Reef Project
Monument Mining Limited
Owner: 100%
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Monument Mining Limited (formally known as Moncoa Corporation) has reached agreement with Avocet Mining PLC (AIM market), to acquire 100% of its wholly owned Malaysian subsidiary, Damar Consolidated Exploration Sdn. Bhd. (Damar), the owner of the Buf more...
Location of the Buffalo Reef Project
The Buffalo Reef Project, located in the District of Kuala Lipis, in the northwest Pahang State of Peninsular Malaysia. The Buffalo Reef project lies in the Malaysia peninsula within the Central Gold Belt which is separated from the Eastern and Wes more...
History of the Buffalo Reef Project
Modern exploration started in the Buffalo Reef area in the early 1993 by Damar Consolidated who worked the property until 1996. In 1997, Avocet began exploration in the area and continued until 2006. No work has been done in the Buffalo Reef area since 2006.
Geology of the Buffalo Reef Project
The Buffalo Reef prospect lies on the eastern flank of the Raub-Bentong Suture, adjacent to the Selinsing Gold Mine project, in the same structural corridor within a Permian sequence of phyllitic sandstone and siltstone, and to the west of the granitic intrusions. The Raub and Terseng deposits lie along the same Raub-Bentong suture 50 km and 25 km (respectively) south of the Buffalo Reef prospect.
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