Roca Honda Project
Roca Honda
Country USA 
Province New mexico
Close to Mt taylor
Latitude / Longitude 35 N 16 / 107 W 43
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Develops Uranium -
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Risk and valuation analysis of the Roca Honda Project
Status Risk : Feasibility
Country Risk : Very Low
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Title(s) of the Roca Honda Project
Strathmore Minerals Corp.
Owner: 100%
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TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
David Miller acquired a new State Mining Lease for Section 16, Lease Number HG 0036 in November 2004 and subsequently assigned the Lease to Strathmore Resources US, Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Strathmore.
Uranium Resources Inc.
Company ProfileAll ProjectsCompany project page
TitleCompany ProfileAll ProjectsCompany websiteCompany project page
Location of the Roca Honda Project
The Roca Honda uranium property consists of 63 unpatented mining claims located on land owned by the Federal government and administered by the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM). In addition, the property includes one State of New Mexico Lease. The combined land package is 745 hectares (1,840 acres) in size. The Roca Honda property is not adjacent to, or near land owned by the Navajo Nation
History of the Roca Honda Project
Kerr-McGee Oil Industries, Inc staked the Roca Honda unpatented mining claims in Sections 9 and 10 on June 29 and 30, 1965, and then recorded the location notices and affidavits in the McKinley County Courthouse. Kerr-McGee Oil Industries, its subs more...
Geology of the Roca Honda Project
Mineralization occurs in the Westwater Member of the Morrison Formation at depths ranging from 1,700 on Section 17 to over 3,300 feet in Section 13.
Exploration and drilling
3/18/2013(Strathmore Min.)United States Forest Service Publishes Draft EIS for Strathm...
10/14/2011(Strathmore Min.)s Mine Permitting and Mill Licensing Activities at Roca Hond...
10/13/2010(Strathmore Min.)Updates Roca Honda, New Mexico Uranium Development Project
12/2/2009(Strathmore Min.)Roca Honda Mine Permit Application Deemed Administratively C...
10/27/2009(Strathmore Min.)Submits Roca Honda, New Mexico Uranium Mine Permit Applicati...
2/3/2009(Strathmore Min.)2008 Year End Review of Operations at Wyoming & New Mexico U...
1/29/2009(Strathmore Min.)s Roca Honda, New Mexico, Uranium Development Project
8/27/2008(Triex Minerals)Drilling Starts At Riverlake Property, Saskatchewan
5/21/2008(Triex Minerals)Acquisition And Exploration Update
2/8/2008(Triex Minerals)Athabasca Basin Exploration Update
1/22/2008(Fission Energy)Commence Drilling at Duddridge Lake Uranium Project
11/14/2007(Triex Minerals)Athabasca Basin Update
5/14/2007(Strathmore Min.)Receives Permit to Drill Roca Honda Project in New Mexico
9/20/2006(Triex Minerals)Update for Athabasca Basin Drill Projects
8/30/2006(Triex Minerals)Athabasca Basin Exploration Update
Discoveries and Drilling Results
10/1/2008(Fission Energy)Announces Exploration Results at Duddridge Lake Uranium Proj...
9/3/2008(Strathmore Min.)Receives Positive Core Assay Results from Monitor Well Insta...
9/6/2007(Strathmore Min.)Discovers New High Grade Uranium Mineralization at Roca Hond...
9/4/2006(Strathmore Min.)Encounters Uranium Mineralization at Waterbury Lake
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