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10/17/2019>Favorite web pages
10/17/2019>USAGOLD Special Report
10/17/2019>Brexit pact faces steep odds in the U.K. Parliament — and John...
10/16/2019>Soaring gold prices put Indian buyers off ahead of Diwali
10/16/2019>Better Business Bureau Five Star Review
10/16/2019>Russia looks at alternatives to dollar for energy transactions
10/16/2019>The Bank of England’s golden evolution
10/15/2019>Favorite web pages
10/15/2019>Thinking about buying gold and silver?
10/15/2019>Bank of China executive joins London Bullion Market Associatio...
10/14/2019>In planning for next U.S. recession, economists say, don’t fre...
10/14/2019>Silver glitters in India as record prices dull gold’s luster
10/14/2019>Gold in the Attic
10/14/2019>Investors are loading up on cash. That’s not a good sign.
10/12/2019>COT – Gold specs lift bullish bets after last week’s sharp dec...
10/12/2019>Wall Street has doubts after partial trade deal: ‘I don’t thin...
10/11/2019>Short and Sweet
10/11/2019>The Precious Metals Safe Storage Advantage
10/11/2019>The return of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe
10/11/2019>Soaring gold prices put Indian buyers off ahead of Diwali
10/10/2019>Germany repatriates about half of its gold reserves
10/10/2019>Wall Street, Main Street bullish on gold prices
10/10/2019>A $40 billion pile of leveraged loans is battered by big losses
10/09/2019>Chinese people are buying gold, taking money out of banks and ...
10/09/2019>USAGOLD – Quality service and pricing since 1973
10/09/2019>‘You don’t do these things prior to negotiations,’ ex-diplomat...
10/09/2019>Powell says the Fed will start expanding its balance sheet ‘so...
10/09/2019>Gold-backed ETFs holdings hit record highs in September
10/09/2019>Too big to lend? JPMorgan’s cash tweaks take toll on U.S. repo
10/09/2019>Stocks on track for worst start to a quarter since 2008 financ...
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Bank of England Warns of an ‘Abrupt’ Financial Collapse Due To Clim...
16 OctS W.-1
What a load of nonsense from Carney, Likely there will be a crash but to blame it on the climate is ...nonsense I am wondering if he has re...
A Hard Rain
09 Octcarlomar0
Bravo! The best analysis of what is going on! I read your column faithfully and always find new thoughts and valuable ideas in your writing!
Juniors ? The Butterflies in the Animal Farm of the investing world ?
07 Octstocking up pennies
Very well written article, Alan. It pictures the volatibility of the junior stocks, that are, indeed, mostly comparable to ''social butterflies'' a...
We Are Very Confident In $1,700 Gold Before The Muppets Awaken
08 OctThemis
You are correct regarding spelling but is it necessary to be pedantic about it? Surely the content of the article is more important?
A Hard Rain
08 OctThemis2
I agree with every word. Keep telling it as you see it. People are so close to the issues that they need a commentator like you to stand back and...
We Are Very Confident In $1,700 Gold Before The Muppets Awaken
02 OctLouis Solomons
There is no such word as commentairies.
We Are Very Confident In $1,700 Gold Before The Muppets Awaken
02 OctLouis Solomons
Uncharted and unchartered are different words.
A Realistic Argument PROVING $2,432 Gold and $149 Silver
25 SepS W.
Yep keep stacking and when the price goes to Da Moon run on down to your local bullion dealer and sell it back for fiat. Makes sense to me ...
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