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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
SELWYN / HOWARD PASSSELWYN RES.Interest50Mine development          Canada     Yukon13,659,489,025 lbs
HOWARD'S PASSSELWYN RES.Owner100Feasibility          Canada     YukonHoward Pass13,607,867,787 lbs
CORANIBEAR CREEK MININGOwner100Feasibility          Peru     Puno4,392,697,567 lbs
SINDESAR KHURDVEDANTA RES.Owner100Mine development          India     4,146,895,152 lbs
DUGALD RIVERMinmetals100Feasibility          Australia     Queensland2,217,850,358 lbs
BROKEN HILL - RASPCBH RES.Owner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     2,183,206,918 lbs
DAIRIHERALD RES.Interest80Mine development          Indonesia     North Sumatra1,419,997,383 lbs
DAIRIPt Antam TbkInterest20Mine development          Indonesia     North Sumatra1,419,997,383 lbs
LENNARD SHELFXSTRATAJoint venture50Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia1,340,295,943 lbs
LENNARD SHELFTECKJoint venture50Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia1,340,295,943 lbs
SANTA ANA PERUBEAR CREEK MININGOwner100Mine development          Peru     858,316,686 lbs
PINE POINTTamerlane VenturesMine development          Canada     791,626,537 lbs
BROKEN HILLCBH RES.100Mine development          Australia     New South Wales754,532,092 lbs
CAMINO ROJOCANPLATS RES.Owner100Feasibility          Mexico     Zacatecas740,025,675 lbs
BROWNSCompass Res.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Northern Territory739,254,043 lbs
HELLYER MINEBASS METALSOwner100Mine development          Australia     Tasmania634,490,391 lbs
GAOCHENG (GC)SILVERCORP METALSInterest95Mine development          China     Guangdong462,922,249 lbs
PINGÜINOARGENTEX MININGInterest100Feasibility          Argentina     391,249,967 lbs
WOLVERINEATNA RESOURCESNet Smelter Return10Mine development          Canada     Yukon Territories363,138,621 lbs
WOODLAWN UNDERGROUNDTRI ORIGIN MIN.Owner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales361,117,179 lbs
WOODLAWN UNDERGROUNDTRI ORIGINInterestFeasibility          Australia     New South Wales361,117,179 lbs
WOODLAWN RETREATMENTTRI ORIGIN MIN.Interest100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales346,418,966 lbs
WOODLAWN RETREATMENTTRI ORIGINFeasibility          Australia     New South Wales346,418,966 lbs
PHILLIPS RIVER - TRILOGY DEPOSITTECTONIC RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia275,736,561 lbs
SAN FELIPEHOCHSCHILDJoint venture70Mine development          Mexico     239,424,755 lbs
OUED AMIZOUR (TALA HAMZA)TERRAMINJoint venture65Feasibility          Algeria     231,485,384 lbs
PULACAYO-PACAAPOGEEOption on interest60Feasibility          Bolivia     225,776,505 lbs
SANTANDERTREVALI MININGOwner100Mine development          Peru     Lima Department220,968,003 lbs
LA ZARZAORMONDE MININGInterest100Mine development          Spain     Huelva217,816,715 lbs
BowdensKINGSGATEOwner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     166,603,338 lbs
HACKETT RIVERSABINAOwner100Mine development          Canada     Nunavut162,087,826 lbs
HACKETT RIVERXSTRATAOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Nunavut162,087,826 lbs
FUWAN SILVERMINCO SILVEROwner100Feasibility          China     160,408,342 lbs
RestigoucheBLUE NOTE MINING100Care and Maintenance          Canada     148,419,503 lbs
RestigoucheBREAKWATER RES.Care and Maintenance          Canada     148,419,503 lbs
MIGUEL AUZAEXCELLON RES.Care and Maintenance          Mexico     Zacatecas133,672,883 lbs
SHIMENTOU (SMT)SILVERCORP METALSInterest95Mine development          China     Guangdong132,261,616 lbs
HERAYTC RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales131,078,043 lbs
ACCHA YANQUEZINCORE METALSOwner100Feasibility          Peru     117,993,005 lbs
J & LHUAKAN INTERNATIONALInterest85Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia98,943,463 lbs
TULSEQUAH CHIEFREDCORP VENTURESOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia60,221,914 lbs
TULSEQUAH CHIEFFRANCO NEVADAPurchasing Contract100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia60,221,914 lbs
CAPIREIMPACT SILVERInterest100Mine development          Mexico     Mamatla39,111,375 lbs
J & L - YELLOW JACKETHUAKAN INTERNATIONALOption on interest100Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia37,431,185 lbs
BALCOOMAKagaraOwner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland30,282,696 lbs
BALCOOMAROYAL GOLDMine development          Australia     Queensland30,282,696 lbs
NORRLIDENGOLD-ORE RES.Interest90Mine development          Sweden     15,346,158 lbs
LENNARD SHELFXSTRATAOption on interest50Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia1,304,585 lbs
LENNARD SHELFTECKJoint venture50Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia1,304,585 lbs
CIENEGUITARIO TINTOOption on interest80Feasibility          Mexico     Chihuahua1,298,302 lbs
CIENEGUITAPAN AMERICAN GOLDFIELDSJoint venture20Feasibility          Mexico     Chihuahua1,298,302 lbs
GALMOY MINELUNDIN MININGOwner100Mine development          Ireland     229,281 lbs
ONAPING DEPTHXSTRATA100Mine Development          Canada     Ontario45,151 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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