Golden Secrets (VI) The Grand Canyon National Park...King Solomon's Mines or El Dorado?

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From the Archives : Originally published February 06th, 2009
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The Grand Canyon National Park...King Solomon's Mines or El Dorado?


In the late 1800's and early 1900's crazy rumors started floating around the Southwest United States about Egyptian cities being found at the northern end of the Grand Canyon. The story went that while traveling down the Colorado River an explorer discovered a secret cave that was filled with egyptian artifacts, texts and ruins. In 1909, an article was written about the find in the Arizona Gazette:


Continuing down this path there is a very interesting book called "Lost Cities of North and Central America" by David Hatcher Childress that discusses this lost city. Listen to this YouTube interview with him as he discusses a very interesting theory that the Grand Canyon may be the site of the famed King Solomon Mines. The interview can be heard here:


Following this train of thought I found this article in the New York Times written on June 19, 1912...just a year before the Federal Reserve Act was established:



Ok. It's a lot of speculation and sounds unbelievably fanciful...but might it be true? Could the Grand Canyon hold the motherload of all gold deposits and the Powers-That-Be have been hiding this secret all these years. Is this the missing piece of the gigantic gold manipulation puzzle? Let's dig deeper.


In my Original Road to Roota Article there was one part of the story that I was never able to fully decipher. It had to do with Roota finding the colored flowers in some mysterious caves.


Roota's Grandma (who represents ex Fed Chairman Arthur Burns who was Alan Greenspan's mentor) says to Roota "Some people say you can get there through the caves near Cobblestone Canyon". Could "Cobblestone Canyon" be referring to this Colorado Canyon where they supposedly found "vast riches of gold" the year before the Federal Reserve was established?


In the Fed Comic "Wishes and Rainbows" Roota went looking for "colored flowers" in a place called "Cobblestone Canyon" where she found vast riches. So much so that she was able to supply all the people of Pebbleton with "many colored flowers each" (ounces of gold).



Originally, there was not enough for one flower each but over time Roota found many openings which supplied many colored flowers to the Pebble People. The population of the United States is around 300M people so a find with "many colored flowers" may well reach the Billions of ounces that the 1909 article talks about.


Also, could these mines be behind the gold illustrations in the Fed Boston release "Banking Basics"?


It looks here like the girl is cashing in about 20 oz of gold for a small stack of bills. Can you see the gold price chart on the back wall of the bank teller?! If my math is correct 20 ounce x 300M citizens = 6B ounces that may be available if my Road to Roota theories are correct.



Still not convinced about the Grand Canyon Gold?


Many of you who follow the Gold Conspiracy angle will know that the Bush family is heavily involved in gold manipulation. Bush Sr. was even involved with the largest gold hedging/black gold laundering operation in the world... Barrick Mining. Would it surprise you to find out that Bush Jr. tried to secretly get into the Grand Canyon to mine some of that vast resource that the USA has hidden away for years? Read this:


Ok. I can go around and around on this topic but if you are a major conspiracy bug like myself there are just too many connections. For those of you who can't make the leap that there are Egyptian treasures and gold hidden in the Grand Canyon can I ask you to do one more thing for me?


Reach you hand in your wallet and pull out a $1 bill.


Flip it over and look at the left side.


Any other questions?


May the Road you choose be the Right Road

Bix Weir



Bix Weir is a freelance author and analyst dedicated to exposing the long term manipulation of the gold and silver markets. He has worked closely with the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee helping to pull the curtain away from the Cabal of International Bankers that have taken control of our free market system.




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