The Real Bunker Hunt Silver Story

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From the Archives : Originally published June 25th, 2012
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"I'm doing the same thing you are, Bill, only buying more of it" - Bunker Hunt, Waldorf, 1981

There had been an FBI file on the Armand & Julius Hammers on the FBI FOIA site, but has since been removed. As many will recall it was Julius who financed (with gold)Lenin's rise to power in Russia. Julius was a founder of the American communist Party (CPUSA).

Son Armand, acquired the rights to Russian manganese.
Grandson Armie Hammer is still a player nonetheless. His father Armand (Occidental Petroleum) made multi-millions on the short side of silver by being tipped-off what the Fed & CFTC were going to do. See: DOSSIER: The Secret History of Armand Hammer by Edward Jay Epstein.

We were told also that during the silver "crisis" Fed chairman Paul Volcker had Bunker over to his house in the evening and met with Bunker in his bathrobe! (heresy).
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