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>12 astonishing things about gold  - Perth Mint Blog - 
Yes the interest rates as presented here do look less stable than I had imagined... and yet....

* The rates look to be on a declining multi-century trend until the 1960s.
* The 1980's peak in interest rates dwarfs any previous move under a gold standard.

An investor looking to preserve wealth for a long period after WWI would have observed an historical average of somewhere around 6% and a declining historical trend. So investing in a fixed rate near that historical average probably would have seemed prudent at the time.

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Beginning of the headline :As gold coin makers, we get to work with one of the most amazing materials in the Universe. Here are 12 astonishing features we’ve found cited about precious gold: · Gold is made in supernovas – massive cosmic explosions that hurl out materials which gather together to form planets. · Most of Earth’s gold is buried too deep to be recoverable... Read More
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