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>Real Bills Revisited - Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
Did we think the Power Elite would just sit back and do nothing under present circumstances? I don't get the point (maybe a bad day) that the gold basis is screwed - per by Prof. Fekete? By paper gold (collateralization)? If so, how do we unscrew it? Another writer says, it is the other way around. Every market is fixed. Bullion has been for a long time.

It has been a concern of mine that the government on behalf of the power elite has several oprion at its disposal to knock the legs from under bullion. The bullion markets have been a joke anyway. The big NY banks are paid to protect the cartel's interests. I was suprised they let gold go as high as they did. It and silver are, afterall a threat to fiat. The world and human beings are not logical, and they aren't adverse to a little back alley fighting either. But, honestly, I could use a little clarification at this point.

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