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>August 8, 1893 : The Repeal of the Silver Act  - History of Silver - 
What you're saying is Vox, that this natural gravitation towards gold as money as demonstrated by the human race for thousands of years is in fact wrong... they were all making a terrible mistake... virtually the entire human race, for hundreds of generations were actually poor misguided souls who didn't know what was good for them.

Without having lived a single life you would put your knowledge and experience up against that of the collective, historical human race and without hesitation determine yourself the better. The arrogance of it.

The right thing to do of course was hand over all control of wealth to an elite few by giving them authority to "make" and regulate money, then place all our faith and trust in them to do the right thing.... eureka! Why didn't anybody think of that before?

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Beginning of the headline :President Cleveland Message on the Repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act (August 8, 1893) The existence of an alarming and extraordinary business situation, involving the welfare and prosperity of all our people, has constrained me to call together in extra session the people's representatives in Congress, to the end that through a wise and patriotic exercise of the legislative duty, with which they solely are charged, present evils may be mitigated and dangers threatening the future may be averted... Read More
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