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>August 8, 1893 : The Repeal of the Silver Act  - History of Silver - 
Thanks for your thoughtful response. i will not quibble with some of the claims raised, such as trade going on with China before Marco Polo or whether the Dark Ages ended with the rise of feudalism or at the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment. The salient points to our discussion are that there was a period (190 years) at the start of the Dark Ages when money was not used and from the article referenced, a period at the end of the that age when the notion of money vanished. Those periods in human history clearly show that contrary to your initial claim that there has never been a time when a gold coin lost all of its purchasing power, such times did actually exist and they lasted considerably longer than the span of a man's life.

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Beginning of the headline :President Cleveland Message on the Repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act (August 8, 1893) The existence of an alarming and extraordinary business situation, involving the welfare and prosperity of all our people, has constrained me to call together in extra session the people's representatives in Congress, to the end that through a wise and patriotic exercise of the legislative duty, with which they solely are charged, present evils may be mitigated and dangers threatening the future may be averted... Read More
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