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>Real Bills Revisited - Antal E. Fekete - Gold University

I grow weary of Keynes, Friedman and the Austrian Chap - to the extent that we have been in the clutches of what is called the Neo-Liberal School (or the Washington Consensus) out of the University of Chicago for 3-4 decades. I'm all in favour of looking to history, but look further back. Or look at what the guys at the big US banks, the Treasury & Fed believe - because that is what we have to deal with to fix things. They are almost cult-like, so forget informed intellectual debate in dealing with them. If the Market is Dead, these people killed the discipline of economics and, having passed up a chance to fix it when it proved a total failure, we cannot expect change. They are either idiots or they have another agenda - take you pick. Talking to them or about them will get us nowhere.

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