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>Wild Price Changes  - Jason Hommel - Silverstockreport
Good solid objective article, Jason...though I´m sure part of you thinks what I and many others do who know these facts. DOH!!!! The silver market has EVERY characteristic of a MASSIVELY manipulated market and NOT ONE of the characteristics of a normal, fair, stable, market-based, NON-manipulated market.

At times it feels as though so many in this country (and really around the world) are either so mesmerized by the lies, spin, propaganda, and obfuscation concerning the PM markets coming out of the Orwellian Ministry of Truth (mainstream media...controlled by those who pull the strings of our govt now), or brain-washed or simply brain-DEAD, that they look at what 50 or 100 (?or fewer) years ago they would have in horror and indignation called "CRIMINAL!!!!" and now simply shrug their shoulders and go, "oh, I guess that´s just the way it´s ´sposed to be...ho hum."

And then there´s the about CRIMINAL!! And now they´ve got two more whistleblowers, former employees of JPM, whose evidence they´ve been sitting on for more than a year, evidence of purposeful, longterm and ongoing manipulation of the silver and gold markets by their employer: JPMorgue--the official financial black-ops agent of the crimninazi mafioso group that now controls this country and has all but destroyed the American middle class and its wealth. Actually, I´ll take that back. They are no longer "black ops"...they do their dirty in broad daylight, unafraid of consequences, knowing as they do that they have the full protection of the military-industrial-financial-espionage arm of the aforementioned controlling mafioso group in charge. And any "penalty" they might have to pay, well, they know it will always be a magnitude less (or perhaps more accurately "magnitudes"), on the scale, of the profit they make from their criminal activities, so no need to desist or even slow down. Look at silver today. Normal market, right? Right...

Hoping and praying for justice to be done...some day...soon? Please, Lord...let it be so.

3482 days ago
Beginning of the headline :I have been a bit amazed by silver's wild price changes lately.  People have asked me to comment on it.  I have my thoughts, so I'll share.The price swings reinforce that the silver market is tiny, and the paper money markets are oversized.The price swings show that the paper money market is gravely threatened by the silver market.The price swings indicate that the paper money printers are pushing the silver price around to keep people away from silver, because they fear the inevitable price ris... Read More
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