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>Schilling Shilling  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Labor Participation rate: 91.5 million are not working.

How does that rate as a "recovery" and not a full-blown depression?
People aren't spending on retail this year, for the holidays, they way they did
last year, gosh, a glitch in consumer confidence?

How about millions of house-holds finally and completely out of cash?

Government faked the employment statistics before the last election.
Government faked the reason for the Benghazi attacks.
Government faked the number of people who wanted health insurance, 50MM? So where are they?
Government faked "Fast and Furious"
Government faked the application process for IRS non-profits.
Government faked the Green Jobs agenda huge grants to Democrat kickback schemes.
Government faked the "Stimulus Program" huge kick back schemes to the Democrats through unions.
Government faked the response to Iran's revolt.
Government faked response to Egypt's revolt.

And the guy that wrote the above article hates America, he said it once again:
"My basic wish is that we would quit all our wishing in America and get on with the
job of transforming our economic arrangements to a scale and mode that are....Blah blah blah....Communist"

Kunstler can't help you make any kind of decision about buying metal.
He is a waste of time, I wish I could get the time back I wasted responding.

Bubbleheads: please become morally, indignantly enraged and insure you have indicated your bubble head status and vote with a red arrow.
it's kind of a census, so do cast your idiot vote, in red.
Awe, go on, you know you want to!!!

3366 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Such is the power of wishful thinking that a set of fool-making memes now pulses through the word-clouds of financial chatter in America spreading the false good cheer that our economic troubles are behind us and pimping for perpetual motion in wealth expansion. A poster boy for this bundle of falsehoods is financial analyst A. Gary Schilling. Just last week, he was talking out of his cloacal vent about US “energy independence” and “the manufacturing renaissance” that will allow this country to ... Read More
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