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>Schilling Shilling  - James Howard Kunstler - 

All I hear is crickets!!!

Awe, lost your $60 in food stamp reduction;
Awe, couldn't pay your rent;
Awe, someone repo-ed your computer;
Awe...had to get a low paying job, where are you?????
Awe, President can't float your dream life, leftard?

After all these years,

I am still a "troll",
and all I here, dear leftards, is;


So, for the investors, if gold does hit $1,000 as so many are
predicting, that means that silver will be priced around,
and no, I am not a market guru, I just used today's spread numbers:

silver will be priced around $16 USD!!!

Look, save a little to max your purchase if that is coming,
but hey, right now, at under $20, it can't hurt to
use your DCA!!!

Don't over invest, or blow your DCA.
Relax, invest moderately, and when the price drops,
invest a bit more! DCA, All The Way!

Metal investors, these are low silver prices!
buy some now, put some aside in case the price drops to $16.00

But don't let these prices go by guessing, buy a bit of metal now,
and put a bit aside if they do go south!

There's hurtin' times ahead!

Buy real money, Today!!



3360 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Such is the power of wishful thinking that a set of fool-making memes now pulses through the word-clouds of financial chatter in America spreading the false good cheer that our economic troubles are behind us and pimping for perpetual motion in wealth expansion. A poster boy for this bundle of falsehoods is financial analyst A. Gary Schilling. Just last week, he was talking out of his cloacal vent about US “energy independence” and “the manufacturing renaissance” that will allow this country to ... Read More
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