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>Premature Obituaries  - Antal E. FEKETE - 
I am a Moslem, and I used to live in the USA for 7 years. I am astonished at the treatment Dr. Ron Paul is getting in Aljazeera. He has been the only completely consistant antiwar and anti-imperial candidate in recent years in American politics, the one completely consistant anti bankster TARP, and the only candidate which makes every neocon in the USA sick to his/her stomack. One expects at least a little bit of sympathy from a media like Aljazeera, but, on the contrary, one sees mostly negative coverage, and a lot of fuzz about some newsletter some thirty years ago(is'nt that somthing in itself that you cannot find anything which matters later?). The Left always regards pacificism as its fief, and when someone regarded from right shows any trend of being antiwar, the left feels really really scared of losing its Godgiven right to its fief. I think this is a more likely explanation for anti-Paul bigotry (may I call it with what it really is?)
which is soooo typical of Aljazzea's lefties.

4426 days ago
Beginning of the headline :It is open season for wild monetary prognostications. More premature obituaries on the dollar have been posted on the Internet. For example, see Jim Willie’s The US Dollar Paper Tiger (Gold-Eagle, January 11) with epitaphs like "the U.S. dollar rising to the cemetery", or "dollar death dance". Or see another article, Jeff Nielsen’s entitled Maximum Fraud in U... Read More
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